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Chapter 19: Agcro’s Final Carving

Tourajé traveled through the portal that Léruc created for him. He desperately hoped this portal would lead him to Saulstrance and Eig’nia. He was the only one who knew the truth behind these events and he had to put a stop to all this right away.

Suddenly, Tourajé heard a voice calling his name. This startled the dragon as he didn’t expect anybody else to be going through the portal with him. Looking behind him, Tourajé noticed Shashala who was flapping his wings to catch up with Tourajé.

“Shashala!” Said Tourajé, surprised to see his friend. “What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to speak with you three about Roasch.” Shashala said.

“Roasch? What about him? Is he okay?” Asked Tourajé frantically, worried that something had happened to Roasch.

Just before Shashala got the chance to answer Tourajé, a bright light appeared within the portal, signifying that the dragons were just inches away from their destination. They moved through the light and appeared upon a road surrounded by rows of trees on the left and right side. To the left lay a large lake which had a bright glow casting off of it.

“Roasch is okay, all things considering. He’s still pretty shaken up from what happened with Mayza.” Shashala explained.

“I would imagine so. This is now the second time Roasch has seen someone he cared about die before his eyes. That can’t be an easy thing to go through.” Tourajé said sympathetically.

“Indeed. Which is why I suggested to him that he not get involved any further.” Shashala said, feeling somewhat guilty for suggesting this to Roasch yet knowing in his heart that it was for the best.

Tourajé agreed with Shashala’s decision. With Roasch having lost his baby sister just mere moments after she was born and with Mayza’s recent death, the two dragons felt that if Roasch saw another one of his loved ones die, it would end up destroying him.

“…And besides, if something happens to us, someone needs to survive to tell the tale.” Tourajé concluded.

Shashala concurred. With Léruc’s true goals having been discovered by him and Tourajé, he was certain that things would only get more dangerous from there.

The two dragons looked towards the lake where they noticed the bright glow that was reflected upon it. They looked into the night sky where they saw smoke and flames rising. They immediately deduced that that must have been where Saulstrance and the others were. The two of them looked at each other and nodded knowingly.

As they made their way to the source of the fire and smoke, they encountered four bodies spread out on the ground, two to their left and right and the other two lying right in the middle of the road. The two of them recognized these bodies as being the corpses of some of Léruc’s guards. Tourajé and Shashala moved closer to inspect the bodies. As they had suspected, the four guards were indeed dead. Strangely enough, upon closer inspection, they found that their bodies hadn’t had their names carved into them. They asked themselves if this meant that Agcro wasn’t the one who killed them or if he just hadn’t gotten the chance to leave his mark. If this were the case, then they were even more worried for Saulstrance and Eig’nia’s safety. They continued along the path and hurried towards the source of the smoke and the fire. The two dragons hoped that they weren’t too late and that their friends were okay.

Upon arriving at the scene, they discovered a small town very nearly burnt down to the ground. Countless homes and businesses lay in ruin while some remained standing but slowly burned. Several bodies lay amongst the ruin bloodied, some even badly burnt.

“Oh my god…” Said Shashala horrified, feeling like he was going to be sick.

“This is awful…” Said Tourajé with a distraught look on his face, feeling deeply sorry for the people who lost their lives.

Suddenly, the dragons saw something crash through one of the houses. It was Saulstrance. He lay several hundred feet from where the two of them were standing. He stood up and leapt over the wreckage. Tourajé and Shashala followed after Saulstrance and saw him and Eig’nia fighting Agcro. Oddly enough, Tourajé and Shashala didn’t see the other guards with Saulstrance and Eig’nia. Their first thought was that the other guards had also been killed just like the four they came across but they couldn’t be sure. Although they had found some dead bodies, they were certain these weren’t all of the people from this town. Perhaps, they thought, the guards were helping to evacuate the surviving humans who lived there.

“SAULSTRANCE!! EIG’NIA!!!” Tourajé called to his friends.

Startled by their friend’s voice, the two dragons turned around to see Shashala and Tourajé standing behind them, the latter of whom ran over to them, thankful and relieved to see them safe.

“Tourajé, Shashala! What are you two doing here?” Asked Saulstrance, surprised to see his friends.

“Master told us that he was only going to send you if something happened to us. Is everything okay?” Eig’nia asked, feeling somewhat worried although she knew she should have been happy to see Tourajé and Shashala.

Neither Tourajé nor Shashala were eager to tell Saulstrance or Eig’nia the truth behind what had been happening. Tourajé was especially worried about how Saulstrance would take it if he found out that Léruc, the dragon he had looked up to and come to see as his adoptive father, was in fact the one responsible for the deaths of his parents and that it was through him that things had ended up the way they had. He worried that it might end up destroying Saulstrance once he learned the truth. Even then, however, Tourajé knew it was much too late to change things. Saulstrance would eventually discover what had really happened whether it be from him or from Léruc.

“Saulstrance…after we’re finished here, we have some things we need to discuss. And…they won’t be easy things for you to hear but you need to hear them.” Said Tourajé with a pained look in his eyes, showing that he truly didn’t want to have to reveal the truth to Saulstrance.

Just from looking at his friend, Saulstrance could tell that whatever Tourajé had to tell him must have been very bad. Saulstrance became troubled by this. What did Tourajé have to tell him that made him appear so distressed?

Suddenly, Agcro erupted into a fit of laughter. This startled the four dragons as they quickly turned to face the crazed dragon.

“After we’re finished here, the young dragon says, seemingly not realizing that last time we fought, there were six of them and now they’re down two. Do you earnestly believe that just the four of you will be able to defeat me when you barely managed to do so the first time?” Agcro asked amusedly, a somewhat shaky smile on his muzzle.

“We’ll have to see, won’t we?” Said Tourajé, smiling confidently.

Shashala and Eig’nia rushed towards Agcro while Saulstrance and Tourajé’s wings unfurled as the two of them took to the sky. The two dragons on the ground launched streams of fire at Agcro who countered with a fire stream of his own. The streams were caught together, locking the three dragons in place. With this, Saulstrance and Tourajé took the opportunity to launch their own assault against Agcro. Tourajé swooped down, smashing into Agcro’s side which knocked the latter off his feet. Once Saulstrance had landed, he swung his mighty tail at Agcro, knocking the dragon back which also caused the opposing dragon to get burnt somewhat by Shashala and Eig’nia’s fire.

Agcro jumped to his feet. With a flick of his tail, he swung it at Tourajé, hitting him against the side of his head. As Tourajé staggered, Agcro swung around and bit into Tourajé’s right leg. The younger dragon winced in pain as he felt Agcro’s teeth sink into his leg. To get Agcro’s teeth out of his leg, Tourajé jerked his leg forward, taking Agcro by surprise and forcing him to relinquish his hold on Tourajé’s leg.

“GAAH!!” Yelped Tourajé as he felt Agcro’s teeth get pulled out of his leg. He raised his front leg and observed the marks left by Agcro’s teeth.

The four dragons ran straight for Agcro, surrounding him from all sides. Before they could get too close, Agcro’s wings unfurled as he took to the sky. He flew high enough until he was obscured by the smoke and fire. The four dragons gathered together and pelted the sky with enormous balls of fire, all except for Saulstrance who instead combined his ability to breathe fire with his ability to consume earth and then launch it from his mouth. Although the four dragons couldn’t see where Agcro was, Agcro himself was likewise unable to see where their attacks would be coming from. He tried to avoid the attacks as best he could although he found himself getting hit by several fire blasts and two burning rocks. In return, Agcro rained down a barrage of long, pointed ice shards. Immediately the four dragons used their fire to melt the first set of large icicles, however, with more and more falling their way, they found it increasingly difficult to keep melting them one after another.

Suddenly, an idea formed in Shashala’s mind. He ordered the other three to get close to him as he formed a ring of fire around himself and his friends. Next, he told them to aim their fire towards the sky. He believed that this would be enough to protect them from Agcro’s assault.

Doing as Shashala suggested, Saulstrance, Tourajé, and Eig’nia, with Shashala’s assistance, used their fire breaths to form a protective dome made of fire around them. Any ice shards that would have gotten through quickly melted away thanks to their fire. However, they knew that they wouldn’t be able to keep this up forever. They would eventually begin to tire and if they tired before Agcro, they wouldn’t be able to defend themselves from his attacks. All they could do was hope that they held out longer than Agcro.

Agcro’s assault eventually ceased. Shortly after, Saulstrance and his friends’ fire also finished. Panting heavily, the four dragons used their wings to put out the ring of fire they had created to protect themselves. Likewise, Agcro, who had now returned to the ground, was also taking in deep breaths, trying to get oxygen into his lungs.  

“Agcro.” Panted Tourajé. “We don’t have to do this. We aren’t your enemies.”

“Not my enemies? How do you figure that?” Agcro asked.

“First, why don’t you tell us who it was that released you?” Tourajé retorted with a question of his own.

Saulstrance, Eig’nia, and even Shashala turned to Tourajé with looks of surprise on their faces. What did he mean that someone released Agcro? Eig’nia asked Tourajé this and assured him that Léruc informed them that Agcro had found a way to escape and then made his way to the human realm. Tourajé, however, assured them this wasn’t the case and what Agcro said next confirmed it.

“Well if you hatchlings must know, it was dear ol’ Master Léruc who set me free.” Said Agcro with a smile.

