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Final Dragon's World Chapter 5
Chapter 5: The Parent Search
Alan watched out the window as the car pulled into the driveway of the house he’d be staying at. After Titus had turned his car off, Alan stepped out of the car and better studied the house that sat in front of him. It was a white two story house with a modest yard in front. In the middle of the yard was a stone walkway that led up to a veranda.
“What do you think Alan? I’ve always found it to be a quaint little place.” Said Sarah as she stepped beside Alan and smiled proudly at her home.
“It’s nice.” Alan replied as he glanced towards Sarah.
“Right? But you haven’t even seen the inside. Come on, we’ve got a room set up for you if you want to see it.” Said Drake cheerfully, hoping that he’d be able to get his new foster brother excited about living with them.
Drake and Sarah headed up the steps while Titus and Jake stood by Alan as they glanced around their house, taking a moment to tru
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Final Dragon's World Chapter 4
Chapter 4: The Kid with a Lost Memory
Stopping right in front of the boy’s room, the nurse asked one last time that the kids and Sarah not ask anything personal. Laurie promised that they wouldn’t. Giving her thanks, the nurse allowed them access into the room. There, Titus and the rest of the adults stood around the bed the kid had been resting in. The boy sat upright, a dazed look on his face as he stared off into space. With his body now having been cleaned of the blood that covered it, the kids and Sarah were able to get a better look at him. Indeed, the boy was the same age as Drake and his friends. He had short brown hair and dark brown eyes.  He wore a light green hospital gown, the clothes he had been found in having been cleaned up and packed into a closet. Cuts and bruises still covered his body although they had healed rather well since his admittance into the hospital.
“Everything taken care of, guys?” Asked Lucas as his sons and the others ente
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Final Dragon's World Chapter 3
Chapter 3: The Boy
The ambulance’s siren blared as it rode along the rain drenched road on its way to the hospital. Drake, Crystal, Laurie, Jake, Tim, Sean, and Sarah took the latter’s car, at first following behind the ambulance but soon quickly falling behind as they stopped at three red lights.
Laurie sat up front with Sarah while the five friends sat in the back squished against each other. They all uncomfortably shifted around in their seats, trying to make themselves as comfy as they possibly could given the tight fit.
“Yeah, I’m sorry guys. I normally don’t have this many people in my car. Usually it’s just me, my husband, and our children…and Laurie on occasion.” Sarah apologized, glancing in her rearview mirror as she saw the five kids trying to get comfortable.
“Don’t be. We’ve dealt with worse, I think we can handle it.” Said Crystal, smiling politely as she shifted around in her seat, nudging her arm sl
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Ask Jake by Animeboye Ask Jake :iconanimeboye:Animeboye 1 3 DK Comic: Story of Satoko Part 2 Page 15 by Animeboye DK Comic: Story of Satoko Part 2 Page 15 :iconanimeboye:Animeboye 0 2
Final Dragon's World Chapter 2
Chapter 2: A Visit to Alex
That Monday morning, Lucas was waiting for his sons to finish getting ready for school. He stood by the front door, arms crossed as he watched the stairs, anticipating the moment that either Sean or Tim would be coming down. He then pulled out his phone and checked the time. It was 7:00. Lucas groaned impatiently.
“Sean! Tim! C’mon, we’re gonna—oh!”
Lucas was cut off when he saw his oldest son Sean hurrying down the stairs, one backpack strap slung over his arm while the other one dangled off the side.
“Hey dad. Tim’s just finishing up. He said he’ll be down in a moment.” Sean said hurriedly, breathing a little heavily.
“Alright but we gotta get going soon. Remember, we’re picking up Drake, Jake, and Crystal too.” Said Lucas as he slipped his phone back into his pants pocket.
“I know.” Replied Sean.
Five more minutes passed and Tim still hadn’t made his way downstairs. G
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Button Mash Loves His Video Games by Animeboye Button Mash Loves His Video Games :iconanimeboye:Animeboye 4 0 Ask Titus and Friends 2 part 2 by Animeboye Ask Titus and Friends 2 part 2 :iconanimeboye:Animeboye 1 6 Ask Titus and Friends 2 by Animeboye Ask Titus and Friends 2 :iconanimeboye:Animeboye 2 8
Final Dragon's World Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Four Years Later
All around him was near pitch blackness save for the soft glow of the florescent lights. He had to be as quiet as possible or else his enemies would find him. As he noticed that he had been breathing heavily, he tried to silence the breaths he took so that his position wouldn’t be given away.
