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Chapter 3: The Boy

The ambulance’s siren blared as it rode along the rain drenched road on its way to the hospital. Drake, Crystal, Laurie, Jake, Tim, Sean, and Sarah took the latter’s car, at first following behind the ambulance but soon quickly falling behind as they stopped at three red lights.

Laurie sat up front with Sarah while the five friends sat in the back squished against each other. They all uncomfortably shifted around in their seats, trying to make themselves as comfy as they possibly could given the tight fit.

“Yeah, I’m sorry guys. I normally don’t have this many people in my car. Usually it’s just me, my husband, and our children…and Laurie on occasion.” Sarah apologized, glancing in her rearview mirror as she saw the five kids trying to get comfortable.

“Don’t be. We’ve dealt with worse, I think we can handle it.” Said Crystal, smiling politely as she shifted around in her seat, nudging her arm slightly which was digging into Drake’s arm.

“Eh. So long as we don’t have to sit like this for too much longer.” Sean thought to himself as he repositioned his left leg so that it hung over his right.

The ambulance arrived at the hospital fifteen minutes before Sarah’s car. The second it pulled up to the entrance to the emergency room, the back doors of the ambulance burst open and out came the two paramedics. After removing the stretcher that the unconscious boy rested on out of the back, they hurried into the emergency room, one paramedic pushing the stretcher ahead of him while his partner pushed it from the back.

Sarah’s car pulled into the hospital’s parking lot shortly after. As they stepped out, the group noticed the ambulance parked in front of the ER entrance. Seeing that the back doors to the ambulance were still opened, they figured that this had to be the ambulance they called. The seven of them hurried into the ER where they saw the paramedics go into a room carrying the boy in on the same stretcher they used to pick him up at the cemetery. Sarah approached the receptionist desk with Drake, Laurie, Crystal, Jake, Tim, and Sean following behind her.

“Hello. We’re the ones who found that boy the paramedics just brought in.” Sarah said to the receptionist.

“You are? Thank you very much. We can take care of him from here. This could take awhile so you may wish to come back at another time to see him.” Suggested the receptionist as she stood out of her chair.

“We understand. And thank you. If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, could I please be notified once that boy regains consciousness?” Sarah asked.

“Of course. You can give me your name and number and I’ll be sure to give it to the doctor when I get the chance.”  Said the receptionist, smiling kindly at Sarah.

“Could you also let us know too?” Drake asked, pointing to himself and his friends.

“Of course. I’ll be sure to have the doctor give each of you a call once that boy is awake.” Replied the receptionist.

Everyone recited their phone numbers for the receptionist including their house and cell numbers. Once the receptionist had finished jotting down their numbers, she nodded and reassured each of them once more that they would be contacted once the boy had woken up.

Once outside of the hospital, Sarah announced that she felt like it was time to head home. She asked the five friends if they’d like her to drive each of them home but they assured her and Laurie that they’d be okay and that they would contact their parents and have them pick them up.

“Okay then. It was very nice meeting all of you. Drake, Jake, Sean, Crystal, Tim, you have a good night.” Sarah said, smiling kindly at the five kids.

“Thanks. You have a good night too.” Sean responded, smiling back at her.

Sarah nodded and informed Laurie that she should be getting her home. Laurie agreed but asked Sarah to wait for just a moment.

“Hey Jake? I just wanted to say thanks.” Said Laurie.

“For what?” Jake asked, looking puzzled.

“For telling me about Alex. You really have no idea how relieved I am to know that in the end, he was truly happy. Thanks.” Laurie said, smiling gratefully at Jake.

Jake smiled back. “It’s no problem. I’m real glad I got to meet him.”

“See you around, guys.” Laurie said as she waved to her new friends.

The five friends waved goodbye to Laurie and Sarah as they made their way to the latter’s car. Once they had disappeared from sight, Drake and the others proceeded to contact their parents, letting them know that they were at the hospital and that they needed to be picked up. As if like clockwork, their parents asked them at the same time why they were at the hospital. While still on their phones, Drake, Sean, and Crystal walked a short ways from each other as they explained to their parents what had brought them to the hospital and how they had gotten there.

