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                                               New Dragon's World
                                                Chapter 5: The History of Saulstrance

Titus and the rest of his family was about to enter through the portal. But before entering, noticed someone running towards them: It was Lucas and his sons.

"Titus!" Lucas said, panting. "Hold up a sec."

"Luke, what's going on?" Titus asked.

"Sean here told me something's been going on with Drake. I just wanted to stop by and see if he was alright."

"Yeah, Uncle Lucas, I'm alright." Drake said.

Sean scoffed. "Alright?! Dude, you've been acting weird since you became a half-dragon! You're NOT alright!"

"Lucas, look, buddy. Me and my family gotta do something so can we talk later?" Titus said.

"Well then can we go too, Uncle Titus?" Lucas' youngest son, Tim asked.

Titus kneeled down, getting at the same eye level as Tim.

"Sorry, Tim. Maybe next time, lil' buddy." Titus said.

"C'mon, Titus! What's so important that you need to keep it from your friends?" Lucas asked.

Titus sighed. As hard as he tried, he knew he wouldn't get Lucas to change his mind. Even as an adult, Lucas was still the same as he was as a kid. Titus thought Lucas must have been at least twenty years younger than him mentally.

"Fine, Luke. But you need to keep this a secret from my brother and his family, got it?" Titus asked.

"Yeah. If that's what you want."

"That goes for you two as well." Titus said, looking at Tim and Sean.

"We will! We will!" The two brothers exclaimed at the same time.

The two families walked through the vortex. As soon as they entered, the portal behind them closed. Their bodies began to move forward at their own free will.

"Hey, Sean." Drake said.

"What's up?" Sean responded.

"I didn't know you had a little brother. How come I've never seen him at school?"

"He's not old enough yet. He starts school next year. By the time we're 6th graders." Sean explained.

"Hey, Drake!" Tim interupted. "Is it true your dad's a dragon? 'Cause that's so COOL!"

"Tim! Don't ask Drake that. Dad's told you a million times Uncle Titus is a dragon!" Sean exclaimed.

"But...he looks like us."

Titus laughed heartily. "Tim, it's just one of my many dragon powers."

"Cool!" Tim said, completely wowed.

After a while, the two families came to the end. A bright light shown up ahead, signaling the end and the entrance to the dragon realm.

The two families found themselves in another world. This was the place Titus and his friends had been two so long before. Titus remembered his first time visiting this place. back then, he had no idea that the reason for his transformation was because he was in fact a dragon. This was also the place of his birth. Despite having never really lived in the dragon realm, he felt a sense of nostalgia every time he visited.

Titus led the way to his parents' cave. Everyone else followed him. Eventually, Titus and his gang made it to the cave.

"MOM! DAD! YOU GUYS HERE???" Titus called out.

"Doulstraz, is that you?" A voice responded.

Out of the darkness came a bright flame. It lit a torch so that light would illuminate the cave. The darkness left the cave, revealing two dragons. Tim and Sean hid behind their dad and Drake his behind his mom.

"Hey, guys. Good to see you again." Titus greeted, going up to his parents and giving them each a big hug.

"D-Did That dragon just call him 'Doulstraz'?" Sean asked.

"Yeah. That's Titus' real name." Sarah explained to the kids.

"Then why's everyone call him Titus?" Sean asked.

"My brother, Drake's uncle, named me Titus when I came to this world. Back then I was just a baby dragon. Ben took care of me until I got better but eventually I jsut became part of the family." Titus smiled.

Titus looked at his wife. Then looked down at Drake who was cowering behind his mom.

"Drake, come here for a second. Say hello to your grandparents."

Drake stopped clinging to his mom and walked over towards his dad.

"He-hello. My name i-is Drake." Drake greeted.

"Doulstraz, is he your son?" Titus' dad asked.

"Yep. Cute lil' guy, huh?"

"But...he's human." Titus' mom said.

Drake closed his eyes and his wings and tail ripped out of his clothes again, revealing themselves to his grandparents. Drake's grandparents gasped.

"A half-dragon?" Titus' mom said in shock.

"What's wrong?" Titus asked.

"It's just...half-dragons haven't been seen for over a million years. We thought there wouldn't be anymore half-dragons." Titus' dad explained.

Titus' parents smiled warmly at their grandchild.

"But he's our grandson. Our sweet grandson."

Drake ran towards his grandparents and hugged them, his tail wagging around happily. Titus and Sarah looked on happily at their only son. It filled them with much happiness to see their son so happy. However Titus knew he had something he had to do, and he didn't have much time.

"Mom, Dad. I need to ask you something." Titus said, his happy demeanor changing into a serious expression.

"Sure. Go ahead, son." Titus' Dad said.

"I need to know about Saulstrance. Tell me his history. Tell me why he ended up in the human world. Anything at all would be alright."

"Why do you need to know about Saulstrance?" Titus' mom asked.

Titus looked down. A look of worry appearing on his face.

"...Because Saulstrance is alive..." Titus said quietly to himself.

"Because why?" Titus' mom asked.

"Because Saulstrance is alive!" Titus exclaimed.

At that moment, a sense of dread loomed over everyone. Everyone except for Sean and Tim who had no idea about who Saulstrance really was or why Titus was so fearful of him.