His gun held close to him, he pressed up against the wall to try and hide. Five seconds later, he mustered up as much courage as he had and peeked from around the corner. He noticed two darkened figures moving past as he quickly pulled back in an attempt to make sure they weren’t able to see him. He waited for another few seconds before moving from cover and attempting to follow them. However, he noticed that the figures had disappeared.
Nervously he looked around tightly clenching his gun in his hands. He didn’t notice as one of the figures slipped behind him and came so close to him that he could almost feel the figure’s breath on the back of h
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DK Comic: Story of Satoko Part 2 Page 14 by Animeboye DK Comic: Story of Satoko Part 2 Page 14 :iconanimeboye:Animeboye 0 0 DK Comic: Story of Satoko Part 2 Page 13 by Animeboye DK Comic: Story of Satoko Part 2 Page 13 :iconanimeboye:Animeboye 3 8
Dragon's World The True Ending
As the long, tiresome battle at long last concluded, Jake stood before his father’s defeated Champion as well as the rest of the Apprentices. Thanks to his as well as everyone else’s efforts, Saulstrance’s ambitions had finally been laid to rest.
With his hand held out in front of him, Jake panted heavily, his legs shaking, barely able to support him. His last attack had seen him using as much fire as his lungs could muster. The young half-dragon was willing to push himself to his limits in an attempt to incapacitate the Apprentices.
Jake’s legs gave out and he collapsed to the ground. Titus and the others rushed over to Jake as the former helped Jake up onto his back.
“I’ve got you kid.” Titus smiled as he hoisted Jake onto his back.
Weakly, Jake smiled back at his adoptive father as he lay on his back panting. Everyone else gathered around Titus and Jake. Sarah approached her adopted son giving him a big hug and patting his tail which was dra
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The Honda Brothers and the Honda Bronies by Animeboye The Honda Brothers and the Honda Bronies :iconanimeboye:Animeboye 3 2 Ask Titus by Animeboye Ask Titus :iconanimeboye:Animeboye 3 8
Dragon's World Past Final Chapter
Final Chapter: Into the Future
One hundred and eighty four years had passed since that day. Since then, Saulstrance traversed the human realm learning more of the human race’s customs and experiencing the world’s vast and numerous sights. Saulstrance also bare witness as humanity made great leaps in medicine, science, and technology. He sought to learn as much as he could about the human realm so that he fully understood the world for when he claimed it as his own. After all, this was what Saulstance had come to believe Tourajé wanted. Saulstrance believed that by taking over the human realm, he would be accomplishing his deceased friend’s dream of creating a world where humans and dragons could live together. Uniting Earth under him, Saulstrance saw this as the best way to bring humans and dragons together.
Very few remained who remembered Saulstrance for who he used to be. As time passed within Zalphonia, word of Raolef, Léruc, and Tourajé’s dea
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Crocodile Tears
"BUT MOM I WANT IT!!!" Joey Crokovich cried. Ms. Crokovich sighed, "Joey, I am NOT buying you that toy, it's too expensive." Joey wasn't going to take no for an answer. He put on his best puppy dog eyes and started crying. "WAHHH! You're always so mean to me and you never get me what I want!!!" He continued bawling. Finally his mother gave in. "ALRIGHT I'LL BUY YOU THAT TOY!" Joey immediately stopped crying and smiled. Groaning, Joey's mother took the action figure off the shelf and into the cart.
Joey smiled on the inside, even at age 10 he could make his mother do anything hew wanted just by crying. "I swear, he cries so many crocodile tears he might as well be a croc himself," said his mother to herself.
Back at home, Joey grabbed the box from the car, ran up to his room and took the action figure out. It was his favorite character from his favorite show, "Super Mutant Action Gators," Frankie the Gator. Joey played with it everyday for a week.
A week later Joey got bored of his Gato
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me?.. by HeavyMetalBronyYeah me?.. :iconheavymetalbronyyeah:HeavyMetalBronyYeah 620 133
Dragon book of the month: 6 months in DA special!
My favourite dragon writings on DeviantArt
Today it's officially half a year of DeviantArt for me! So instead of a book I want to celebrate the community itself and show what pieces of dragon literature I've liked most in these 6 months, and hopefully I'll do so every 6 months again.
So let's start.