“Yeah. Tim just found him there. I’m not sure. I don’t think I saw him when we got to the cemetery.” Sean explained to his father.

“Mmm-hmm! The woman at the front desk said that she’d have the doctor give us a call when he woke up.” Said Drake as he spoke with his mom on the phone.

“We got a ride from this woman who knew Jake’s adopted brother and…no, not Drake, Jake’s other brother, Alex. Yeah, he was the other half-dragon.” Crystal explained to her father.

“Yes, dad. You and mom have been telling me that ever since I was little but I had Drake and Jake with me there. If she really wanted to try anything, I think Drake and Jake would have been able to protect us.” Finished Crystal in an exasperated tone.

“Alright. Well, we’ll see you in a bit mom.” Drake said.

“That sounds good. See you soon dad.” Sean finished.

“Okay. Love you dad.” Crystal concluded.

Sean, Crystal, and Drake concluded their calls to their parents and went back to join Jake and Tim who were still standing near the entrance to the ER waiting for them. As the five friends waited for their parents to pick them up, they discussed the boy they found at the cemetery.

“Do you think that guy will be alright?” Asked Tim worriedly as he glanced over to the front doors of the ER.

“I sure hope so, little buddy.” Sean answered his little brother, sounding hopeful but unsure.

“He was in pretty bad shape when we brought him in but I think he should be alright. The doctors will be taking good care of him after all.” Said Drake optimistically, trying to ease Tim’s concerns.

“You know, when he does wake up, we should come pay him a visit. I’m sure that would help him feel better.” Suggested Crystal.

Jake nodded in agreement. “Yeah. I’m sure he’d like to know who it was that found him. And…I’m sure it would make us feel better too knowing for sure he’s okay.”

“Alright then. That’ll be the plan: once he’s awake, we come back here and check up on him.” Said Drake with a smile on his face as he summarized their plan.

With that, the five friends were all in agreement: as soon as they got the word that the boy was better, they would come to visit him as soon as they could.

A short while later, the five kids were picked up by their parents. Lucas was the first to arrive at the hospital then followed by Crystal’s mom and dad and shortly after that, Titus arrived to pick up Drake and Jake.

On the way home, Titus asked his sons about the boy they found. Drake explained that it was Tim who first spotted the kid and that when they approached, they discovered that the boy was unconscious and terribly beaten, blood and swollen bruises covering his body and that he could barely breathe.

“I’m just glad we found him when we did. Who knows how long he was laying there before we found him?” Jake said.

“No kidding. I hope they catch the sick creeps who attacked that poor kid.” Declared Titus in an appalled tone.

Drake placed his hand over his chin in contemplation. He mused over the last part of what Jake had said about that boy, about how long he had been laying under that tree before they had found him. As Drake analyzed the appearance of the boy as he and his friends had found him, he remembered that the blood of the boy was still fresh. This suggested to Drake that whatever had happened to this kid had to have happened rather recently. Possibly just shortly before the five of them had arrived, Drake assumed.

Both Titus and Jake took notice of Drake’s silence and deep, thoughtful gaze. Titus asked his son what he was thinking about, breaking him from his train of thought. Drake proceeded to explain his thoughts to his dad and his adopted brother.

“That is actually a good point Drake. I must have been too shocked by what I saw because I didn’t even consider how fresh his blood still was.” Jake noted as he himself started to think more heavily on the state the kid was in when they found him.

“In that case, whoever attacked him must have fled shortly before you guys arrived at the cemetery. Did you see anyone else when you were there?” Titus asked.

Jake shook his head. “No. The only other people we saw were this girl around our age and a woman who was with her but I don’t think they had anything to do with it. They got to the cemetery a little after we did and they were friends of Alex’s when he was little so I think they can be cleared as suspects.” The half-dragon teen explained.