“YOU LIE!!” Saulstrance roared, infuriated that this horrible dragon would accuse his own master of doing such a thing.

“He’s not lying.” Tourajé quickly contradicted, looking straight at Saulstrance with a very serious grim look on his face.

“But how can you be sure Tourajé? Just because Agcro said it doesn’t mean it actually was Lord Léruc.” Said Shashala. Just like Saulstrance, he was certain Agcro was lying.

Tourajé explained to his three friends that when he and Léruc were in the holding chambers, he inspected the cuffs that had been used to bind Agcro. They hadn’t been destroyed or pulled off their chains which could only have meant that Agcro had to have had help in escaping.

“But couldn’t one of the guards had let Agcro out? I thought we were certain they were the ones behind everything!” Exclaimed Eig’nia, finding herself confused and at the same time, a little uncertain.

Tourajé shook his head. The way Léruc talked about Saulstrance potentially killing Agcro cemented in his head the idea that Léruc was indeed the one who let Agcro go free.

“Léruc promised I could go free under one condition: I help him protect our world by taking care of a small township of humans who were looking to invade our world.” Agcro explained, a proud, confident smile on his muzzle.

“Agcro, listen to me. Léruc is using you. He used all of us. He wants Saulstrance to kill you. Even if you do survive, he’ll have you killed too.” Tourajé said, hoping desperately that what he was saying would get through to Agcro.

Unfortunately, Tourajé’s efforts were ultimately for nothing as Agcro suddenly burst out laughing. He didn’t believe a single word Tourajé had said to him. Saulstrance, however, was left speechless by what he had just heard. Léruc…wanted him to kill another dragon? Why? What Tourajé had said couldn’t possibly be true…could it? What was he supposed to believe? He didn’t want to believe that his own master and adoptive father would wish for him to do such a horrible thing like killing another dragon yet he also couldn’t bring himself to disbelieve everything Tourajé said.

“Is that correct? He believes that this dragon alone would be able to kill me?” Asked Agcro amusedly. “Well, I would truly enjoy seeing that. Come, little dragon! Let’s see if you can fulfill your master’s wish!”

Just as Saulstrance readied himself to attack, Tourajé dashed past him. He charged at Agcro like a raging bull, horns pointed at him. Agcro quickly took to the sky with. Tourajé stopped in the spot where Agcro had been standing. He opened his wings and chased after Agcro. The two dragons flew around each other for a bit, then proceeding to fly straight towards each other. They did this a couple times before Tourajé flew towards Agcro, swiping his claws at Agcro and slashing the side of his face. Four deep cuts were left by Tourajé’s claws, causing the dragon to cringe in pain as his wounds stung. Blood ran down the side of Agcro’s face, dripping off the side. Using the back of his paw, Agcro wiped off the blood, leaving behind small damp smudges on his face. Growling angrily, he flew after Tourajé, smashing into the dragon and then smacking the top of Tourajé’s head with his tail which sent Tourajé falling from the sky and crashing into one of the few houses that hadn’t been lit on fire. The building was split in half as Tourajé was almost completely covered by the rubble, dust being kicked into the air.

As Tourajé moved from amongst the rubble and returned to his feet, he saw Shashala launch himself into the night sky. Shashala slashed at Agcro several times only for each attempt to miss. He then proceeded to swing his tail at Agcro which was once more avoided as Agcro soared above Shashala. He flew over his enemy and used his ice breath to freeze Shashala’s wings. Shashala felt the ice begin to envelope his wings but was unable to free them as shortly after, he fell from the sky, flailing his limbs around as he screamed, eventually crashing into the ground.

“Shashala!!” Saulstrance exclaimed as he rushed to his friend’s aide.

Just as Shashala was getting back to his feet, Agcro, who was hovering overhead, stopped flapping his wings and fell through the sky, about to bodyslam into Shashala. By the time Shashala noticed this, Agcro was quickly closing in on him, leaving him without much time to counterattack or get out of the way. However, he was saved by Saulstrance who pushed Shashala out of the way, knocking both of them off their feet and causing Agcro to slam into the ground instead of Shashala.

“Thank you Saulstrance.” Said Shashala as he stood up and turned to face Agcro.

“Are you okay?” Saulstrance asked.

“I’ll be better once I can move my wings again. Replied Shashala, turning his head to look at his still frozen wings.

Before Shashala could begin unthawing his wings, Agcro charged at the two dragons, but was quickly stopped by Eig’nia who attacked him from behind. She pounced on Agcro, smashing his head into the ground. As Agcro stood up, Eig’nia jumped between him and her friends, eager to protect them.

“Eig’nia!!” Saulstrance exclaimed.

“Help Shashala unfreeze his wings! I can handle Agcro myself.” Said the dragoness, assuring her friend she would be okay.

Complying with Eig’nia’s suggestion, Saulstrance helped Shashala thaw out his wings. Meanwhile, Eig’nia flew after Agcro who had once more taken to the night sky. As she and Agcro fought, Tourajé, who had moved from amongst the rubble, launched himself into the air, and joined Eig’nia in battle. Although they had Agcro outnumbered two to one, Agcro was still able to hold his own against them.

As the two dragons attacked Agcro from both the left and the right, shooting two fireballs at him, Agcro quickly swooped down below them then launched himself towards Eig’nia, headbutting her directly in the stomach. The dragoness’s eyes widened in pain as Agcro flew above her and whipped his tail, smacking her with it and sent her plummeting out of the sky. Eig’nia crashed into one of the houses, knocking part of it down. She quickly stood up, some of the wreckage that had covered her falling to her feet.

While Eig’nia unfurled her wings and returned to helping Tourajé who was now struggling against Agcro, Saulstrance and Shashala had just finished unfreezing the latter’s wings. A cold, numb sensation still lingered in Shashala’s wings so to get rid of it, Shashala flapped his wings a few times to get rid of the numbness.

“Are you okay, Shashala?” Asked Saulstrance as he watched Shashala continue to flex his wings.

“I’ll be fine. I still don’t have much feeling in my wings but that’ll pass.” Answered Shashala as his wings ceased flapping.

The two dragons looked towards the sky. They saw Agcro bite into Eig’nia’s neck then swoop out of the sky, slamming the dragoness into another house. As she lay amongst the debris, Agcro slammed his paw down on Eig’nia’s muzzle. The dragoness struggled as hard as she could to get free but ultimately found her efforts fruitless. Agcro coiled his tail over the top of Eig’nia’s neck. He removed his paw from the top of her snout allowing the dragoness a brief moment of freedom. However, before Eig’nia could get the chance to land an attack, Agcro’s tail wrapped around her neck, tightening as the dragoness struggled to breathe, barely able to even move.

Tourajé descended to the ground and was about to try and help Eig’nia but was stopped by Agcro who assured Tourajé that should be try anything, he’ll snap Eig’nia’s neck. With this, Tourajé froze in place, growling, a fierce look on his face. Agcro snickered, knowing that he had the upper hand.

“Of course, I could always go ahead and break your pretty little neck regardless of what your friend does.” Agcro said with wicked gleams in his eyes.

Agcro’s tail became even tighter around Eig’nia’s neck. As she struggled to breathe, she gripped his tail and tried to pry it from her neck but found herself unsuccessful in doing so. Agcro simply laughed mockingly at her efforts as slowly, the dragoness’s grip on Agcro’s tail began to loosen but before she began to slip into unconsciousness, Shashala launched a fireball at Agcro, scorching his left eye and causing him to scream in agonizing pain. His hold on Eig’nia was released and Agcro staggered, groaning from the horrible burning pain in his eye. He roared in discomfort as he shut his eye and placed the back of his left paw over it in an attempt to stop the stinging.

Eig’nia ran back to her friends. She, along with Tourajé, Saulstrance, and Shashala watched, almost feeling slight pity for Agcro as he continued to cry out in pain, roaring and occasionally shooting streams of fire into the sky. Agcro kept staggering back and forth, his left eye closed, keeping the right one open as he focused on the dragons who may have caused him to lose his eye.

With an angry, ear shattering roar, Agcro lunged at Shashala in a blind rage. While he had always enjoyed tormenting his victims and making sure that their torture was as slow and agonizing as possible, to get back at Shashala, he was willing to make an exception. He was simply going to kill Shashala.

Before he could attempt anything, however, Saulstrance tackled Agcro, pinning him to the ground. He clenched his paw into a fist, driving it straight into the side of Agcro’s face. He then clenched his other fist and hit Agcro with that one as well.

Saulstrance hit Agcro over and over while his friends watched. They hoped that eventually, Saulstrance would cease but this never happened. For a solid minute he just rested on top of Agcro, hitting him over and over as the older dragon either made no effort or couldn’t to get free.

Unable to take anymore, Shashala stepped forward. Standing behind Saulstrance, he spoke.

“Saulstrance, that’s enough! He’s done…” Shashala said, somewhat sadly.

Regaining himself, Saulstrance stopped hitting Agcro whose face had been badly bruised and beaten. Blood dripped from his nostrils as he lay on the ground, breathing faintly. While Saulstrance hadn’t noticed, Agcro used his hind legs to kick Saulstrance off of him. He sent the dragon very nearly crashing into Shashala, the latter of whom leapt back just before both he and Saulstrance found themselves laying on the ground.