:iconiamayreth: Iamayreth's Dragon Dreams

I personally give him the first place. His story is probably the only dragon TF one that I've liked. The reason is that Iamayreth, with his protagonist Josh (Ayreth for dragons) actually explores what changes such an event brings inside a mind of one who would turn into a dragon: Josh lives a series of painful experiences like the difficulty of finding himself again, the fear of hurting his dears, loss of friends and loneliness.
In the story he has to face the menace of an evil dragon who tries to tempt him to the "dark side" of dragons, but meanwhile he finds support in Rofar, a dr
:iconrandomvangloboii:RandomVanGloboii 8 24
Fusion of Cutie Mark Crusaders by Osipush Fusion of Cutie Mark Crusaders :iconosipush:Osipush 313 74 Dragonlayer by LilyAnneTorren Dragonlayer :iconlilyannetorren:LilyAnneTorren 33 12 Thorax the friendly changeling. by FreeFraQ Thorax the friendly changeling. :iconfreefraq:FreeFraQ 158 16 Coppercore is Cute++ by WaveyWaves Coppercore is Cute++ :iconwaveywaves:WaveyWaves 13 17 Problems of a Teenage Demon page 6 by Geek-of-the-Week Problems of a Teenage Demon page 6 :icongeek-of-the-week:Geek-of-the-Week 2 0 Problems of a Teenage Demon page 5 by Geek-of-the-Week Problems of a Teenage Demon page 5 :icongeek-of-the-week:Geek-of-the-Week 3 0


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Normally I don't do these kinds of things but since I haven't done a journal in a while, I think I'll give it a shot. 

Let's start with the rules
-Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged 
-Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
-Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged 
-Don't say "You're tagged if you read this"
-It is forbidden not to tag anyone. 


1. Favorite video game? I can't quite think of just one game so as far as game franchises, perhaps Kingdom Hearts and Telltale's Walking Dead.

2.Favorite anime? Dragon Ball Z all day any day babeh! And One Piece of course.

3. Favorite movie? Live action it's The Dark Knight. Animated it's The Land Before Time.

4. Describe your art style in one word. Animeish

5. Favorite Deviant? No offense to anybody but I just don't have one. Or at least one I can think of.

6. Favorite OC of yours? (If you have one) I've got two: Drake Flamel and Sasuke Honda.

7. Favorite OC of someone else's? Not the biggest fan of Equestria Daily but I do really like this little guy…

8. Describe yourself in one word. Reserved.

9. Favorite food? Cheeseburgers

Favorite ice cream flavor? Vanilla with hot fudge

 Fictional crush? Sorry, got no waifus here. Although there are some fictional ladies I think are pretty cute but none I'd say I have a crush on (EVA and Quiet from Metal Gear for instance)

12. Favorite YouTuber? I Hate Everything, I also enjoy horror themed Youtubers such as Rob Dyke and Scaretheater or most of the creepypasta/true scary story readers. 

Was this fun? Yeah. It was pretty cool.

My Questions

1.Who's your favorite video game character?
2.Where are you from?
3.What made you want to join Deviantart?
4.Coke or Pepsi?
5. Marvel or DC?
6.Who's your favorite animated character (this can also apply to anime)?
7.Are you a fan of horror?
8.If you answered yes to number eight, what's your favorite horror movie?
9.Do you like being tagged?
10. Do you prefer reading or looking at art?
11. Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo?
12. Who is best pony?
13. Favorite Video game genre?

As for who to tag, well...  :iconpigypigy509:
 :iconfrozenslave1: :iconterranascension: :iconant123123: :iconleostarkiller:
Chapter 5: The Parent Search

Alan watched out the window as the car pulled into the driveway of the house he’d be staying at. After Titus had turned his car off, Alan stepped out of the car and better studied the house that sat in front of him. It was a white two story house with a modest yard in front. In the middle of the yard was a stone walkway that led up to a veranda.

“What do you think Alan? I’ve always found it to be a quaint little place.” Said Sarah as she stepped beside Alan and smiled proudly at her home.

“It’s nice.” Alan replied as he glanced towards Sarah.

“Right? But you haven’t even seen the inside. Come on, we’ve got a room set up for you if you want to see it.” Said Drake cheerfully, hoping that he’d be able to get his new foster brother excited about living with them.