“Friends of Alex’s?” Titus parroted.

“Yeah. The girl was a friend of his when he was at the orphanage and the woman was one of the sisters who worked there. They tried to look out for him and protect him from bullies but the sister had to leave and the girl became scared of Alex after he beat on another kid for picking on him.” Jake told Titus.

“Huh. In that case, you might be right Jake. Besides, Drake, didn’t you say that you guys got a ride with her to the hospital? If they had done something to that kid, I seriously doubt they’d be so willing to make sure that he got to the hospital.” Contemplated Titus.

“Yeah. I don’t think Sarah and Laurie are bad people. I doubt they would ever do something like that.” Said Jake optimistically.

“Sarah?” Titus noted once more, surprised by the mention of one of Alex’s friends having the same name as his wife.

“Yeah. She was the nun who worked at the orphanage Alex was from.” Explained Jake.

“Hmm…Is that right? Well, if she’s a Sarah, then I’m sure she’s pretty cute. Not as cute as mom of course though.” Titus joked, giving a slight chuckle.

Jake gave a small shrug. “I don’t know, I guess she looked okay.” He responded, having not given much thought on Sarah’s appearance from having met her.

“Yeah. I thought Laurie was cuter. ‘Course, she was closer to our age.” Drake stated.

Jake chuckled at Drake’s statement. “You’re lucky Crystal wasn’t here to hear that. She’d probably kill you if she heard you say you thought another girl was cute.” Jake teased his brother.

“I doubt it. Besides, Crystal and I haven’t been together for at least more than a year anyway.” Drake retorted.

A puzzled look suddenly appeared on Jake’s face. He asked Drake why he and Crystal decided to break up especially since the two of them hadn’t been together for very long. Drake went on to explain that ever since he and Crystal met on their first day of Kindergarten, he’d always had a crush on her. Together with Sean, the three of them ended up becoming the best of friends looking out for one another especially when it came to bullies. Drake, however, having fallen for Crystal, wanted to be more than just friends with her but was always too nervous about asking her out.

By the time eighth grade was underway for them, Drake was at long last able to muster the courage to ask Crystal out. Crystal herself had always had a bit of a crush on Drake as well and was more than excited to give dating Drake a try. Following their first date, however in which they had gone to see a movie, both Drake and Crystal felt as though they just weren’t ready to start dating yet. In addition, both teens agreed that while they did indeed love each other, they both felt that they saw each other more as siblings than as lovers.

“…But, we did also decide that once we’re a little older, if we still wanted to try going out together, we’d give it another try.” Concluded Drake.

Titus smiled, feeling great pride in his son for growing up and making such adult decisions. While he knew how much both Drake and Crystal meant to one another, he was deeply proud of both of them for choosing to take their time and see where things went for the two of them. Even with this feeling of pride, however, deep down, Titus did hope that perhaps Drake and Crystal would be together once they were older. He felt that no other girl was as deserving to be with Drake as Crystal was.

As soon as they arrived home, Titus filled Sarah in on everything he had learned from Drake and Jake. While Sarah felt disgusted and horrified as to what had happened to the boy her sons and their friends found, she was also proud of them for helping the poor kid and seeing to it that he was able to receive the help he needed. She commended Drake and Jake which prompted the two half-dragon teens to smile at each other proudly.

“Oh yeah! I almost forgot to mention.” Exclaimed Drake. “Once he wakes up, me, Jake, Sean, Crystal, and Tim decided that we were going to go back and pay him a visit.” Drake announced his and his friends’ plan to his mom.

“I really think he would like that. I think we should check up on him then as well.” Sarah suggested to Titus.

Titus nodded and smiled. “More the merrier.” He said.

The next four days passed by as normal with no updates from the hospital on the boy’s status. This concerned Titus, Drake, and the others as they had hoped to have heard at most even a minute update as to how he was. They knew with how badly beaten the boy was, he would most likely be out of it for a time but they hadn’t expected it to be almost a whole week.