Weakly, Agcro proceeded to stand up. He coughed a little as he struggled to keep his footing. Panting heavily, he watched as Saulstrance stood up and moved in between him and his friends in order to protect them.

“Was that all you had, little dragon? I couldn’t feel a thing.” Agcro laughed, swaying side to side.

Slowly, Agcro proceeded towards Saulstrance but collapsed to the ground as his front legs gave out. He tried to stand up but found that he didn’t have the strength. Saulstrance walked closer to Agcro, being advised by Tourajé to be careful just in case he tries anything.

Saulstrance looked down at the beaten and broken dragon. Weakly, Agcro lifted his head, his usual creepy yet always triumphant smile now replaced with a scowl and his eyes filled with anger, hatred, and a hint of sadness.

“You finally got me, so what are you waiting for?” Agcro scoffed, sounding more annoyed that he was beaten than worried for his life.

“Even after you killed so many innocent dragons and now humans, I still can’t understand what would make someone want to do such a horrible thing.” Saulstrance said fiercely, glaring down at Agcro.

Agcro laughed weakly. “Does everything have to have some kind of deep meaning? Perhaps I killed just because it was fun to me. Maybe my family wasn’t so good to me. Or perhaps it was a bit of both.” He said.

Saulstrance closed his eyes and shook his head. With a sigh, he stood up and turned around, heading back to his friends. Agcro was surprised by this. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Saulstrance had the perfect opportunity to finish him and yet, he was just walking away.

“Where are you going? Get back here and finish this!” Demanded Agcro angrily.

Saulstrance looked back towards Agcro. With an angered look on his face, he said to Agcro…

“No. I won’t become a killer. What I will do is turn you over to one of the other Leaders once this is all over. Then they can decide what to do with you from there.” Saulstrance said, soon proceeding to turn around and continue towards his friends.

“Let’s go. We need to find the guards. They’re probably finishing helping the townspeople evacuate.” Saulstrance said to his friends.

“Was that where they’ve been this whole time?” Asked Tourajé, surprised but finding it understandable since he hadn’t seen any of the other guards.

Saulstrance nodded. “I was surprised that they were so eager to help out the humans who lived here. Maybe we were wrong about master’s guards. Even though they did kill Mayza, maybe there is some good in them.” The reddish orange dragon smiled hopefully.

Just as the dragons were about to take to flight, Eig’nia caught everyone’s attention when she turned around to see Agcro back on his feet. Growling and breathing heavily, he muttered under his breath, “I will NOT…be disgraced”.

Summoning what remained of his strength, he put everything he had left into rushing towards Saulstrance and his friends. He tried to attack Saulstrance several times but each attack missed. Finally, as Saulstrance leapt out of the way, Agcro grabbed hold of Saulstrance’s left paw. With Saulstrance’s claws extended out, Agcro stabbed himself with them. This act took everybody, Saulstrance especially by surprise.

Saulstrance pulled his paw back as he watched Agcro, who was coughing up blood, stagger backwards and eventually collapse once more to the ground. The crazed dragon laughed as blood trickled down his chin.

“So this…is what it feels like. I guess…I really am…a monster.” Agcro said, his voice growing softer and less audible.

With a smile on his muzzle, Agcro closed his eyes and took his final breath. Saulstrance stood horrified by what had just happened. He raised his paw and observed his claws which were damp with Agcro’s freshly spilled blood. His paw shook violently and Saulstrance let out a horrified, ear piercing shriek. Even if it wasn’t his choice to take Agcro’s life, his claws were still the instruments that performed the deed. Despite it being involuntarily, Saulstrance had just been turned into the one thing he wished never to become. He had become a killer.

Saulstrance’s whole body began to tremble as he tried desperately to get the blood off his claws. “Get off! GET OFF!!” He panicked, eyes widening and his voice growing more and more desperate. He was soon hyperventilating.

“Saulstrance.” Eig’nia said, placing a wing on her friend’s back. This helped to calm him down somewhat.

Turning to his friend with sad, apologetic eyes, Saulstrance rested his head on Eig’nia’s shoulder, his chin wobbling and eyes shut. Eig’nia wrapped her wings around Saulstrance as her way of hugging him and to try and calm her friend. Tourajé and Shashala approached Eig’nia and Saulstrance and both dragons nuzzled against Saulstrance, letting him know that they were there for him and would do everything they could to help him.

Once Saulstrance had managed to calm down, he had decided to go and find the remaining guards. By now they must have finished evacuating the citizens of the now destroyed town. Tourajé, however, suggested they don’t go seeking the guards just yet. While he knew now that the guards were just as innocent in everything that had occurred as they were, Tourajé had another reason for why he didn’t want to go looking for them right away. When Saulstrance asked what it was, Tourajé told his friends that he would tell them everything but that first they should discuss these matters someplace else. And so, the dragons took to flight and headed away from the destroyed township. As they flew, Tourajé hoped that Eig’nia and more so Saulstrance would be able to handle hearing the truth behind all the events that had occurred up until now.
Dragon's World Past Chapter 19
What's this? Three DWP chapters in one month? Well I guess September's been the month of the dragon :D

The series is beginning to wind down as secrets are revealed and Saulstrance's destiny is set into motion. Joined by Shashala, Tourajé rushes to the human realm to locate Saulstrance and Eig'nia before Agcro can do anything to them. Once there, the two dragons find a township almost completely burned to the ground and Saulstrance and Eig'nia fighting Agcro. Will the four dragons be enough to finish Agcro once and for all when even six of them struggled to beat him? And if they can, will Saulstrance end up fulfilling what Léruc desires of him and kill Agcro? Or will be be able to find another way?
DK Comic: Story of Satoko Cover by Animeboye
DK Comic: Story of Satoko Cover
I can't believe I hadn't thought of doing this until now. I've been doing this comic for so long and I've just now made a cover for it. Six years ago, I drew a cover for the first volume of my comic series (which I plan to start once this is done) and since then, I hadn't done any comic covers. Until now that is.

A new page is in the works but it's been a bit of a slow process with stuff like school taking up most of my time and trying to find a new job. I promise that the new page is coming but it might still be a bit. In the meantime, hopefully this new cover will make up for that.
Chapter 18: A Dragon’s Downfall

Uncertain, Tourajé began to give Léruc his paw but stopped just as he extended it out to him. Should he see the other memory Léruc wanted to show him? What would he see should he agree to it? Would he even want to see it? Although he wasn’t sure, Tourajé did find himself curious as to what this memory could be. He gave his paw to Léruc who took Tourajé’s paw in his own and then proceeded to place his other paw on Tourajé’s head one more time. Slowly, the two of them closed their eyes.

When Tourajé opened his eyes, he found himself standing inside an old house. There, he saw two humans standing with their backs turned to him. Moving closer, Tourajé discovered that they were observing an egg that was placed above the fireplace. It rested in a blanket that served as a bed for the egg. As he took a closer look at the egg, Tourajé was able to determine that this egg was in fact a dragon egg. A dragon was inside. As he brought himself a little closer to the egg, he noticed a black stone with blue speckles to the left of the makeshift bed. There was something carved into it. Reading what was written on the stone aloud, Tourajé discovered what it said: L é r u c.

“Léruc.” Tourajé said to himself. This stone had his master’s name on it. But, what did that mean?

“That stone you see, Tourajé, was a memento left to me by my parents. You see, unlike other dragons, I didn’t hatch in our world. I hatched in the human realm, or Earth as the humans refer to it.” Explained Léruc as his voice rang through his memory.

“What do you mean you hatched in the human realm? How? Why?” Tourajé asked, confused as to how a dragon could be born in the human realm.

“That will be explained later. For now, allow me to start at the beginning.”

Suddenly, the egg that contained Léruc began to move. The man grabbed the egg from atop the fireplace so that the creature that was inside it wouldn’t fall and hurt itself. He brought it over to a small table as the egg wiggled around in his hands. He and the woman who was with him watched as a small paw broke through the egg followed by another and then a little tail made its way out as well. Soon the entire top of the egg was broken revealing a newly hatched baby dragon. The little dragon had white scales, its spines and the leather in its wings were black as was its underside. The tiny creature cried as it sat in the remnants of its egg. The man grabbed the baby dragon and held it in his arms to try to calm it down. Slowly, he rocked the creature back and forth much like a human baby. To his and the woman’s surprise, the small dragon’s cries softened little by little until finally, he fell asleep.

“Those humans were the first things I saw when I came into the world. Being just a newly hatched dragon, I had no idea that the beings before me weren’t the same as I was. They found me when I was still in my egg along with my stone. They decided that wherever I had come from, that must have been the name I was given. And so, from then on, they called me Léruc.” Léruc told Tourajé.

Everything changed and now Tourajé found himself standing on a dirt road. He watched as the two humans along with the baby version of Léruc walked down that path together. The woman held one hand over her stomach as she looked down, smiling warmly. The man put his arm around his wife, resting his head against hers. Although Léruc wasn’t sure what his human parents were doing, he rubbed his head against his adoptive father’s leg, a wide smile on the young dragon’s muzzle.

The setting changed once again and Tourajé found himself back inside the home that Léruc shared with his adoptive parents. Léruc’s mother was laying in bed, screaming at the top of her lungs, gripping the edges as tightly as possible as she wore the most pained face Tourajé had ever seen. With her were her husband and a doctor. The couple had hidden Léruc right before the doctor had come so that he wouldn’t notice that they had a real life baby dragon living with them.