Drake and Sarah headed up the steps while Titus and Jake stood by Alan as they glanced around their house, taking a moment to truly admire the place they called home. It amazed Titus just how long he and his family had lived in their house. Several years before Drake’s birth, Titus and Sarah, after having finished college, rented an apartment together that Ben and Jessie helped them pay for. While the money Sarah had made from managing Angela’s old toy store had contributed a nearly sustainable amount towards their expenses, it still wasn’t enough especially with Titus, at the time, having only a part time job which wasn’t garnering him nearly enough money. After doing a bit of job hunting online, Titus was finally able to find a local company that was looking to hire in the field that he went to school for. With both Titus and Sarah now making livable incomes, the two of them, looking to start a family, began to look online to find a suitable house for their future children. After all, the two of them figured, any children they had would never be able to be confined to a simple, small apartment. And so, eventually Titus was able to find an advertisement for what would end up becoming his home. In the years to follow, both Titus and Sarah worked as hard as they could to make their new home a happy, nurturing environment for their future children to grow up in.

Titus smiled proudly as he thought about all the memories his house held. He glanced over at Alan, patting his foster son on the back and smiled at him.

“Welcome to the family kid. Hope you’ll like it here.” Said Titus welcomingly as he headed up to the veranda where Drake and Sarah stood waiting for him and the others.

Jake was the last to finish admiring his home. He couldn’t believe that he had lived there for four years. It felt much shorter than that. A huge part of him did miss his old home and on many occasions, he even found himself wishing he could go back, even if just for one day. Since his adoption, every time Jake would go through the neighborhood he once lived in, he would always take a moment to observe his old house and would feel a strong sense of longing.

Thankfully for Jake, however, he knew that his old house would be in good hands. Crystal, who had been his neighbor for a short time, met the family who had moved into Jake’s former house. The family consisted of a young father, mother, and their infant son who appeared to be in their late twenties to early thirties. Crystal and her parents had gone to welcome the new family to their neighborhood. Shortly after, the two families had become fast friends and Crystal was even given the chance to babysit the couple’s son on occasion. Since then, the Silvers and the family who had moved into Jake’s old house, the Krugers remained friends and Crystal would still look after their now four year old son John from time to time.

“I think you’ll like it here, Alan. Mom and dad, they’re really good people. They actually saved my life once.” Said Jake with a reassuring smile.

Alan was surprised at the mention of his new foster parents having saved Jake’s life. He wondered what must have happened to Jake for his parents to need to save him.

“C’mon, let’s go.” Jake ushered Alan to the veranda where the rest of Jake’s family was waiting for them.

Stepping into the house, Alan looked around, drinking in his new surroundings. He peered into the kitchen for a second and then walked in, observing everything from the fridge which was placed in the far right corner of the kitchen to the kitchen counter which encompassed the remainder of the wall. He then walked towards the living room. In front of him sat two chairs, a couch, and a recliner all seated in a circle around a small mahogany coffee table. To Alan’s left were two large shelves lined with DVDs and books. A 32 inch flat screen TV hung on the wall next to the shelves. Curious as to what movies and books they had, Alan approached the shelves and looked over all the titles Titus and his family had in their library. The Flamel family watched as Alan continued through the rows of movies and books with Sarah noting to her husband that they may have found out one thing about Alan: he seemed to have an interest in books and movies. Titus concurred but then mentioned how that had to have been a given. After all, who could possibly dislike books or movies?

“So what do you think Alan? We have a pretty nice house, wouldn’t you say?” Titus asked.

“Yeah. You have a lot of cool things.” Complimented Alan with a small smile.

Titus grinned at the boy. “Yeah, well, it can only get better. Why don’t you come up stairs with us? We have something we want to show you.”

Alan followed his foster family upstairs. There, they led him into a room where a blow up bed lay in the center with a desk situated near the doorway. On top of the desk rested a journal. Sarah led Alan over to the desk and showed him the journal.

“Here Alan. This journal is for you. We figured that maybe if you had something to write your thoughts in, then maybe you’d be able to remember something. I mean, you can use it however you want, you don’t just have to write in it. If you want to draw or, write stories or whatever, you can. I just thought that having something to record your thoughts in might help you to get your memory back.” Sarah explained.

Alan gave Sarah a small smile. “Thanks. If I think of anything, I’ll be sure to write it down.” He assured.

“That’s good. I hope it’ll be able to help you, kid.” Said Sarah.

“Well, we’ll let you get comfortable Alan. If there’s anything you need, be sure to let any of us know. We’re here to help you if you need it.” Titus told Alan, hoping that Alan knew they were there to help him.