Another two days had passed with no new news from the hospital. Despite this, Sarah and Laurie had chosen to visit the boy, bringing with them each a set of flowers they had purchased from the hospital’s gift shop. They left them on a table right next to the boy’s bed.

They sat and watched as the boy lay in his bed. His body had the blood cleaned off and his bruises, despite still being rather swollen, were slowly starting to fade. His breathing had also returned to normal. Although they, as well as the nurses and doctors, couldn’t be sure when he would awake, Sarah and Laurie couldn’t help but smile at just how much better he looked. Just six days ago, they had discovered this poor kid with blood and bruises covering his body who could barely manage to breathe. Now, here he was, almost a week later sleeping peacefully as he recuperated.

With little else to do, Sarah and Laurie stayed for only ten more minutes before deciding to leave. Just as they were about to leave the room, they could hear soft yet noticeable groans coming from behind them. When they turned back to the sleeping boy, they were surprised to find that he wasn’t sleeping anymore.  The young boy moaned as slowly, his eyes began to open. Relieved and yet surprised to see that he was starting to come to, Sarah and Laurie hurried out of the room to get the doctors and the nurses.

Less than two hours later, Drake, Sean, and Crystal’s households were contacted by the hospital as promised, informing the kids that the boy they found was awake. Together with their parents, Drake, Jake, Crystal, Sean, and Tim proceeded to the hospital as soon as they could.

The Flamel family entered into an elevator and rode it up to floor seven where the boy’s room was located. With a “DING!”, the elevator opened upon reaching the seventh floor. They made their way to the waiting room where they spotted Crystal, and Sean and Tim’s families.  Crystal spotted the Flamel family coming into the room and waved to them to get their attention. Drake smiled, waving back to her and, with the rest of his family, made their way over to Crystal, her parents, Sean, Tim, and Lucas.

“Hey Luke. Hey Ken and Marci.” Greeted Titus as the parents of his sons’ friends stood up and approached him.

Ken and Marci were the names of Crystal’s parents. Both of her parents were around ten years older than Titus, Sarah, and Lucas. Ken sported hair which was a mix of black on the side with a dark brown adorning the top. In some spots of his hair he was beginning to gray. He wore a thin rim pair of glasses, khaki pants, and a dark black Smashing Pumpkins t shirt. Marci’s hair was also brown, albeit a lighter brown than that of her husband’s. Her hair was tied back into a ponytail and she wore a dark blue pair of jeans, a dark brown jacket, and a plain red shirt underneath.

“How’s it going, Titus?” Lucas asked.

“Well about a week ago, our children found a kid about their age who was badly beaten and since then, we’ve all been pretty worried for that poor kid, hoping that he’ll be alright. Other than that, not much else has changed.” Titus summarized.

“The good news though is that according to the doctor, that boy is awake now.” Crystal’s dad pointed out.

Just as Crystal’s dad was about to speak again, he was interrupted by two police officers who approached the three families, asking for a moment of their time. One of the officers was an older white man who appeared to be in his early to mid fifties. He sported short, shaven hair and a somewhat muscular build. His partner was a younger black man who appeared much younger than his senior officer. He appeared to be in his late twenties to early thirties and just like his partner, he had short hair and sported a black goatee as well.

“Of course. Are you ready to speak with our kids now?” Asked Lucas.

Drake tilted his head a little, confused as to what two cops would need to speak to them about. Jake was concerned that perhaps he and the others had done something bad. His body tensed up slightly. Noticing this, Crystal explained to Drake and Jake that they weren’t in any trouble and that the officers only wanted to inquire with them in regards to the kid they had found. At the mention of this, Jake relaxed, his tension quickly fading away.

“If it’s okay, we’d like to speak with the five of you alone if that’s alright.” One of the policemen said.

The five kids looked at one another, then glanced over at their parents. Both sets of parents nodded approvingly, giving their kids and the police the go ahead to begin the interrogation.