Lucas clenched his fist.

"Then...Angela...and Ben's parents...they died for nothing?!" Lucas asked in anger.

No words afterwards were spoken. An almost errie silence ran through the caves.

Titus' dad sighed.

"Alright, Doulstraz. If you really want to know...I'll tell you. Everyone, please sit down." Titus' dad commanded.

Everyone sat on the floor of the cave, As did Titus' parents.

"A long time ago, before you were born, Doulstraz, the dragon realm was peaceful. None of the dragons were for murdering humans or destroying things as believed in the stories in your world. The dragons here lived in harmony. But that didn't last. Before long, Saulstrance appeared, as if out of nowhere. Saulstrance wasn't like us. While we were peace loving dragons, he had ideals of war. He wanted to enter the human realm and kill the humans living there. And use the ones that weren't killed as slaves. The rest of us disagreed with Saulstrance and his ideals. Because of this, Saulstrance was outraged and planned an attack by himself on the dragons that didn't go along with his plan. The rest of us didn't mach up Saulstrance in strength at all. Except for one dragon. His name was Izzieol. Izzieol was the strongest dragon in our villiage but he was also the most peaceful. He never fought anyone unless for a specific reason. And whike he and Saulstrance were evenly matched, Saulstrance eventually gained the upper hand. And..."

"And what? What happened to Izzieol?" Sean asked.

Tears began to fall from the dragons' eyes.

"Saulstrance...killed him." Titus' dad said, trying to fight back his tears.

Titus couldn't believe this. How could anyone be so cruel? He thought to himself.

"After Saulstrance had killed Izzieol, The rest of us dragons used what little power we could to banish Saulstrance from this realm and send him into the human realm. However, we knew Saulstrance would enjoy that too much so as an added bonus, we also cursed Saulstrance into a human. So that he would live out thr rest of his years as one of the humans he hated so much. For him, it'd be a fate worse than death." Titus dad explained. "We thought that was the end for Saulstrance..."

"Well obviously it's not!" Sarah exclaimed. "If he was able to kill the strongest dragon in this world, then we won't be able to defeat him. We'll DIE!"

"Grandma! Grandpa! Can't you just do that spell again? The one you used to turn Saulstrance into a human?!" Drake asked.

"If we do that again, that may end our lives. Besides, we don't have much strength to cast the spell anyways." Titus' parents said.

"Then it's really over..." Lucas said, starting to lose hope.

"Not necissarily. There IS another way to turn him into a human again."

"What is it?" Titus asked.

"If a dragon's blood can turned a dragon who's been put under a curse back into a dragon, then a human's blood may be able to turn him into a human again!" Titus' dad explained.

"Well now all we have to do is find the nearest blood bank. Sounds simple." Titus said.

"Well, guys, let's get going!" Titus shouted.

"Wait!" Titus' parents called out. "We're going with you."

"What? But you guys can't even--"

Before Titus could finish his sentence, his parents began to change into human forms.

"...Never mind."

"Yeah. Maybe we should get them some clothes before we go save the world." Sarah said.

Drake, Sean, and Tim looked at the naked "humans" with a hint of disgust.

"Sean, Tim, you kids are too young to see this!" Lucas said, covering his sons' eyes.

"You too, Drake!" Sarah said, turning her son towards her.

Titus opened the portal again. Everyone entered and, after a short while, ended up back in the human realm.

"Okay, okay! Sarah, please open the door!"

Sarah quickly opened the door, pushing Titus' parents into their house. Everyone else soon entered.

"Mom, dad, please go get some clothes on!" Titus begged.

Titus' parents went upstairs while Titus and everyone else went over their plan of attack.

"So what should we do now, Titus?" Lucas asked.

"Seeing as how We know how we can defeat Saulstrance, we can go get some blood and then put an end to this whole thing." Sarah said.

"No. It's better that we wait." Titus said.

"Why wait? We can beat him, dad! This is our chance!" Drake exclaimed.

"Even if we DO have the blood with us, that doesn't mean we'll be able to beat him! We need to get weapons and other stuff. Simply having the blood isn't enough."

"So then what should we do, Titus? It's your call." Lucas asked.

"Well go after Saulstrance in a week. We need time to prepare. And... also enjoy what moments we have left."

"Titus?" Sarah asked.

"Guys, even with the human blood, there's still a chance that we won't win. I want you guys to enjoy this week. I'll take care of getting the blood and the other weapons."

"But Lucas, I need you to do something for me."

"What, Titus?" Lucas asked.

"Tell my brother, my sister-in-law, my nephew and my neice Saulstrance is still alive."

"Why? I thought you wanted them to not worry about Saulstrance being alive." Lucas asked.

"This is everyone's fight, Lucas. And besides, we're gonna need all the help we can get."

"Okay. I'll do it." Lucas agreed.

"Alright! Is this better?" Titus' dad called out.

Titus looked over at his dad.

"Dad! You're wearing Drake's clothes! Those won't fit! And mom, you're wearing my clothes too!" Titus exclaimed.

"No wonder these felt tight." Titus' dad said.

Titus sighed to himself. Right now, he thought getting his parents used to human life would be harder than defeating Saulstrance.

To Be Continued
The anticipated part Five is finally up!

Hope you enjoy.
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