“You’re doing good, Edith! Just a little bit further! Push!” Exclaimed the doctor.

Screaming as loudly as humanly possible, her face drenched in sweat, Edith pushed as hard as she could. Her screams soon mingled with the screams of another. As she lay down in her bed, she saw the doctor holding a crying child. Her child.

“Congratulations, Edith and Giles. You have a beautiful baby boy.” The doctor smiled at the new parents as he handed their son to his mom.

Edith and Giles were smiling from ear to ear, tears of happiness washing over their faces. The little dragon version of Léruc watched from around the corner, oblivious as to what he was seeing.

“One week after I hatched, my younger brother Clement was born. As soon as the two of us got to meet for the first time, I unknowingly transformed myself into a human baby just like him. My human parents had no idea how I was capable of such a feat yet in spite of this, they raised me alongside Clement as a human.” Léruc continued with his explanation.

Léruc’s memories began to flash past Tourajé at a quicker pace. In a matter of seconds, Léruc and Clement had gone from being mere babies to toddlers to preteens and eventually to young teenagers. The two of them appeared almost identical to one another. Clement and Léruc both had black hair and blue eyes and wore a pair of dark short pants that barely covered their knees and short jackets with white shirts underneath, Léruc’s jacket being brown while Clement’s was blue. All the while, Tourajé observed how happy and carefree the two mismatched brothers were growing up. The two of them played together constantly, playing games, chasing each other around, and laughing.

The quickly passing memories ceased at the time when Clement and Léruc were thirteen years old. At the time, Léruc’s body had begun to change. Unbeknownst to him, he was changing back into the creature he had truly been his whole life: a dragon. It began with Léruc regrowing his tail and then him shrinking to the size of a seven or eight year old followed by his wings returning. His transformation continued gradually over the course of a week until he had been completely changed back into a dragon. Since Léruc had somehow changed himself into a human when he was a baby, Edith and Giles hadn’t seen need to tell their adopted son the truth about what he really was. He probably wouldn’t have even believed them if they did tell him the truth. That all changed when Léruc’s transformation concluded. Scared by his change, Léruc’s parents explained to their son what had happened to him. They told both him and Clement the whole story about how Léruc had come into their lives and how he came to be a human. Even for as young as they were, Léruc and Clement were perplexed. It was so hard for the two boys to believe even though one of them had been living proof.

“In the following days, I was able to teach myself how to change between human and dragon form. This proved to be a task easier said than done as I didn’t have anyone like me to teach me. Clement wasn’t a dragon so he couldn’t show me how to shift between forms and neither could my mother or father. Ergo it fell upon me to teach myself.” Said Léruc.

That night, the two brothers lay in their beds, staring up at the ceiling. Clement was daydreaming, arms behind his head as his head lay in his hands which were cupped together. He rolled over to see Léruc who was also staring off into nothing.

“Léruc.” Said Clement softly to his brother.

“Hmm?” Asked Léruc as he rolled onto his side so that he was facing Clement.

“What do you think your world is like?” The young boy asked.

“My world?” Léruc asked back, not understanding what he meant.

“Yeah. Well, I mean, you’re a dragon and dragons don’t live in this world. Or at least, I don’t think they do. You must be from another world. One where dragons live.” Clement said, eyes full of wonder at the prospect of there being another world like his.

“ A world where dragons live…Hmm…” Léruc thought aloud to himself. The idea did intrigue the young dragon boy. Perhaps, if there was such a world like that, maybe his real parents were there. If so, maybe he would be able to meet them and find out why they sent him to this world.

“I hope I get to see your world someday Léruc.” Clement said as he turned onto his back and drifted off to sleep.

Léruc wasn’t too far behind his brother. With a yawn, he pulled his blanket over him and said: “Me too” before falling asleep.

Memories sped past Tourajé once more. This time, they sped up to when Léruc and Clement had become adults. Now the two of them still appeared similar to each other but also had more differentiation between each other. Léruc’s hair, for instance was much shorter than his brother’s whose hair was long and ran down to his neck.

“We continued to live in the very same house we grew up in. Our parents had grown old but we stayed with them so that we could care for them in their old age. And then, the time would come when Clement and I would meet two beautiful women and have children of our own.” Léruc said.
Léruc’s memory changed once again and this time, he and his now quite extensive family stood in front of their family home, smiling happily as a painter was busy painting their likeness. Standing next to Clement was his wife and their three children: two boys and one girl. The boys wore clothes much similar to the ones their father and uncle wore in their childhoods and Clement’s daughter wore a silk white dress. In his arms Léruc held a baby girl whose hair was the same exact color as her father’s and uncle’s. The little girl was smiling widely as her parents stood close to her, her other resting her hand atop her daughter’s head. Léruc and Clement’s parents had also been present in the picture where they stood in between their children and their childrens’ families.
That night, when the painting had been completed, the family hung the portrait above the old fireplace, the very same one Léruc had hatched on top of.

As the years passed, Léruc and Clement’s children grew up alongside one another and had been in each others’ lives for so long that they saw each other more as siblings than as cousins.

“My nephews and niece, Edmund, Francis, and their sister Elizabeth, as well as my own little girl, Lilly grew up under the watchful eyes of my parents, myself, Clement, and our mates, Clement’s mate Lucy, and mine, Priscilla. For that time, my life had been nothing but peaceful. Mine and Priscilla’s little girl was growing up quicker than I could imagine and I cherished every minute of it.” Léruc explained.

“My daughter was a half-dragon, a rare creature from a race that had never bore many members. Even though we all knew what she was, it didn’t matter to any of us, not to me, my parents, my brother, our mates, or Clement’s children. Lilly was still a member of our family. Our home was a place where she could be who she truly was and not have to fear others shunning her.”  Léruc continued.
As day quickly turned to night, Tourajé saw Léruc sitting beside the house with his daughter. The two of them laughed together as Lilly hugged her father who followed up with a hug of his own.

“I love you papa.” Lilly smiled as her face rubbed against her dad’s.

Léruc smiled at his daughter. “I love you too sweetie.” He said, hugging her tightly.

Seeing this melted Tourajé’s heart. Even with the horrible way Léruc had treated Saulstrance, seeing this brought a smile to Tourajé’s muzzle. Back then, Léruc truly had been a decent dragon. This just made Tourajé wonder even more about what happened to Léruc to turn him into who he was today. Tourajé assumed he wouldn’t need to wait for that question for too very long.

The memory changed again. It was now sometime in the morning or afternoon. Léruc was busy tending his family’s fields while his daughter was playing with her cousins. As he was raking one row so that they could grow crops, Edmund, Francis, Elizabeth, and Lilly called for Léruc, telling him that there was something they needed him to see. Wiping the sweat from his forehead, he turned to the four children and asked them what it was that they wanted to show him.

“Uncle Léruc, you must see this. Watch how fast Lilly can run!” Exclaimed Edmund excitedly.

Léruc pretended to be interested if only to amuse his daughter and her cousins. Lilly turned around as she removed her shoes and socks, changed into her half-dragon form, and got onto all fours. Lilly’s half-dragon form appeared similar to her father’s dragon form. Her wings had white scales with the leather inside them being white. Her tail was the same with the top of it being white while the underside and spikes were black. She also sported a pair of finned ears that were the same colors as her wings, black membranes with white scales. Lilly’s tail wagged around in the air for a short time as she readied herself. In the blink of an eye, Lilly was speeding all around the field on her fours, running so fast that her father and cousins had a difficult time keeping up with the little half-dragon. After about ten seconds, Lilly stopped in the same place she started.
“Wasn’t that amazing papa? And that’s not all I can do!” Smiled Lilly brightly at her father, panting from running.

Léruc watched with growing intrigue as his daughter stood up and turned her back to her father. She closed her eyes and let out a long sigh as she tried to focus. Léruc and the kids carefully watched Lilly as Léruc was trying to figure out what she was doing. His question was soon answered as he saw a whole row of bumps begin to form along Lilly’s back. These bumps grew outward as they became pointed, turning into spikes. The spikes that had been covered by Lilly’s dress were just barely poking through as they pressed against the fabric of her clothing. The spines continued to grow as they ran up her neck and crowned the top of her head, emerging from Lilly’s hair.

Léruc found himself at a loss for words. What first started as faux intrigue just to amuse the children soon became genuine. Léruc shook his head, finding it difficult to believe what his eyes had just witnessed. He asked Lilly if she had shown her mother how fast she could run as well as her spines and she assured her father that she had and that her mom was just as surprised as he was. Léruc also asked her how and when she discovered these abilities.

“It was only a few minutes ago. We were playing hide and seek. Edmund was it and I was hiding in a tree. He didn’t find me but when he was leaving, I slipped and fell off the branch I was sitting on. I closed my eyes and when I opened them a little, I was just a little bit above the ground and it felt like there was something on my back and it was stuck in the ground. When I stood up, I noticed I had spines just like yours, papa. Mama and my cousins saw me fall out of the tree and made sure I was okay.” Lilly explained.

“We saw Lilly had spikes on her back, her neck, and her head. She said she didn’t know how they got there but that she was glad they did.” Francis cut in.