Crystal, Sean, and Tim stood up and together with Drake and Jake, followed the officers over to the elevators. They stood off to the side to make sure that they didn’t get in the way of anybody getting on or off the elevator.

“My name is Officer Brian McGuire, and this is my partner, Officer Mitchell Moore. We just wanted to ask you a couple of questions regarding the boy you found.” The officer, now identified as Brian McGuire explained.

“Before we tell you what we know, how is he, sir?” Asked Crystal worriedly.

“Aside from a few bruises which still haven’t fully gone away yet, he should be just fine. Well, actually, that’s not the only thing.” Answered Officer McGuire in a troubled voice.

“Not the only thing?” Drake repeated, trying to understand what the officer meant.

“See before we spoke to you five, we talked with the kid but…well, we couldn’t get any information from him.Nothing about his attacker or attackers, not his name, age, address, family, anything. Poor kid can’t remember a single thing about himself.” Explained Officer Moore.

“So, in that regard, we were hoping we would be able to get your side of the story since the seven of you were the ones who found him. The other two should be joining us shortly.” Said Officer McGuire.

“The other two? I didn’t know Sarah and Laurie were here.” Jake said, surprised and happy to hear that they were at the hospital as well.

“Yes. They said that while we waited, they wanted to pick up a gift for the kid to celebrate his waking up. I’d imagine they should be getting back, right. A-bout. Now.” Officer McGuire said expectantly.

As if just on cue, the elevator door closest to them opened and Sarah and Laurie emerged. Sarah carried another set of flowers and Laurie held in her hand a bag from the gift shop which contained a dinosaur plushie. Her thinking was that even though flowers were a nice gift, she wanted to give him something that would last him and present him with a gift she was sure he would love. After all, Laurie figured, who didn’t love dinosaurs? Especially plush ones.

“Sorry about the wait, we’re here.” Laughed Sarah nervously.

“It’s fine.” Officer McGuire smiled. “We were just about to begin.”

“Sure. We’re ready when you are.” Said Sarah as she and Laurie walked over to where the five kids were standing.

The police began their interview by first asking Sarah and the kids to give them their name, age, and occupation.

“Sarah Warner. 42 years old. Current owner of A Piece of Home Orphanage.” Said Sarah.

“Laurie Strong. 18 years old. Senior at North Valley High School.” Laurie said next.

“Crystal Silvers. 15 years old. Freshman at Ocean Clear High School.” Said Crystal following Laurie.

“Drake Flamel. I’m 15 and a freshman at Ocean Clear High School.” Drake answered.

“Jake Flamel. I’m also 15 and a freshman. Same school and grade.” Jake said, giving the abridged version of his answer as he felt that saying the same sentence as Drake and Crystal would be redundant.

The officers paused for a moment, perplexed that not only did these two boys have the same last name but that their first names also sounded so similar to each other.

“Drake and…Jake huh? Your parents seem to have an interesting naming convention.” Noted Officer McGuire.

“Well actually, I was adopted by Drake’s family. Also, my full name is actually Jakol.” Jake corrected the officer.

The two officers paused once more. Officer Moore asked Jake about his full name, suggesting that it sounded somewhat Australian. Just as Jake was about to say something in regards to the officer’s statement, he paused. He figured that he might as well just tell the officer that he wasn’t sure if it was meant to be Australian or not. What else could he say? That his birth parents gave him a dragon name? Jakol was already a pretty weird sounding name but at least it sounding foreign had more plausibility than it being a name from a world inhabited by dragons. So Jake went along with his idea and simply told the officer that he wasn’t sure where his parents got the name.

“Huh. Is that right? Well, anyway, we should get back to the interview. Sorry for going off topic, sir.” Officer Moore apologized to his superior.

“It’s fine. Now then, would you two boys please give us your names?” Asked Officer McGuire, gesturing to Sean and Tim.

“Of course. I’m Sean Lloyd. 15 and a freshman at Ocean Clear.” Said Sean.

“And I’m Tim Lloyd. I’m 9 and in 3rd grade over at Elwood Elementary.” Tim concluded the introductions.

