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October 22, 2007
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                                              It's a Dragon's World

                                              Pt. 14 The End of Saulstrance

I dashed right towards Saulstrance. He didn't make any sudden moves. Was it beacuse he wasn't worried? I was much smaller than him so I knew I wouldn't be able to do much but I was willing to die trying. For Angela.

Just then, part of the wall started to fall apart, leaving two big holes. My parents emerged from the holes that had been left.

"Mom, Dad!" I exclaimed, happily.

"His real parents..." I heard Ben's parents say.

I noticed a sense of shock in my parents' eyes.

"I never would have figured...Saulstrance..." My dad said.

"Dad, who is this guy?" I asked.

"His name is Saulstrance. He's one of the most evil dragons to ever come from the Dragon Realm." Dad explained.

"He was banished to the Human Realm for slaying an innocent dragon. As a bonus, he was cursed into having the body of a human, so he could live out his final days as a human. With all the limitations of one." Mom finished.

"But now, I'm finally myself again." Saulstrance said.

My parents noticed Angela's body, laying dead on the ground.

"Oh, no...!" My mom said in shock.

My dad roared. Then yelled," SAULSTRANCE!! DID YOU DO THAT???!!!"

Saulstrance looked at Angela's dead body. Then turned to my mom and dad.

"Oh, her? Yeah, I did. Her blood allowed me to become a dragon again. She should be grateful in death. She allowed me to return to my previous form. Now I can get back to spreading fear in the Dragon Realm. Let them now that SAULSTRANCE HAS RETURNED!!!" Saulstrance laughed.

My dad lunged at Saulstrance in a rage. He tried to bite into Saulstrance's neck. Saulstrance hit my dad with his tail, knocking my dad back.

"DAD!!" I exclaimed.

I turned to Saulstrance. I ran for him.

"YOU BASTARD!!!" I screamed.

Like what he did to my dad, with a mere flick of his tail, I was sent flying into the wall. I fell with a dull thump. It took one hit from him, and the wind was already knocked out of me.

"We've got to something!" Sarah exclaimed.

"That's easier said than done. Besides, we can't beat him, even together." Ben explained.

"Then, only Titus and his parents can beat him." Jessie said.

"Uncle Titus WILL win!" Jackie exclaimed.

"Yeah! I believe in him, too!" Kyle added.

My friends and family began to cheer me and my parents on. I thought to myself. I had made these friends and family BECAUSE I ended up in this world. I wouldn't even have this many friends had I continued to live in the Dragon Realm.

I got up. I realized I was fighting for more than the dragons of the Dragon Realm. I was fighting for my friends too.

Me and my parents ran towards Saulstrance. I looked up, on the higher level and noticed Ben's parents. They were talking to themselves.

"Why are they fighting so hard?" Ben's mom thought.

"It's pointless. They can't win..." Ben's dad thought.

Then I thought to myself, "It's not pointless. And I'll show you. We WILL win."

I ran ahead and jumped. I prepared to launch a fireball at Saulstrance. This time, he dashed up to me and smacked me with his head. I landed on the ground, severely injured.


I tried to stand up, but my limbs were weak after that hit. I fell again. I watched as my parents fought Saulstrance. I tried to keep my eyes open but because I had taken such a hit, I was beginning to feel woozy. I couldn't keep my eyes open and I passed out.

Then everything was silent.

When I woke up, I noticed that we were all standing outside of the facility.

"Ugh...What happened?" I asked.

"Looks like the little dragon's awake." Sarah said.

"How are you feeling?" Lucas asked.

"I could be better but...what happened?" I asked. "Where's the facility?"

"It blew up." Kyle said.

"What? It blew up?" I asked. "And what about Saulstrance.

"He and Ben's parents died in the explosion." Jessie explained.

"They did?" I asked.

Ben turned away in sadness. He looked as if he was about to cry.

"Oh, yeah. Titus, before they died, I heard them say something to you and Ben." Jessie said.

"What was it?" I asked.

"To Ben it was 'Take good care of your brother.' And to you they said they were sorry for what they had done." Jessie explained.

I smiled to myself. In my head, I accepted their apologies.

"So  what now?" Jackie asked.

"I want to take a look at the remains." I said.

I flew over to the remains of that awful building. My body was starting to feel a little better. I looked around at the smoldering remains. Ben's parents had definately died in the explosion. But...

"What the...?!" I thought to myself.

Sarah walked over to me.

"What's up, Titus?" Sarah asked.

"I...I don't see Saulstrance's remains." I explained.

"How can you tell if a person's remains are still around?" She asked.

"It's just one of my traits of being a dragon." I said.

"But Sarah?" I asked.


"Please don't tell the others..but I dunno if Saulstrance is really dead or not. And I don't want anyone to worry."

"Okay. This'll be between us." She said.

I wasn't certain about what happened while I was unconcious. I dunno if Saulstrance is really alive or not. What I do know is that we saved the Dragon Realm. And maybe even the Human Realm.

Two Months later

Two months had passed since we defeated Saulstrance. I went to the Dragon Realm for a while so my parents could teach me how to become a human again.

Upon my return, the first place I wanted to visit was my old home. I walked past my old house and noticed that it was bought. I walked past all the usual places where I would hang out. I walked down the creek where me and my friends would play or relax by. I noticed some of them. Lucas was there too.

One of my friends caught sight of me.

"Hey, it's Titus!" My friend said.

They all turned and noticed me. Tears started to flow from my eyes. I dashed away, my eyes still flooding with tears.

"Hey, what's wrong with him?" I heard my friends asked. But Lucas said something else.

"Goodbye, Titus..."

I cried loudly as I ran from that place. I knew this would be the last time I ever saw my friends.

The first chunk of The second to last chapter of It's a Dragon's World.

There's one last chapter afterwards: The real conclusion.

But who knows? There may just be a sequel to this story. Only time will tell.

Hope you enjoy the second to last chapter of It's a Dragon's World.
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Personal record for a story this size by the way
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I think it was called my new life as a dragon
& by the way...
jaredsmith19988 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012
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