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                                               It's a Dragon's World

                                               Pt. 10 The Transformation Comes to An End

I woke up after having passed out yet AGAIN! I thought I had this crazy dream that instead of my reflection, a small, child dragon's reflection was in place of my own.

I got up from under the sheets. Everyone was standing around me. They looked like I had just done something pretty weird.

"What's everyone looking at?" I asked.

"Don't you feel strange?" Lucas asked.

"Why? Should I? What's going on?" I asked.

"Well, Titus. Your transformation's complete." Sarah explained.

I couldn't believe it. So the little dragon in the mirror actually WAS me. I looked at my hands. They had claws growing out of them and looked like my feet. And just like my feet, they're were only three fingers on each hand, or paw as they now were. I brought one of my paws to my face and felt my face, all the way to my new snout.

I stood up and looked at the spot I was resting in. Strands of my hair had fallen out. It was actually real. I thought my transformation would have taken longer.

"So, how's it feel, Doulstraz?" Angela asked.

I thought about that for a while. How DID it feel to me? I mean, I was born as a dragon, so getting readjusted to my real body might not be so hard.

"It...feels pretty strange. feels cool at the same time." I said. I didn't know how else to put it.

"So this is what Titus really looks like, huh? And all this time, I thought he was just a scrawny guy." Lucas teased.

"HEY!" I shouted at Lucas. I burped up a flame, which, ironically, scorched Lucas. It didn't do terrible damage at least, which was good. I wouldnt really want to hurt Lucas.

"Geez, Titus! That hurt!" Lucas exclaimed. The upper half of his shirt burned up when I scorched him.

"Umm, Lucas, I think I should get you a new shirt." Ben said. He went upstairs to get a new shirt.

I walked around the room a little to try out my new body. Like Angela said, I could only walk on all fours so that took some getting used to. I went to the fullbody mirror Angela used to show me my completed transformation. I noticed that two beautiful horns were arched on the top of my head. My eyes were now reptilian and it seemed as if I could see things better than I could as a human.

Angela walked up to me.

"Doulstraz." Angela began.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"I think we should go back to the Dragon Realm."

"Why?" I asked.

"Well don't you want to show your mom and dad your new form? I'm sure they'd like to see what their only son looks like after he's been in a human form for his whole life." Angela said.

"Yeah, Titus. Besides, I'd like to meet your real mom and dad." Jessie said.

"Yeah! We want to go to!" The kids shouted, happily.

"Wherever Titus goes, I go." Lucas finished.

"Let's all go." Ben said. "Besides, this may be the last time we ever get to see Titus...I mean Doulstraz." He said. He sounded a little sad at the possibility.

"Why do you say that?" Lucas asked.

"Titus was born a dragon. His parents might want to take him back and try to start a new life with their son." Ben tried to explain.

I lowered my head. I didn't  want to leave. Even though so much bad stuff had happened to me, I had grown to love my life. I didn't want to just leave the friends and family I had made. Because I knew that if I did, they'd all truly be sad.

"Ben, it's okay. I'll never leave you guys. I love being here, with all of you." I said.

Ben walked up to me and rubbed my head. Just like he did when I was a little kid.

"And I love having you here. You're a good ki--I mean dragon, Titus. Or Doulstraz I should say." Ben tried to correct himself.

"It's okay, Ben. You can still call me Titus. That HAS been my name for thirteen years after all."

Ben smiled warmly at me. He bent down and wrapped hs arms around my neck, giving me a hug.

"I'm so proud to have such a good brother. No matter what happens Titus, this will always be your home. We ARE brothers after all. Regardless of blood, and regardless of our species and who our real parents are." Ben said, I could feel a tear running down his cheek and onto my shiny green scales.

"Ben...thank you." I said. Tears ran down my face as well.

Ben got to his knees again.

"Is everyone ready?" Angela asked.

We all said yes. Ben opened the door and outside, was the portal waiting to take us back to the Dragon Realm.

"So this is the way to this Dragon Realm?" Jessie asked.