“I might have been really hurt if my spikes weren’t there to save me.” Lilly added.
Léruc had to agree with his daughter. It was a good thing her spines appeared when they did. The last thing he wanted was for Lilly to be injured. Even knowing this though, Léruc still wondered how Lilly discovered she could run that fast. When he asked her this, Lilly explained that after her cousins and mom had seen she was okay, Edmund tagged her, meaning she was the next person who had to find them. Lilly didn’t think this was fair since she wasn’t really hiding and so, as Edmund and his siblings ran away to hide, Lilly ran as fast as she could, or rather, faster than she thought she could, and tagged Edmund in less than two seconds.

Lilly stared up at her father, grinning from ear to ear while Léruc tried to comprehend as best he could what he saw and had been told. Although he had never tried it before, he was certain he couldn’t run as fast as his daughter even in his dragon form and of course his mate wasn’t capable of such a feat either. Of course, one thing Léruc was certain of what that Lilly got her spines from him. That much he could at least be certain of. Was it possible, thought Léruc that Lilly’s incredible speed and spikes had something to do with her being a half-dragon? Léruc theorized that perhaps half-dragons such as Lilly possess a special kind of power and that Lilly’s was running unbelievably fast as well as having spines of her own.

Léruc kneeled down, getting to Lilly’s level and hugged her. He smiled proudly, feeling that his daughter was beginning to discover who she was and was beginning to come into her own.  Lilly hugged her father back and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Being a parent can be a truly beautiful thing, Tourajé. Watching as my little girl grew into a fine young half-dragon and discover herself gave me unbridled joy. To my dismay however, that joy came to an abrupt end.” Said Léruc, his somewhat happy tone becoming more woeful.

That night, as Léruc was walking back home having taken care of his business and cleaning out the bucket he had used, he spotted a bright light coming from the direction of his house. He hurried home as quickly as he could but once he got there, he was met with fellow villagers carrying pitchforks and torches as well as a chorus of agonized screams that were coming from his house which the townsfolk had lit ablaze. Through it all, he could swear he heard Lilly screaming, her last words being “Papa!”

Léruc was unable to do anything. Even if he had put out the fire, it was too late for his family. His daughter, his mate, his parents, nephews, niece, brother, and sister-in-law. It was too late for them. They were already gone. They burned alive in the inferno that they once called home.
Among the crowd of people was the doctor who had delivered Lilly. A man who Léruc had assumed was the ringleader as he was standing before the crowd, turned to the doctor and thanked him for telling them about what he called “the monster girl”. Léruc knew right away who the “monster girl” was meant to be and it made his blood boil. Tears streamed down the crestfallen dragon’s face as his face contorted in anger, his arms shaking rapidly. Unable to take anymore as his family’s screams subsided, he fled, changing into his dragon form once he was far enough away, and flew off. Where he was going he wasn’t sure and he didn’t truly a destination in mind to begin with. He simply wanted to get far enough away from the scene of his whole family’s murders.
He came across a cave. With only a bucket left to remember his family by, he tossed it into the cave. It clattered along the ground as he walked inside and lay down. He rested his head in his front legs as he sobbed. In just a few short moments, everything he loved had been taken from in one fell swoop. His family was gone, his memento from his parents was gone, and his precious little girl was…

Just thinking that he would never get to see them again made Léruc cry even harder. What would he do now? Where would he go? That was when a thought suddenly occurred to him.

“At that moment, I decided I would call this cave my home. If these humans saw my daughter as a monster, then I would live as a monster too. After all, what is a ‘monster girl’ if she doesn’t have a monster father? I swore to myself then that I would never again change into my human form. It reminded me too much of my family and of the monsters that took them from me.” Léruc said to Tourajé who could only watch horrified as these scenes unfolded before him.

“Decades passed since my family’s deaths. Over time I would return to the remnants of my old home to see if I could find something, anything that remained from the wreckage. To my dismay, nothing could be salvaged. There was no trace of the stone my birth parents had left with me either. With so much gone, I was truly alone. I had nothing left.” Said Léruc, his voice growing more and more bitter.

The area around Tourajé changed as he now found himself standing in an old township. People ran and screamed, panicking as fire rained from above, lighting their houses and businesses ablaze as well as catching any unfortunate stragglers. Through the smoke and fire, Tourajé could see the silhouette of Léruc as it burst through the smoke. He swooped down, grabbing a fleeing child and proceeding to eat the child as he flew above the burning town.

“As time passed, my hatred for the humans who took my family from me grew. I could have killed them any time I wished however, I found it more karmic to leave them alive but take their children and grandchildren. During my raids, I would kidnap and eat at least three to five children per attack.
I wanted them to experience the same kind of pain they gave me.” Léruc said, growing ever angrier.

“Eventually, my hatred for the entire human race passed and all that remained was hatred towards those horrible townsfolk. Even then, raiding and terrorizing those monsters did less and less for me over time. My anger was fading away and loneliness was taking its place. I was beginning to wish there was more for me however I had also begun to accept the fact that this was probably all I’d have from then on. I wasn’t sure how I managed to do it but, in my desperation, I opened a portal. I wasn’t sure what I was seeing. This…strange and mysterious vortex. What was it? Would it be able to help me and perhaps, send me somewhere else? I decided to try it.” Léruc continued with his story.

Léruc stepped through the portal as it closed behind him but not before Tourajé followed him through it.  Having done this so many times before, Tourajé knew right away where this portal was taking them. At the time, Léruc, however, couldn’t be sure. With a bright flash of light, the two dragons found themselves standing in a field. Léruc looked around, bewildered at the sight. Was this…was this his real home? After so many years, had he finally come home?

“Clement…are you seeing this, brother? I made it. I’m back in my world.” Léruc whispered to himself as tears began to pour down his face.

At that moment, Léruc’s long memory came to an end and Tourajé found himself once more back in the fortress.

“Some time after I came back to Zalphonia, I became apprentice to the Leader of our village from back then. I learned that, a short time before I was born, a battle broke out between our village and Sliwach. The battle was devastating and countless dragons, plenty of whom were hatchlings, lost their lives. I assumed that my parents didn’t want me to meet the same fate as these hatchlings that weren’t as fortunate and sent me to the human realm, hoping that I might be able to live a more peaceful life there.” Léruc concluded his story.

Tourajé sat in place for a moment as he soaked in everything he had just witnessed when he was in Léruc’s memories. He did feel sorry for his master. He couldn’t even begin to understand how painful it must have been to lose your entire family or to have to hear their screams as they die in the painful way Léruc’s had. But even knowing how much his master had suffered, Tourajé still couldn’t forgive him for what he had done to Saulstrance. Tourajé felt that just because Léruc had been through a lot of pain that didn’t give him the right to inflict the very same pain onto Saulstrance, especially since unlike the humans from his memories, Saulstrance had never done anything to Léruc. When Tourajé shared these exact feelings with Léruc, the older dragon had nothing to say. He closed his eyes and sighed. For a moment both Tourajé and Léruc said nothing to one another but then, after a prolonged silence, Léruc spoke.

“It’s sort of funny when you think about it, Tourajé. In our world, my name Léruc means ‘kind act’.

In the human realm, it’s actually an anagram for a different word. One whose definition for it contradicts ours. In the end I suppose I stayed more true to the latter than the former.” Léruc said, smirking at the irony of it all.

Tourajé said nothing. The dragon didn’t have much left to say. He just sighed turning away from the dragon he once called master with a somber expression. Léruc frowned, taking note of this. With a sigh of his own, the older dragon proceeded to stand up, turning away from Tourajé.

“There’s one last thing I want you to see, Tourajé.” Said Léruc, turning his head towards Tourajé and motioning for him to follow.

Tourajé stood up and followed Léruc over to the left corner of the room. There, the two dragons stood before a wall. Tourajé looked at Léruc, confused. Léruc wanted to show him a wall? No. There had to have been more to it than that. This was proven true as the older dragon reached for the wall. With his scaly fist, he knocked against the wall seven times, three times on the left, then once in the middle, and another three times on the right. Tourajé watched carefully as the wall began to move. The part of the wall that Léruc tapped revealed a long staircase that led to an underground location. A row of torches illuminated the way.
Tourajé followed behind Léruc as the two dragons descended the stairs. Just as they began their descent, from out of the corner of his eye, Tourajé could see someone peering from atop the stairway. The figure quickly moved out of sight but by then, Tourajé had gotten a glimpse of who it was. He didn’t say anything so as to protect him.

They continued for a couple minutes before entering into a new room and what Tourajé saw in this room left him speechless.

Cells. There were numerous large cells that stretched throughout the large room.  Although there were indeed many cells before him, Tourajé was certain there had to be more. For all he knew, this pathway could have extended all throughout Zalphonia. These cells were much like the ones used to lock up any criminals in their world except that the sides and top of the cells were covered by bars instead of cave walls and ceilings. The back of the cells was the only area that was covered by wall.

“Long ago, when I became Leader, I created this underground passage and, with assistance from my guards, constructed these cells. I claimed that I wanted to build more cells in order to contain as many dragons such as Agcro as possible. However, what the guards didn’t know was that these cells were truly intended for humans.” Explained Léruc as he led Tourajé through the long underground tunnel.

“Then these cells…were they the reason Mayza was killed?” Asked Tourajé suspiciously.

Léruc confirmed this. He explained to Tourajé that Mayza stumbled upon this location by accident and he suspected that she was planning to inform Tourajé and the others of her discovery. However, before she was able to get far, she was stopped by one of Léruc’s guards. Léruc informed the guard that Mayza was planning to assassinate him and that for this, she be sentenced to immediate execution. In truth, Léruc had ordered Mayza to be executed in order to keep her quiet.