Alan thanked Titus and the rest of his foster family and went to lay down in his bed. As everybody made their way to the door, Sarah turned back to Alan and informed him that they would be having dinner in a couple of hours. and that she would let him know when it was ready.

Sometime later, the family had a small quiet dinner consisting simply of ham and cheese sandwiches. As they ate, the family watched in utter amazement as Alan wolfed down his sandwiches in little time. Still feeling hungry, Alan asked for a few more slices. Sarah couldn’t believe what she was hearing. With how quickly Alan had consumed his sandwiches, he should have been pretty close to full, she thought. She’d had plenty of experience with large appetites given all the times she had cooked for Titus, Drake, and Jake but she had never seen anything like this before. Still with a sense of awe, she rose from her chair and returned to the kitchen to prepare a second helping for their new guest.

A short moment later, Sarah returned with a plate consisting this time of four slices of ham and cheese sandwiches. Immediately Alan got to work on his second course. He gobbled away at the sandwiches as the Flamels all watched in amazement and consumed their own dinner.

“Well I guess we know another thing about Alan.” Titus noted in a perplexed tone.

“What’s that?” Asked Sarah.

“The kid’s a big eater.” Answered Titus.

“Yeah, no kidding. I’ve seen how much you three can eat but even then, you don’t eat as fast as he can.” Sarah also noted.

“Oh, just the three of us are big eaters? Yeah, okay Sarah.” Said Titus sarcastically as he nudged his wife.

Sarah laughed. She had to admit, she herself also had a rather large appetite. While she wasn’t quite sure hers was as big as her sons and her husband’s, she knew that she could eat quite a lot too if she wanted.

Sometime after dinner, as everybody was winding down for the evening, Alan walked past Jake’s room. He took a quick glance inside to see Jake standing by his closet, his back facing Alan. While Alan wasn’t able to get a clear look at it, it looked as if Jake was holding something. Curious, he stepped into Jake’s room and asked him what he was holding.

“Oh, hey Alan.” Greeted Jake in a somewhat surprised tone, having been caught off guard by Alan.

“Check this out: this is a sword my dad’s friend used to own.”

Jake held the sword out in both of his hands, his right hand holding onto the hilt while his left hand held the blade. Amazed that he was getting to see a real sword, Alan stared down at the blade in amazement. As his eyes scanned every inch of the blade, he saw that something had been carved into it. His focus zoned into the word on the blade, Alan tried to pronounce it but found it difficult to do so.

“Two-er…tore…uh…jay e?” Alan said unsurely.

“Actually, the way I always heard my dad and his friend pronounce it, it’s ‘Two-er-uh-sh-a.” Explained Jake as he slowly sounded out Tourajé’s name for Alan.

Alan repeated the pronunciation Jake had provided him. He did this once more before trying to speak Tourajé’s name without needing to sound it out. Jake nodded in approval, informing Alan that he got it right. Jake then asked Alan if he wanted to hold the sword to which Alan obliged. Jake gripped the sword in his right hand and pointed the blade towards the ground so that the hilt was facing upwards. He held it out in front of him and allowed Alan to take it from him. The other boy held the sword, amazed and in disbelief at what he was holding. The feeling of holding a sword was incredible and Alan felt stronger just gripping the hilt in his hand.

“It’s a pretty cool sword, isn’t it? Believe it or not, that sword’s over two hundred years old!” Jake exclaimed, a wide smile growing on his face.

“Two hundred years old…wait, you said this was your dad’s friend’s sword. Did he buy it somewhere?” Asked Alan.

“No. See, my dad, well, my biological dad, not Titus was actually a dragon who had been alive for a little over 200 years. When he was my age, he and his friends went to this world and the oldest of my dad’s friends, Tourajé, took part in this tournament where he got this sword.” Jake explained.

“A dragon?!” Asked Alan, a look of shock suddenly forming on his face.

Jake confirmed Alan’s question and explained how he himself was a half-dragon who was born to a male dragon and a female human. Feeling as though Alan could be trusted with seeing his secret, Jake was about to switch to his true form when he noticed an uneasy expression on Alan’s face.

“Hey, Alan, are you okay?” Asked Jake as he tried approaching Alan.

Alan jerked away, causing Jake to pull back somewhat. He looked worriedly at Alan, pondering what was happening. Alan held his head low for a minute before looking back at Jake.

“Sorry I…I don’t feel good. I’m…gonna lay down.” Alan said as he hurried out of Jake’s room.