"Yeah." I said. "The realm I was originally born in."

We all walked through, together. When each one of us made it through, the portal closed behind us. Everyone elses' bodies, as well as my own flew without force to them, towards the portal to the Dragon Realm.

"This is cool!" Kyle and Jackie exclaimed.

"Are we in the Dragon Realm?" Jessie asked.

"Almost. Just another minute and we should be there." I said.

As I had said, in a minute, we made it to the Dragon Realm. It was dark, just like when we made it here last time.

I led the way to my parents' cave. everyone else followed behind me so they wouldn't get lost.

As we made it the cave, I lit the torches with my fire breath. We walked through the now lit up cave. Until we made it to the end of the cave. The end was most likely my parents' bedroom.

"Mom! Dad!" I called out.

Two shadows moved. They walked towards the light.

"Oh! Doulstraz! Is that you?" They asked.

"Yeah!" I jumped up and down happily. "I'm a dragon again!"

"He looks so happy." Sarah said.

"Do you think he'll want to stay here?" Kyle asked.

Ben didn't answer. He just looked on.

"Ben?" Jessie asked.

Ben snapped out of his daydreaming. He looked at Jessie with a bit of a sorrowful expression. I could tell he'd probably really miss me.

"Doulstraz, do you want to live with us? In the Dragon Realm?" My mom asked.

I looked at Ben. Then I looked at Jackie and Kyle. I could tell they were trying to hold back their tears. Then I looked at Sarah. She also looked as if she was about to cry.  Jessie also had a look of sadness on her face. Lucas had his arm over his eyes. He, as well as everyone else probably felt sad that I might not return to the world they live in.

I walked towards mom and dad. But was stopped by Lucas.

"Wait, Titus!" Lucas exclaimed.

I turned my head over to my friends.

"So this is it? Are you really gonna be happy here? Aren't you going to miss us? We've been your friends and family your whole life. You probably never would've known about this place if you hadn't met Angela!" Lucas exclaimed. His eyes, flowing with tears.

"Lucas..." I said, sorrowfully.

"Uncle Titus! Please don't leave!" The kids shouted.

I was amazed. Even after they found out that I was actually a dragon, they still considered me their uncle.

"Guys...please don't make this harder for me." I thought.

"Titus, I only got to know you for such a short time. I really wish we could have gotten to be closer friends. Because to''re..." Sarah couldn't finish her sentence. She started to sob.

"Titus..." Ben said next.

"You should do what'll make you happy. If you want to stay here, then who are we to stop you. This place was where you were originally born."

"Ben...big brother." I said quietly. Tears started to fill my eyes as well.

"Titus. You're by far one of the nicest people I had ever met. Even if you are a dragon, you still have us as your family." Jessie said.

"Jessie, everyone."  I said.

"Doulstraz, if you want to live in the human realm, that's okay." Mom and dad said.

"We don't want to break the bonds you have with these humans. And Angela will take care of you too. Right, Angela?" They asked.

"Yeah! You guys have been my friends for so long, I figure I should do at least that much."

"Thanks, everyone." I said. Tears filled my eyes as well. This time, I was crying tears of happiness. I ran over to my friends and family as they ran towards me and gave me a hug.

"He's really become a good dragon." Mom said.

"I hope he'll be able to live happily with those humans." Dad finished.

We walked towards the exit of the cave. Upon exiting, I heard an explosion.

"What's that?" Sarah asked.

"Oh no! It's those humans again!" My parents exclaimed.

I growled at the thought of them. I had had ENOUGH of this! I ran towards where the explosion came from, hoping I'd be able to put a stop to this.

"TITUS!" Everyone yelled.
IADW has entered the double digits. Happy ten, everyone!

The next chapter will most likely have some kind of antaganist. Some way for the whole Baby dragons being sold into slavery plot to fit in to the story.

Hope you enjoy.
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and oh, what a cliffhanger ( I might have to kill you for using it, cause it's so well placed ).

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I'm going to completly honest...this chapter almost brought a tear to my eye...:cry: ...Keeps reading :reading:
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