“And the guards didn’t question this order?” Asked Tourajé in absolute disbelief.

“Why would they? I lead, they follow, that’s how it works.” Léruc responded.

“Then these cages…Why would these be meant for humans? For what purpose would they serve for holding them?” Asked Tourajé, not understanding what Léruc may have been planning.

“Tourajé, you’ve talked about how you want humans and dragons to be able to live together and understand one another. I truly want the same thing as well. However, when my family lost their lives that night, I realized then and there that not all humans or even dragons for that matter are capable of understanding others on their own. That was why I decided that perhaps the best way to make such a thing possible was to conquer both worlds.” Léruc explained.

“Then that was why you had Saulstrance, Eig’nia, and I kill Raolef.” Tourajé stated.
Léruc nodded. The older dragon suddenly stopped as did Tourajé. Léruc turned around so that he faced his student.

“Raolef had to be the first Leader to go however. He had been keeping tabs on me since he suspected I was planning something. I wouldn’t have been able to make a single move with him still alive. That was why I sent the three of you to assassinate him under the pretense that he was planning an attack on the human realm.” Léruc continued with his explanations.

Tourajé was disheartened and horrified to be learning of this. Back then, he and his friends thought that taking Raolef’s life was the only way to insure that the dragon and human realms remained safe. As much as they didn’t like the idea of taking another dragon’s life, they knew it might have to be done if both worlds were to be left as they were. Yet, this whole time, the three of them had been deceived. Tourajé was deeply disgusted. He couldn’t believe he had let himself be used for such a terrible thing. He just wanted to do his part in keeping his world safe. He didn’t want this.

“While the human realm is vast and contains millions upon millions of humans, these cages should be able to house at least more than half of them. Once we have all or at least a sufficient amount of humans, we will announce to them our statuses as the new rulers of their world and ours. However, should the need come that we do need more cells to be made, that will fall on you, Saulstrance and Eig’nia to create.” Léruc said, sounding as though he was giving Tourajé an order.

“And what makes you think the three of us would help you with this?!” Asked Tourajé with both a furious look on his face and tone to his voice.

“It isn’t me you’ll be helping. It’s Saulstrance.” Léruc corrected.

Tourajé looked at Léruc confusedly. What did he mean that Saulstrance was the one they’d be helping? Tourajé knew Saulstrance since they were hatchlings. There was no way he would ever do something like what Léruc was saying.

“Think, Tourajé: why would I hold an exam to find an apprentice when I could have made Saulstrance my apprentice at anytime? It was never about finding a suitable apprentice to take over after I die. It was about finding suitable young dragons to assist Saulstrance in carrying out my will when I’m gone.” Léruc said, his cold piercing eyes fixed on Tourajé, sending a shiver throughout the younger dragon.

Yet Tourajé persisted that neither he, Eig’nia, or Saulstrance would ever go along with his despicable scheme. He assured Léruc that Saulstrance would never launch an attack against humans as that wasn’t the kind of dragon he was. Despite this, Léruc didn’t quite agree with Tourajé’s assertions.

“I wonder…will he still be the same kind of dragon you knew when he comes back from taking care of Agcro? Do you think Saulstrance has it in him to potentially kill another dragon?” Léruc asked tauntingly.

Léruc opened up a portal before Tourajé, urging him that, if he thinks he can prevent Saulstrance from killing Agcro, then he should hurry. He assured Tourajé that this portal would indeed lead him to Saulstrance and Eig’nia. He turned his back to Tourajé, assuring him that he wouldn’t try and stop him. Immediately, Tourajé ran into the portal. Just before he closed the portal, out of the corner of his eye, Léruc could see the tip of another dragon’s tail disappear into the portal, following just a little behind Tourajé. Léruc frowned and looked away.

“Perhaps you two will be able to stop Saulstrance from killing anyone.” Léruc said, sounding oddly hopeful that Tourajé and this other dragon would be able to do just that.
Dragon's World Past Chapter 18
Thought chapter seventeen was the only one huh? Well originally it was going to be the only chapter released this month (or next month which was when I wanted to get these uploaded) however because of how long the chapter was getting, I chose instead to split it into two chapters, the first of which covers the events before Saulstrance's hatching. Had I kept chapters seventeen and eighteen as one single chapter, it would have been over 10,000 words long. That probably would have ended up boring a lot of people.

This one covers the dragon Leader Léruc's past which takes place more than 200 years before the events of Dragon's World Past. Like with chapter seventeen, I don't want to give too much away as both chapters do reveal some pretty important plot points, many of which have been a mystery since New Dragon's World. This chapter and chapter seventeen shed light on these plot points as well as begin to pave the way for the last installment in the series.
Chapter 17: Truth

Tourajé returned to the village with Robert, Cyrus, and his parents. Arriving back at Cyrus’s house, Tourajé pressed his back against the side of the house as he ran the palms of his hands over his face which was dampened with sweat from fretting over his friends.

“Tourajé, are you okay?” Asked Cyrus, feeling greatly concerned for his friend.

“Don’t worry about me right now. Saulstrance and Eig’nia are a much bigger concern.”

Tourajé replied as he moved his sweat covered hands from his face.

“Are you certain it was your master who summoned them back? Isn’t there a chance that it may have been one of those guards you, Saulstrance, and Eig’nia are after?” Robert inquired.

Tourajé had entertained the idea. At first, he was certain it was his master who had summoned then back but now, he wasn’t so sure. Even still, there was one thing he was sure of.

“Whoever it was, I need to get home and make sure Saulstrance and Eig’nia are okay.” Tourajé answered with a slightly nervous look apparent on his face.

“Is there anything we can do for you in the meantime?” Miranda asked, greatly concerned for her son’s friends.

As much as Tourajé appreciated her offer, he knew he couldn’t drag Miranda and her family into his mess, especially after losing Mayza. Miranda had sacrificed so much for Thomas and Cyrus. He didn’t want her to risk destroying all that she gave up for his benefit.  When he told the dragoness this, she just smiled and shook her head.

“I wasn’t asking because I feel I need to do this, Tourajé. It’s because I want to. And I’m certain Cyrus, Thomas, and Robert feel the same way.” Smiled Miranda as she turned to her family and Robert.

Robert, Cyrus, and Thomas nodded in agreement with Miranda.

“You gave us…gave Cyrus another chance at living in this village. Our family owes you, Saulstrance, and Eig’nia a lot, Tourajé. Just please, let us return the favor this one time.” Said Robert who sounded as though he was practically begging Tourajé.

Tourajé thought about it for a moment. He truly wasn’t thrilled at the idea of getting more of those he cared about involved in something that should have only concerned him, Saulstrance, and Eig’nia. However, Cyrus and his family really seemed as though they wanted to repay Tourajé for all he had done for them. As he thought about it, he eventually realized…

“Actually, there is something you can do for me. If Saulstrance and Eig’nia should come back here, please, make sure they contact me as soon as possible so I know they’re okay.” Said Tourajé.

“Okay, but if you find them first, you three better come back so we know you’re alright.” Robert requested in response to Tourajé’s request.

Tourajé nodded once and prepared to take his leave. As he proceeded to walk away, he was stopped by Cyrus who left the dragon with two final words.

“Good luck.”

Tourajé didn’t turn back or say anything. He raised his hand as if he was saying goodbye and continued on his path as he made his way to the forest.

A short time later, Tourajé returned home. Stepping out of his portal, he found himself standing before his master’s fortress. To his surprise, the guards who were usually stationed outside the fortress were nowhere to be found. Tourajé had a bad feeling about this. He immediately rushed inside, hoping to find his master and his friends safe and sound.

Running throughout the fortress, he screamed his friends’ and master’s names repeatedly, hoping to receive an answer. “Saulstrance! Eig’nia! Master!” He would call but each time was met with no response.

Tourajé ran to his room first but found no sign of them. He then hurried to Eig’nia’s room only to once again be met with no sign of them. Finally, he checked Saulstrance’s room. Nothing. Tourajé was truly starting to panic. What could have happened to them? Did the guards really get them? Was that why Léruc summoned Saulstrance and Eig’nia back but not him? Because he knew this might happen? Tourajé eventually decided to check the three remaining places he hadn’t checked before: his master’s quarters, the holding cells and the library. He made his way to the library first and, as Tourajé feared, there was no one to be seen. His next stop was his master’s chambers. He had hoped that, perhaps Léruc had hidden himself and would be able to inform him of what was going on. However, when Tourajé arrived at Léruc’s chambers, he once again found no sign of life.

By this point, Tourajé was absolutely certain he had checked just about every inch of the fortress. His concern was only worsening. Just then, a thought popped into his head: If his master, friends, and the guards were missing, what did that mean for Agcro? With no guards to keep watch, Agcro could use this as the perfect opportunity to make his escape. Tourajé rushed to his final destination in the fortress: the holding cells. On his way there, he theorized what could be going on. What if the guards had released Agcro, offering him his freedom in exchange for assisting them in their coup? Léruc could have then asked for Saulstrance and Eig’nia to return without Tourajé in case things didn’t work out. Perhaps this way, in case they were felled by the guards and Agcro, then Tourajé would be able to finish what they started.