“Hey! Alan!” Jake called out as he followed after Alan.

Stepping out of the bathroom, Drake watched as Alan made his way past him. Drake greeted Alan but was met with no response. He watched as Alan entered his room and closed the door behind him. As Jake came up to where Drake was standing, the two boys stood in the hallway, watching the door to Alan’s room.

“Jake, what happened? Is Alan okay?” Drake asked puzzlingly.

“I don’t know...I mean, all I did was tell him about my dad’s sword and then told him about what we were then he had this really upset look on his face and just left.” Jake tried to explain as best he could.

“That is weird. I wonder what you said made him react like that.” Drake thought out loud.

Together the two half-dragons approached Alan’s room. Jake knocked on Alan’s door asking if he could come in. There was a brief moment of silence before the doorknob turned revealing Alan who stood before the two boys in the middle of the doorway. To Jake’s surprise, Alan appeared to suddenly have gained a more calmer expression than he had just a moment ago.

“Alan, are you okay? What happened?” Asked Jake worriedly.

“Sorry. I just…suddenly had a headache. I feel a little bit better but I still need to lay down. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” Replied Alan hurriedly before once more closing the door.

Drake and Jake stood in front of Alan’s room for a moment. The two half-dragon teens looked at each other as Jake quietly asked his adoptive brother what just happened. Drake gaped open mouth, raising his finger as he was just about to say something but then proceeded to lower his finger and close his mouth. He glanced away from Jake as he tried to contemplate a reasonable explanation. Unable to come up with one, Drake looked back at Jake and shrugged his shoulders.

The next day, Drake, Jake, Crystal, and Sean were having lunch together outside of the pizzeria right across from Sarah’s shop. The four of them sat at a table outside the restaurant enjoying the shade that was casted by the umbrella that had been inserted into the hole in the center of the table whilst trying not to let the scorching hot weather get to them. After swallowing the part of her pizza she had bitten off, Crystal then asked Drake and Jake how Alan’s first day living with them had gone. The two half-dragons looked at one another unsurely.

“Well, for the most part it went fine…but…” Jake replied.

“But what? Did something happen to Alan?” Crystal inquired, taking a sip of her Coke.

“See, last night, I was showing him my dad’s sword, right? Well, he seemed pretty interested in it at first but then after I mentioned that Drake and I were half-dragons…he suddenly seemed uneasy. I know this might sound pretty strange but I wonder if he might have remembered something.” Jake explained, a quizzical look on his face.

“I don’t know. It’s possible but why would hearing about half-dragons trigger a memory if he’s way more than likely never met a half-dragon before?” Sean asked skeptically.

“Well, what I—sorry, I just remembered that what he reacted to wasn’t when I mentioned me and Drake being half-dragons; it was when I said ‘dragon’.” Jake corrected himself.

“Oh?” Replied Crystal with peaked interest, taking another sip of Coca Cola.

“Yeah. When I mentioned how I was the son of a dragon, Alan suddenly had kind of a grimace on his face. Then suddenly he just…left my room. I went to check on him and then all of a sudden, when he opened the door to his room, he seemed fine. Like nothing had happened. That’s why I’ve been wondering if maybe he remembered something.” Jake finished detailing the events of the previous night.

The other three friends went quiet as they mulled over what they had been told by Jake. Indeed, it seemed possible to them that Alan, for possibly even a brief moment, did remember something however, of all the words to trigger something within Alan’s mind, why would it have been the word “dragon”? They highly doubted this meant that Alan’s attackers were dragons. The wounds on his body looked nothing like the wounds that could be caused by a dragon and, they thought, even if a dragon had attacked Alan, why of all places would they leave him in a cemetery?

After taking a sip of his coffee, Sean spoke up and offered his thoughts on what it could mean.

“Ok, so I highly doubt that Alan was attacked by a dragon. I mean, if he was, then why leave him in a cemetery?” Sean asked.

Drake shrugged his shoulders. “Some sick sense of irony?” The boy suggested.

“Even still…why go after Alan?  What I think could have happened is that either before or after Alan was attacked, he might have seen a dragon on something like, say a statue of one or a picture somewhere. Maybe if we check the neighborhood where we found Alan or check any stores around, perhaps we could find a clue, maybe somebody who knows who he really is?” Sean suggested.

