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                                                 It's a Dragon's World

                                                 Pt. 7 Sarah

I flew through the nightsky with Angela. However my wings were starting to cramp on me.

I groaned with pain.

"Doulstraz, what's wrong?" Angela asked.

"I need to rest. My wings are sore."

"We should be back home soon. Will you be able to make it?" Angela asked.

"I don't think I--"

My wings lost all ability to move and I fell, through the sky. I thought this was it. I wouldn't get to see my complete dragon form.

I closed my eyes, hoping it wouldn't be so painful.

Angela swooped down and I landed on her back.

"Angela?" I asked.

"Doulstraz, your parents want me to watch over you. I can't let you die."

That part always confused me. Just how did Angela know my parents? They were humans. How could two humans be accuainted with a dragon?

We made it back to the store. Before we could land, I saw two guys chasing a girl. I wondered what was going on.

"Angela, there's something I have to do." I said.

"You're going to try to protect that girl?" She asked.

"Yeah. I'll be back."

I jumped off Angela's back. I unfurled my wings and flapped them so I wouldn't get hurt landing.

I landed right in fornt of the two guys. The girl hid behind me.

"Little brat, get out of our way!" One of the thugs demanded.

"What're you doing to her?" I asked.

"Why should we tell a freak like you?" The other thug asked, mockingly.

That remark made me think, did I really look like a freak? As of now, I was more like a cross between a human and a dragon.

The thugs charged and knocked me to the ground. I landed flat on my tail.

The two thugs grabbed the girl as she struggled to get free.  Dammit, I thought to myself. I had a near dragon's form, but I didn't know how to use my powers. There was nothing I could do to help her.

I was getting angry. I was so useless. I wanted to protect her, but I wasn't even big enough. I was just a 13 year old the size of an 8 year old.

"LET her go..." I said quietly.

The thugs looked back at me.

"LET...HER...GOOOOOOOO!!!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. As I shouted, I noticed fire fly out of my mouth. My flame scortched one of the thugs.

"What's with that kid?" One of them asked.

"He must be the one from that shopping center. Y'know. The one who fainted."

They ran off, not saying a word to me, or the girl.

"Thanks you so much!" The girl said.

"Don't you think I look weird?" I asked.

"What?" The girl asked back.

"I have a set of legs that look like a dinosaur's. I've got two wings growing out of my shoulders. And... AND.."

"And you've got two finned ears." She said with a grin.

I wondered what she was talking about. I felt my ears. They were INDEED finned. They made up three sharp points, with leathery membranes in the middle.

"But you're not creeped out by how I look?" I asked.

"Why? Should I be ?"

"Well I don't even look all that human anymore." I said, my wings flattening and my finned ears also flattening.

"No. You're becoming a dragon."

"Yeah. But how'd you know?" I asked. Was she stalking me?

"HELLO! You breathed fire right in front of me and I saw your ears change shape when you were trying to protect me." She explained.

I wondered when they changed. I didn't feel a thing when I was dealing with those thugs. Maybe I was too preoccupied then?

The girl brought one of her hands to my ears and pet them. What was she doing? I wasn't a pet! Yet... I felt comfortable. I felt more relaxed. I started to mur from her petting my ears. I could feel them twitch a little. My tail wagged around happily. Part of me must've been enjoying this.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"My name is Sarah. I'm a dragon lover. I'm intrested in anything having to do with dragons. Tell me... is your name Titus Flamel?"

I rolled my eyes in anger. Did EVERYONE know who I was here?!

"Yeah. My human name at least."

"Your human name?" Sarah asked.

"I have a dragon name too. It's...Doulstraz."

"Doulstraz...I like that name. It's pretty cute." Sarah said, her face beaming.

"How do you know me?" I asked.

"Well everyone who reads the paper probably knows about the boy who launched a fireball from his throat in the shopping center and fainted shortly after."

I couldn't believe it. I was probably known all over California now for all I knew.

I tried thinking of a way to change the subject.

"So, Sarah, do you live around here?" I asked.

"No. I don't have a family. I'm an orphan."

"I'm sorry. If you want, you couls stay with us." I said.

"Us? Who's us?" Sarah asked.

"Oh, no one in particular." I said, fiddiling my fingers. "Just the dragon who's taking care of me as I become a dragon myself." I said.

Sarah's eyes lit up again. "REALLY?! In that case, I'd love to stay with you guys! Where are you staying?" Sarah asked.

I opinted to the toyshop behind me. We walked towards the shop together. Sarah grabbed my hand and held on to it.

"Sarah! What're you doing!?" I asked.

"What? Is it wrong that I have a little crush on the dragon guy who saved me?" She asked, innocently.

"Yeah! Don't I look like I'm only eight years old?!" I asked.

"No. You're much more mature than an eight year old. I figured you're as old as I am."

I was actually happy there. Someone knew how old I really was.

I led Sarah into my lair. I noticed Angela in her dragon form. Angela looked over at me and Sarah. She seemed a bit angry.

"What are you DOING, Doulstraz?!" Angela shrieked in her dragon voice.

"I brought someone to stay with us."

"She's a HUMAN! Don't you think her parents will wonder where she is?!"

"I...I don't have any parents." Sarah said, tears flowing down her face.

"My parents are dead. And I don't have any other realitives." Sarah said. She looked as if she was about to cry.

"I-I had no idea." Angela said. I could tell she probably felt bad yelling at her.

"I've been living on the streets since I was only 6. I've had to steal just to survive."

"Sarah, it's okay." I said, warmly. "We'll take care of you. We'll be your family."

Sarah sniffed. "You will?"

I nodded my head yes.

Sarah wrapped her arms around me and gave me a hug.

"I'll give you two some time alone." Angela said, reverting back to human form and leaving my lair.

Sarah looked at me, with warm eyes. I could tell what she was thinking. She pucked up her lips, as did I. The entrance to my cave closed. There was nothing but silence.
Part seven.

Sorry for the delay but here it is.

There's also a little romance in this chapter too. I mean hey, y' can't have a story without a little romance at least, huh?

Hope you like it.
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