Officer McGuire finished writing down everyone’s information. Once he had finished jotting down Tim’s, he began the interrogation. He explained that for the interrogation, he would be speaking with each of them separately in a vacant room prepared for them by the nurses. McGuire asked Sarah if she wouldn’t mind being the first to speak with him to which Sarah obliged. With that, McGuire asked his partner to wait and stay with the others.

“Of course, sir. In the meantime, we’ll wait with your families until Officer McGuire asks for you.” Instructed Officer Moore.

Drake, Jake, Sean, Crystal, Tim, and Laurie did as they were told and went back to wait in the waiting room with their friends and family. In the meantime, Sarah followed the officers into the specified room. Officer McGuire pulled a seat up for Sarah and then one more for himself. Gesturing towards the chair nearest the wall, Sarah thanked the officer and took a seat as did McGuire who sat across from her. He pulled out a journal and a pencil and proceeded along with the interview.

“Now Sarah, to start, I’d like to first ask what you were doing at the cemetery the day you found that boy.” Officer McGuire inquired, resting the lead of his pencil against his journal’s paper, ready to jot down anything Sarah had to say.

“Both Laurie and myself had gone to pay a visit to one of the orphans who used to live at the orphanage I run now. Unfortunately, he had passed away four years ago.” Explained Sarah, a saddened expression suddenly appearing on her face at the mention of Alex’s passing.

“Oh…I’m…sorry to hear that.” Said Officer McGuire empathetically.

Sarah passed McGuire an understanding nod. “Alex…he had been through a lot in his life. When he was just four years old, his father killed his mom and then himself right in front of Alex.” Sarah continued to explain.

“My God…” Uttered Officer McGuire breathlessly and horrified. With how long he had been a cop and with how many cases he had taken which had similar circumstances, it never got any easier for him to deal with.

“Yeah…and then when he was sent to A Piece of Home, the other children picked on him ruthlessly. The only other child at the orphanage who gave him a chance was Laurie. It was sweet. The two of them were always together and Laurie always stood up for Alex when the other kids tormented him. I tried to protect him too. Although I was supposed to tend to all the children, I tended to Alex the most. I didn’t like the way those children treated him and I wanted that poor kid to know that there were those at the orphanage who were looking out for him and did love him.” Sarah finished.

“It sounds like you really loved that boy.” Stated the officer.

Sarah nodded again. “I did. I wish I could have brought him and Laurie with me when I left the orphanage but…at the time I had to take care of my mom who had become sick and I wouldn’t be able to take care of her and raise two four year olds at the same time. At the time, I didn’t have enough money to adopt them beside.”  Said Sarah guiltily. Despite knowing that there was nothing she could do for either of them, she still felt ashamed for not being able to Alex when he truly needed it.

“I see.” Was all Officer McGuire said.

With that, Sarah apologized for veering off topic to which the officer assured her that it was fine. They continued with the interrogation.

“Anyway, back on topic. Ever since Laurie was adopted, the two of us have kept in contact and I’ve become pretty close with her adoptive family. Every now and then the two of us get together to come and visit Alex. On the day that we found that boy, that was also when we met Jake, Alex’s adoptive brother and his friends.” Sarah said.

“So, you never met those kids until then?” Officer McGuire asked.

Sarah shook her head, then continued. She went on to explain that after she and Laurie met up with Jake and the others and paid their respects to Alex, just as they were leaving was when they spotted the unconscious boy. McGuire asked if they had seen him as they were coming into the cemetery. She tried to recall if he had been there before they got there but Sarah wasn’t sure.

The interrogation continued for some time until eventually, Sarah returned to the waiting room accompanied by Officer McGuire. The second person McGuire asked to speak with was Sean. Together, the two made their way to the room where the officer had spoken with Sarah.

Sean sat in the same seat that Sarah had sat in as Officer McGuire sat back down in his chair. He turned to a fresh page in his journal and asked Sean the same questions he had asked Sarah.