Drake agreed, feeling that Sean’s plan was a good one. He informed his friends that his parents were busy working on flyers and were going to get everyone together so that they’d have a better chance of finding where Alan came from. Drake also mentioned to his friends that his parents were hoping to have the flyers ready by tomorrow so they could begin searching for Alan’s parents right away.

“Alright. Then tomorrow begins the search.” Sean stated.

As Sean took another sip of his coffee, Crystal snickered to herself. Sean noticed this, asking her what was funny. Crystal assured him it was nothing, just that she found it humorous that Sean had started drinking coffee, especially with how he used to declare it to be “gross grownup stuff” when he was younger.

“Well, I’m growing up. I have to start trying more adult things.” Sean rebutted somewhat defensively as he took a larger gulp of his coffee, his eyes growing wide as the burning sensation brought on by his drink traveled down his throat.

“Uh-huh…” Crystal scoffed, shaking her head afterward. “Sean, you’re fifteen. You’re not that old. Besides, even when I’m an adult, I plan on sticking with good ol’ water and soda.” The teenage girl proudly declared as she took a large gulp of soda.

“I’m good with soda and water too. Some juice as well. Although, I wouldn’t mind trying some champagne when I turn twenty-one. I’ve had sips of it before but I’ve never had a whole bottle.” Said Drake as he took a drink from his cup of water.

“I wouldn’t mind trying some pot when I get older.” Jake said.

Suddenly, all focus turned to Jake who stared back at his friends, holding onto his soda cup and looking at them nervously as if he had done something wrong. With the three of them talking about drinks, they found themselves caught off-guard by Jake’s revelation of wanting to try some marijuana when he was older.

“…What? I mean, I can breathe fire. I’m basically a walking lighter already.” Protested Jake in a half joking manner.

“Yeah that’s true.” Drake laughed. “Well Jake, you can go ahead and smoke all the weed you want…so long as you share some with me.”

The four friends laughed amongst each other at this. Jake told Drake, in between moments of laughter, that he’d hold him to that. Drake retorted by telling Jake that in that case, he better not forget making that promise. Crystal and Sean added to this, informing Jake that that went triple for them.

“Okay, okay, I get it!” Jake exclaimed in an overwhelmed voice, laughing as he held his hands up in front of him.

As their laughter died down, the four teens finished their lunch. As soon as they were done, they returned to Sarah’s shop to help her set up the first set of fliers. The fliers were of Alan. They asked if anybody had seen him and listed his features such as his hair color, eye color, and gave a rough estimate of his age which was listed as being between the ages of thirteen to sixteen. At the very bottom of the fliers was the Flamel family’s landline informing anyone who may have had information regarding Alan to call the number displayed below.

The night prior, while Drake and Jake slept, Titus and Sarah worked on creating fliers in order to help them locate Alan’s parents or, at least someone who may have known him. Just as Alan was about to fall asleep, Titus came up to his room, asking the amnesiac boy to stay up for just a short moment longer. After capturing a picture of Alan on his phone, Titus sent the boy back to bed and uploaded the picture he had taken of Alan onto his laptop. With Sarah’s help, the two of them spent the night creating a flyer that they were sure would have to get the attention of somebody who knew Alan.

Later that day, Titus contacted each of his family and friends explaining the events regarding Alan to them and seeking their help in finding his family.  Much to Titus’s surprise, everyone happily obliged to help. However, not everyone would be able to help right away. Rick, Ben, Jessie, and Crystal and her family had either errands or work but informed Titus that as soon as they got the chance, they would be willing to come and help in any way that they could. Thanking them, Titus suggested that if they wanted, he could just email them a copy of the flier and then they could print out some copies to make it easier. Agreeing to this, Titus and Sarah emailed Rick and the others a copy of the flier, attaching to the email a message asking them to either show or distribute the flyers around their areas, Titus’s reason being that even though Alan was found in one neighborhood that didn’t necessarily mean that he lived there.

The next day, it was early in the afternoon when everybody who was able to make it arrived at the Flamel residence. Much to Drake, Sean, and Jake’s surprise and delight, Crystal had shown up as well. She explained to her friends that even though she did need to take care of some things with her parents, they had decided that it was better that she help find Alan’s family instead and that they’d join in the search a little later.