To Tourajé’s horror, his suspicions were indeed well founded. Agcro was no longer in his cell. The door leading into his cell was left open and the chains which had bound the homicidal dragon now rested on the floor. Tourajé studied the chains closer as he noticed that the cuffs that had been fastened around Agcro’s limbs were now open. Someone had released Agcro. There was no way he could have gotten out of those on his own.

There was nothing left for Tourajé to do in the fortress. He found no trace of life during his search. He wondered if perhaps the reason he didn’t find anybody in the fortress was because they were somewhere else in the dragon realm. For all Tourajé knew, his master and friends were still alive and Saulstrance and Eig’nia had helped Léruc take refuge in another part of their world. Tourajé assured himself this had to have been the case in an attempt to keep himself optimistic. And so, he bolted out of the fortress and took to the sky as he prepared himself to search all throughout the dragon realm.

Hours passed as he scoured the dragon realm from top to bottom, searching every inch of every village right down to the outskirts yet Tourajé was still unable to find his friends, his master, or even the guards or Agcro. Where could they have gone Tourajé pondered. He had decided to rest for a moment before continuing his search. He sat atop his family’s cave, watching from below as his parents and little brother played together. While watching Utzie play and be happy usually helped put Tourajé at ease, this time it didn’t. He still couldn’t get his mind off his missing friends and master. Tourajé decided not to waste any more time and was about to resume his search when a thought suddenly crossed his mind: what should his next course of action be? He hadn’t spotted any sign of Saulstrance, Eig’nia, Léruc, Agcro, or the guards. The only other possibility Tourajé considered was that perhaps Saulstrance and Eig’nia had taken Léruc to the human realm to hide. The only problem was where? Tourajé didn’t have the slightest idea of where they could have gone. The human realm was much larger and vast than their world. He immediately ruled out them returning to Cyrus’s village. Going there would just cause problems for Cyrus and his family and the three dragons had promised Cyrus’s mom that they wouldn’t let anyone else from the dragon realm know she was living amongst humans. With no other leads, Tourajé reluctantly returned to Léruc’s fortress.

Tourajé stood in the entrance. He sighed loudly. He desperately hoped that he would come across something, anything that could tell him what had happened to his master and his friends. Feeling exhausted from almost literally running around the world, Tourajé walked a few feet and sat against the wall which had a row of torches lining it. Tourajé sat under one of these torches as it cast a faint orange glow over the dragon. As he tried to clear his head, Tourajé looked around, taking in the silence of the fortress. He noted it to be unsettling and kind of creepy to be all alone in such a large place.

Suddenly, as hard as it may have been for Tourajé to believe at the time, he was certain he could hear what sounded like footsteps. The sound of claws scratching against the rough stone covered ground rang in his finned ears, making the dragon’s heart skip a beat. Tourajé grew slightly nervous as he realized that he wasn’t all alone in the fortress. Someone was in there with him. He wanted to call out and ask if it was Saulstrance, Eig’nia, or Léruc but he hesitated. He couldn’t be certain that it was them. What if it was one of the guards or Acgro? What if there were more guards hiding and waiting to ambush him?

As the footsteps grew louder, Tourajé slowly stood up and proceeded to back away, taking great care not to alert the figure of his presence. This proved easier said than done as the sounds of the footsteps just continued to grow until eventually, the figure who was making those noises revealed itself to Tourajé. With great relief, Tourajé sighed and smiled when he saw who those footsteps belonged to.

“Master! You’re okay!” Exclaimed Tourajé ecstatically, his smile widening.

“Indeed I am. It’s all thanks to the efforts of Saulstrance and Eig’nia as well as my guards.” Léruc said, smiling back at his young protégé.

“That’s right!” Tourajé exclaimed as he was suddenly reminded of his missing friends. “Sir! Where are Saulstrance and Eig’nia now?”

Léruc walked past Tourajé. He urged Tourajé to follow him. He led Tourajé back to the holding cells where Agcro had been held prior.

“Agcro escaped quite some time ago and retreated into the human realm. Because of this, I sent for Saulstrance and Eig’nia to return so that they would accompany the guards to the human realm and apprehend Agcro once again. In case they failed, I chose to have you be left behind as a last resort. Agcro is indeed strong but he isn’t invincible. Saulstrance, Eig’nia, and the guards would have been able to weaken him which would most likely allow you to finish Agcro with likely little effort.” Explained Léruc.

What his master was saying made some sense to Tourajé. Agcro was most definitely tough and Tourajé knew this all too well. It hadn’t been that long since he, Saulstrance, Eig’nia, Mayza, Shashala, and Roasch fought Agcro and even with them outnumbering him six to one, he was still a challenge. However, there was something Léruc said that confused Tourajé.

“Sir, Saulstrance informed me that he told you that your guards were the ones who killed Mayza. If he did, then why did you have Saulstrance and Eig’nia accompany your guards?” Asked Tourajé, not understanding what his master was thinking doing such a thing.

Tourajé walked past Léruc and entered into Agcro’s vacant cell. He grabbed one of the cuffs and presented it to his master.

“Also sir, please look at these cuffs.” Tourajé said as he handed the cuff to Léruc. “Agcro didn’t break out of those on his own. Somebody helped him. I think that one of the guards might be responsible for releasing Agcro or, perhaps they all had planned it.”

Léruc continued to examine the cuff his student had given him. It indeed seemed like a possibility. Nothing was broken which definitely indicated Agcro had outside help in orchestrating his escape. He handed the cuff back to Tourajé and said…

“You may very well have a point Tourajé. But I don’t think there’s any reason to worry.” Léruc said, sounding unusually calm about this.

No reason to worry? A dangerous killer was on the loose and the very guards that Léruc had entrusted his life to may very well have been collaborating with him. On top of that, Saulstrance and Eig’nia were in danger. There was no way they would be able to defeat the guards plus Agcro all on their own. There was more than enough reason to worry.

Something wasn’t right to Tourajé. Léruc was acting unusually nonchalant about Agcro’s escape. When Saulstrance had gone after Agcro all on his own, Léruc was shown to be deeply worried for his adopted son’s safety but now he seemed as if he didn’t even care. Tourajé couldn’t understand why this was.

As Léruc made his way from the holding room, he was followed closely behind by Tourajé.

“Master, what is going on?” Tourajé demanded to know.

“Tourajé, before I forget, I’ve made my decision for who will become my apprentice.” Said Léruc, all of a sudden changing the subject.

“You…you have?” Tourajé asked curiously, almost as though he suddenly forgot his suspicions towards his master.

“Yes. It was a hard decision as you’ve all made great progress since you came to study under me. However, I could only choose one apprentice and that apprentice is Saulstrance.” Léruc announced.

Tourajé stuttered a little, finding himself at a loss for words. Léruc took notice of this and turned back to his apprentice.

“Are you okay, Tourajé? You don’t seem too happy for Saulstrance.” Léruc said, expecting to see a little more excitement from Tourajé.

“No, I am. It’s just…what does that have to do with anything?” Asked Tourajé, still hoping to get an answer from his master about what was really happening.

Léruc led Tourajé back to his quarters. Once there, he turned to face his pupil. He sat down and urged Tourajé to do the same. Although slightly unsure, Tourajé did as his master asked and sat across from him.

“Tourajé…how much do you really think you know about Saulstrance or even me?” Léruc asked cryptically.
“Sir?” Was all Tourajé managed to say at first. He fell silent for a moment as he tried to think of how to answer his master’s bizarre question.

“Well…I…think I know Saulstrance pretty well. I mean, he’s been my best friend since we were hatchlings. And I think I know you pretty well too. After all I’ve been learning under you as long as I’ve known Saulstrance and Eig’nia.” Tourajé answered, believing he gave Léruc the right answer.

However Léruc just smiled at the response Tourajé provided him. He lowered his head and snickered to himself. By this point, Tourajé was beginning to feel somewhat uncomfortable. He had never seen Léruc act so strangely before. The older dragon lifted his head, exposing a rather twisted smile on his muzzle. This just continued to unsettle Tourajé. It was as if the dragon before him wasn’t even his master anymore but someone or something else wearing his skin.

“You think you know so much Tourajé but really you know so little. Let’s start with Saulstrance. Haven’t you found it strange that in all the time he’s spent trying to find his parents, he’s never found a single clue as to their whereabouts? Why do you think that is?” Léruc asked.

Tourajé had an inkling of what his master was hinting towards but he didn’t want to believe it. If what Léruc was suggesting was true, then how could it have happened and why?

“Instead of telling you what happened, Tourajé, how about I show you instead? Close your eyes and give me your paw.” Léruc instructed his ever confused protégé.

Unsure of his master’s intentions, Tourajé hesitated for a moment. His master had been acting rather peculiar and he worried that Léruc might attempt to do something should Tourajé let his guard down.

Léruc extended his paw out and motioned for Tourajé to give his to him. Against his better judgement, Tourajé reluctantly gave his paw to Léruc who then told Tourajé to close his eyes. As Tourajé did this, Léruc placed his other paw on Tourajé’s forehead.

Opening his eyes, Tourajé found himself standing in the hallway of the fortress. This seemed odd as he discovered that his master wasn’t around. That wasn’t the only thing that appeared strange to Tourajé. He couldn’t quite determine exactly what it was but something else was off. He walked through the hall and decided to return to his master’s chambers. As he grew nearer, he could hear commotion coming from up ahead. He gradually walked faster before he ran towards the source of the uproar, discovering that it was coming from the very place he was going. Inside, he witnessed Léruc along with two other dragons, one male and one female. The male dragon appeared very angry while the female seemed saddened by something. Tourajé wondered when these two got to the fortress. He hadn’t seen them upon his return and he simply assumed that he and Léruc were the only ones there.