“After we had picked up my little brother from school, me and my friends decided to go visit Alex at the cemetery at Jake’s request. When we got there, we met Sarah and Laurie and went to see Alex together.” Sean explained.

“Okay.” Said McGuire as he wrote down what Sean had told him. Once finished, he asked Sean to continue.

“As we were coming back, Tim noticed something lying under a tree. I asked him what it was and he pointed over to the tree he was looking at. We went over to it and that was where we saw that kid.” Sean concluded.

McGuire wrote down what he had been told in his notebook. Once finished, he asked Sean if he could determine how long he believed the boy had been there. Sean mulled over this for a moment. He remembered the freshness of the blood that he was covered in as well as the bruises on his body which had appeared to be caused rather recently at the time. With these factors in mind, Sean determined that he was probably there for at most, five to ten minutes.

“And you’re sure you hadn’t seen him beforehand?” McGuire asked.

“I’m absolutely sure of that.” Answered Sean confidently.

“Did you or your brother see anyone…perhaps carry him into the cemetery or perhaps see the boy wander in and then collapse by the tree?” McGuire suggested.

But Sean was still one hundred percent sure in his answer. Although it had rained rather hard that day, he was still certain that he didn’t see anyone with the boy or the boy himself come into the cemetery.

The next person to speak with Officer McGuire was Tim, followed by Crystal, then Laurie, then Drake, and finally Jake. It had taken nearly two hours by the time McGuire had finished speaking with all of them. With all their testimonies gathered, he reviewed the information that they had given him. Their stories were all similar to each other which made him certain that they weren’t lying to him. This had also been why he had Officer Moore stay in the lobby with them just to make sure they didn’t try to come up with a false narrative.

“Well, after reviewing the information you all provided, it seems like everything checks out.” Said Officer McGuire somewhat uncertainly.

“Wait a minute. You don’t think we did that to that poor boy, do you?” Sarah asked in a panicked tone.

“No, of course not. Besides, Mrs. Warner, you said you run an orphanage. Now I take pride in my ability to read people and I can tell you’re not a bad person. There are horrible caretakers out there but I don’t see you as being one of them.” Said the officer with a kind smile.

Sarah smiled and blushed, flattered by the officer’s depiction of her.

“It’s just this whole thing seems rather strange. None of you believe you saw that boy when you were making your way to your friend’s grave. You also say that you don’t recall seeing anyone bringing him into the cemetery. I’m not saying I suspect any of you but this just seems a little strange. It feels like there’s something missing.” Officer McGuire said thoughtfully.

“Well, the cemetery is located in a neighborhood. Couldn’t it stand to reason that whoever beat that boy up did so somewhere close by and then left him to wander around disoriented?” Sarah suggested.

“We do consider that a strong possibility. Which is why tomorrow we’ll be asking around the neighborhood the cemetery is located in. We have a photo of the boy with us so hopefully if we speak to enough people, one of them should be able to tell us who he is and hopefully point us in the direction of his attackers.” Explained Officer Moore as he reached into the left pocket on his shirt and pulled out a photo of the boy they had taken prior to his waking.

With one last thank you to the seven of them, the police officers bid them good day and made their departure, leaving Sarah, Drake, Jake, Laurie, Sean, Crystal, and Tim by themselves in the waiting room. While they had been speaking to the cops, their families had gone in to the boy’s room to see him. A nurse had come by to see if they were ready. She informed them that if they were done speaking to the police, she could lead them to the boy’s room.

“Should we go check on him?” Crystal asked the others.

Drake nodded. “Let’s go see how he is.”

The seven of them stood up and proceeded to follow the nurse in the direction of the room they had the kid staying in.

“I already asked your families of this but while you’re in there, please refrain from asking him any personal questions.” The nurse informed the group.

“We know. The officers told us. He’s got amnesia, right?” Jake asked.

“According to the doctors, that seems to be the case. Since he woke up, we haven’t been able to get anything from him. In fact, he has barely even uttered a peep since.” The nurse confirmed.