“I will NOT let that happen!” Thundered the male dragon.

His sudden shouting startled Tourajé. He slowly proceeded to back away from the entrance to Léruc’s chambers while still trying to listen intently to what this dragon had to say.

“Zangou, as I’m sure you know, I’m old and I don’t have much time left. That’s why I wish for your child to—“

The dragon, whose name was revealed to be Zangou cut Léruc off.

“I don’t care! I don’t care if you’re old or if you’re the Leader of my village! I won’t let you use my son for your plans!” Roared Zangou ever more furious.

“I am not asking you for permission, Zangou. I am telling you what will happen. When your child is born, I will groom him to carry on my will after I pass.” Léruc answered Zangou’s retaliations in an unsettlingly calm yet commanding voice.

“The hell you will!” Exclaimed Zangou as he urged the dragoness who was with him to make a run for it.

The two of them ran passed Tourajé without the slightest acknowledgement of his presence. Tourajé was perturbed by this. It was almost as if they couldn’t see him. He spotted Léruc approaching. He stood at the entrance to his chambers, looking disappointed in the choice the two dragons had made. He sighed as a guard who spotted Zangou and the dragoness run out of the fortress approached Léruc and asked what was wrong with them. Léruc’s disappointed expression turned into a glare as he stared into the hall.

“It’s nothing.” Was all he said to the guard.

Suddenly, without warning, the area around Tourajé became warped. In a matter of seconds, Tourajé now found himself standing on top of the fortress. Before him stood Léruc who was gazing over the village.

“On that night, Zangou and his mate Malnya escaped my fortress. Zangou was the former captain of my guards and his mate Malnya served as my aide. Of course, Tourajé, you would know them better as Saulstrance’s parents.” Léruc’s voice boomed out, seemingly from nowhere.

Tourajé was surprised by this. Those two dragons he saw earlier were Saulstrance’s parents?! Then did this mean they were actually still alive? And what did Zangou mean when he said he wouldn’t allow his son to be used for Léruc’s plans?

“Master, what is all this?! Where are you?!” Tourajé called out to his master, certain that the Léruc that stood before him wasn’t the one he knew.

“I’m still in my chambers, Tourajé, as are you. What you are seeing is my memories. Right now, you’re witnessing the events of what happened shortly before your friend Saulstrance’s birth.” Explained Léruc, his loud piercing voice erupting throughout the area.

Tourajé was…in his master’s memories? How could that be possible? He recalled hearing something about a spell that allowed its user to show someone their memories but he never saw it actually happen. Apparently, the spell didn’t require any form of chant or incantation. All the user had to do was close their eyes, join one of their paws with the paw of another dragon and place a second paw on top of the other dragon’s head in order for it to work.

“In order to evade me, Zangou and Malnya journeyed throughout Zalphonia to try and protect their son. But time was drawing near for Saulstrance to be born. Zangou knew that no matter where they went, be it our world or the humans’, I would still find them. And so, I sought to do just that. I took it upon myself to seek out my former captain and aide.” Léruc explained his story.

The area around Tourajé changed again and this time, the dragon found himself standing outside of a cave. Scanning the area, he discovered a shadow to his left far into the distance. As he neared the shadowy figure, he could see it fidgeting around. He wasn’t sure who this figure was or what they were doing but as he came up to it, he discovered that it was his master Léruc who was carving Zangou and Malnya’s names into their bodies. Tourajé gasped, horrified at what he was seeing. This couldn’t be true he thought! Léruc had to be playing some kind of sick joke on him! But Léruc’s following explanation cemented the truth in Tourajé’s mind: his own master and Leader, the dragon his best friend looked up to, Léruc, was responsible for the deaths of Saulstrance’s parents.

“On that night, I killed Zangou and Malnya. They never even knew who it was that took their lives. To drive away any suspicions towards me , I staged their deaths so it appeared that it was Agcro who killed them. Shortly after, your friend Saulstrance hatched from his egg.”

Tourajé could hear the loud cries of a baby dragon reverberating from the cave behind him. Léruc got to his feet and calmly approached the cave where a lone, newly born dragon with orange scales sat in its nest, crying and shivering from the cold.

“You poor thing.” Spoke Léruc in a soft empathetic voice. Tourajé having just witnessed Léruc’s incredible act of cruelty, knew that this tone of his wasn’t sincere.

Léruc moved closer to the tiny hatchling as he wrapped his wing around the newborn version of Saulstrance to shield him from the cold.

“You’ve been here all by yourself. No parents, no siblings. No one to welcome you into the world. Well, I promise to look after you. After all, it is what your parents would have wanted.” Said Léruc as he proceeded to scoop the baby dragon up with his wing and place him onto his back.

The memory came to an end with Léruc proceeding to exit the cave. With the newly hatched Saulstrance, he opened his wings and slowly and carefully flew back to his fortress.

Tourajé was surprised to find that he was now back in the real world. Léruc sat across from him with a blank expression on his face. Tourajé wasn’t sure how to feel towards the dragon he once eagerly saw as his master. So many emotions ran through his mind: anger, sadness, disgust, horror. Tourajé could never have guessed that his master was capable of doing such a terrible thing.

“How could you do this?” Tourajé glared at Léruc with a disgusted look on his face.

“Saulstance looked up to you. He saw you as his father. Do you not feel even the smallest amount of guilt for what you’ve done to him mas…no…I’m not calling you ‘master’ anymore. Léruc.”

Léruc lowered his head. His eyes dotted away from Tourajé as he sighed.

“You probably wouldn’t even believe me if I said so…but yes. Almost every day I feel some shred of guilt for what I’ve done to that dragon. You’re right Tourajé, he’s always looked up to me and…in a way…I’ve even looked at him as a son just as he’s looked at me as a father.” Léruc said in a saddened tone that shocked Tourajé somewhat.

“Then why? Why Saulstrance? You’ve destroyed his life even before he was born! What did you see in him that made you want to use him?!” Said Tourajé looking deeply enraged.

“Nothing at all. Any hatchling would have done but not only was Saulstrance a newly born hatchling at the time he was also the son of two dragons who served under me. He was the perfect candidate.” Explained Léruc, slowly lifting his head.

Tourajé was growling, teeth gritting and eyes bulging. He had never felt as angry and as sickened in his life as he did at this moment. His body was shaking and he was doing everything he could to restrain himself from attacking Léruc. Deep down, Tourajé wanted to believe there was some good in his master but any belief of that was slowly fading.

“You said that you did see Saulstrance as a son yet you still did this to him. If you really thought of him as a son then why did you kill his real parents in the first place?!” Yelled Tourajé, finding it impossible to truly believe Léruc’s statement about loving Saulstrance was genuine.

“I’m already a monster Tourajé. I’ve been one long before you, Saulstrance, or Eig’nia were even born. I’ve done horrible things even before killing Saulstrance’s parents. I figure that there’s no going back for me now so I might as well just plunge myself even further into darkness.” Said Léruc in a voice that sounded full of regret.

Tourajé, while still disgusted and infuriated knowing that his master did such a terrible thing to Saulstrance even before he was born, at the same time found himself sympathizing somewhat with Léruc. He didn’t sense any hint of deceit within the older dragon. Tourajé had to wonder if Léruc was pulling off a very convincing ruse or…perhaps he truly did feel shame for what he’s done. If the latter were the case however, Tourajé didn’t understand why Léruc wasn’t willing to attempt to make up for it and instead chose to continue along this path. What had he done in the past that made him see himself as nothing more than a monster incapable of redemption?

“I have one final memory I want you to see, Tourajé.” Said Léruc, stretching his paw out to him.
Dragon's World Past Chapter 17
It took me a long time to write this chapter and that's because this one, as I mentioned in my latest journal, reveals quite a bit. Many secrets involving certain characters as well as where the humans Saulstrance and his gang captured were taken to are revealed. I'm not going to provide a synopsis for this one because I don't want to potentially spoil anything.
Well I was hoping to have Dragon's World Past Chapter 17 up tonight but I'm thinking tomorrow or Wednesday will be more likely. Sorry for the extra wait.
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It's been quite a long time since I've done any plugging for an upcoming Dragon's World chapter. I can't even remember the last time I've done that. Well, for this chapter, I've got a very good reason for that.

This chapter will pave the way for the past, present, and future of the Dragon's World series. There is going to be a lot of revelations many of which I think will blow readers' minds.

Since 2010, I've hinted that something happened in Saulstrance's past that set him on the path of evil. This chapter will finally reveal the truth behind it all and Saulstrance's destiny will be set into motion. While Tourajé's inevitable death did play a major role in turning the once kind, caring dragon into a cold, somewhat uncaring monster, that's not all that did it. In addition, this is what also will be revealed:

.Where Saulstrance's parents have been this whole time
Léruc's past
.The thing that Mayza saw and why it was so important that she was killed in order to keep it secret
.A new half-dragon will also be revealed but not in the way a lot of people might expect

Some major reveals are coming and I hope you guys will check out the newest installment of DWP which should be up in just a few days.


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