As they neared his room, the two prominent things on the group’s minds was what had his attackers done to him that was so terrible it made him lose his memory and for what reason did they go after him. Although they knew they wouldn’t be able to find anything out about him until he was (hopefully) able to recover his memory, perhaps, they believed him seeing and getting to know the people who found him and called an ambulance for him would be enough to get him to open up somewhat.
Final Dragon's World Chapter 3
Guess who's baaaaaaack? I know it took me a really long time to get this uploaded, even moreso than it normally does to post Dragon's World chapters and I am sorry for that. During the holidays, I had been doing two jobs and for 83 hours straight, about ten days total, I had been doing pretty much nothing but working working working. Because of that, I didn't really have much time to do...well anything. No drawings, no writing, little gaming. Usually I just came home and crashed. After that was over, I wanted to take a break for awhile to just take the edge off. Then, after that, it took me a bit to get back into the swing of things but now I'm good and ready to write more Dragon's World and do some drawings as well. 

When FDW left off, Drake, Jake, and their friends found an unconscious, badly beaten boy laying under a tree in the cemetery Alex was buried in. After a week has passed, the seven of them are informed that the boy has woken up but can't remember anything about himself or what had happened to him. In addition, while speaking with two officers, Drake and the others assure the cops that they didn't see anyone bring the kid into the cemetery or witness him making his way towards the tree either. Will the Dragon's World crew be able to figure out who this boy is and what he did that was worth him being beaten to within an inch of his life?
Ask Jake
Firstly, I'd like to apologize to :icondoctor-mayuri: for how long it took to finish this. With how busy I had been during the holidays I didn't really have much time to work on much of anything. There had also been some other things I needed to take care of before getting to this. Well, at least now it's taken care of. The next of the Ask (Dragon's World character) blogs is finally finished. 

I'm really pleased with how this one turned out. I hope you guys like it and feel free to ask any more questions or leave comments for the Dragon's World crew. It won't be uploaded right away but I will try to get it taken care of ASAP.

I also wanted to upload this picture today as a way to celebrate ten years of being on Deviantart. Man, I can't believe I've been on here for so long and still going. I hope I'll be able to have many more fond years with you guys.
Well guys, I have some bad news. Due to the holidays (and the fact that I'm currently doing two jobs which will be eating up a lot of my time this week), I have to postpone Final Dragon's World Chapter 3 again. Right now, at most I should be able to upload a new Ask Blog with a series of questions from :icondoctor-mayuri: . I really am sorry about this. I also apologize to doctor-mayuri for how long it's taken me to get to your question.
Final Dragon's World Chapter 3 will be uploaded next month. Sorry for another delay guys.
DK Comic: Story of Satoko Part 2 Page 15
Hey everybody. I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving (If you live in the US. Otherwise, I hope you all had a good meal anyway). Hoped you all stuffed your faces with some delicious food, namely that of the poultry variety.

Anyway, to celebrate Thanksgiving and the coming holidays, here's a Satoko page. In it, the little boy turned little girl continues to try and make sense of what happened to him/her.

Drawing the characters in a more childlike style was a pretty interesting experience. I don't know if I'll be doing it again (maybe if I draw a drawing one of my characters made) but it was a lot of fun getting to try something new. I hope you guys like this page.
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Nine years ago today, I wrote the first chapter of It's a Dragon's World. Back then, I never would have guessed that I would have written as many chapters of this series as I have or that it would have gone on for so long. Now here I am, having just started the fifth book and it's thanks to you guys who have either stuck with this series through these years or have just discovered it. I don't think I would have gotten this far if it hadn't been for the support I've gotten on these chapters. I know I seem to say this a lot but I really am thankful for all the support I've gotten on this series. 

So happy ninth birthday to Dragon's World and hopefully there'll be many more birthdays ahead for it. With that said, I do have something planned for next year when the series has its tenth birthday. What will that be? Uhh...that's a secret. 


Is doing TF stories again
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