Gathered in the living room were Sarah, Lucas, Kyle, Jackie, Jessie, Laurie, Sean, Tim, Crystal, Jake, and Drake. After Titus had finished speaking with everybody, Jake contacted Sarah and Laurie hoping to get their help in finding Alan’s parents. While Sarah did want to offer her assistance, she informed Jake that she would simply be unable to as she had a lot to take care of at the orphanage but that if they wanted to, they could send her an email with the flyer attached and she’d make some copies to put up around town. Sarah gave Jake her email which Jake had written down and then given to Titus. With the email sent, Jake thanked Sarah for all she and Laurie had done for them. Sarah assured Jake that it was nothing and that she was just happy to help. Laurie told Jake that she should be able to make it and that she would just need to take the train down. Because of this, she arrived slightly later than everyone else but to her relief, found that she hadn’t missed anything. Originally, Jessie had planned to go with Ben who was going to be doing a reading of one of his books at the Barnes and Noble down the road from Sarah’s shop. However, Ben insisted that he’d be okay and that Jessie should go help Titus and everyone else and that he would come help as soon as he was done.

Before the group stood Titus and Alan, the latter of whom looked around at everyone in attendance, noticing some new faces as well as familiar old ones. On the living room table sat a stack of papers. These papers were all the fliers of Alan that Titus and Sarah had worked on. In this pile were more than fifty fliers. While Titus and Sarah had felt that they might have made a few too many, they rationalized that the more fliers they had printed, the better their chances in finding Alan’s family.

“Jessie, Kyle and Jackie, since you weren’t with us then, this is Alan. He’s the boy Drake, Jake, and their friends found and the one whose parents we’re going to be looking for today.” Explained Titus.

For a split second, Alan’s eyes widened and he felt his heart skip a beat at the mention of his parents. But before anyone noticed, his shocked expression switched back to one of blankness.

Jackie, Jessie and Kyle approached Alan and introduced themselves. For a moment, Alan didn’t utter a single word. The trio frowned, wondering if perhaps Alan didn’t like them. Finally, Alan spoke to them, telling them that it was good to meet them and offering a small smile in addition. This caused the three of them to smile back at the boy, taking solace in knowing that they hadn’t scared him and that he was willing to give them a chance.

“He seems like a good kid.” Complimented Kyle.

“I think he is. It’s just been rough for him given all that he’s been through.” Titus said.

“Yeah. Poor kid. I hope we’ll be able to find some way to get your memory back.” Said Jackie sympathetically.

“Well, even if we can’t find his parents, at the very least, finding someone who knows him will go a long way. Which brings me to what I called you guys here for.” Titus noted.

“You want us to put up fliers, right?” Lucas asked as he pointed to the stack of flyers sitting on the table.

“Well, yes and no.” Titus affirmed.

“It would help if some of these went up but you guys should at least hold onto one each. See, I was thinking that just because our kids found Alan in the cemetery, that doesn’t mean he was from the neighborhood the cemetery’s in. I think it could be possible that whoever attacked him could have left him at the cemetery.” Titus explained.

“Sounds like they may have had some sick sense of irony.” Stated Kyle.

“That’s what I said.” Drake responded to his older cousin’s statement.

Titus passed out several fliers to each of his family and friends. He suggested that they split into groups and search around their neighborhoods and around town to try and Alan’s family. Titus, Sarah, and Lucas made up the first group while Jessie, Kyle, and Jackie made up the second. Finally, Drake, Jake, Crystal, Laurie, Sean, and Tim made up the last group and would be accompanied by Alan himself.

As everybody was preparing to head out, Jake mentioned to the adults what he had told his friends about how Alan seemed to have a reaction to the word “dragon” and how he believed that it may have meant that it triggered a memory if even for a brief moment.

“Dragon, huh? Well in that case, we should be sure to keep an eye out for anything dragon related. Keep a lookout for anything with a dragon on it or something like a dragon statue or plushie.” Instructed Sarah.

“Let’s meet back here in three hours. We’ll search around and then report back with whatever we find.” Suggested Jessie as she placed a hand on the doorknob.

Jessie, Kyle, and Jackie made their way to Jessie’s car as Titus, Sarah, and Lucas headed for the backyard where Titus changed into his dragon form and took to the air with Sarah and Lucas sitting on his back, and the younger members of the group headed for the light rail station. Drake and the others decided long before the search had even begun that they would return to the neighborhood where the cemetery that Alex was buried in was located in an attempt to find anything about Alan. The others journeyed down different neighborhoods hanging up fliers and speaking with the people who lived in said neighborhoods asking if they had seen Alan. Each person responded with the same answer: they had never seen Alan before. Remembering what Jake had told them, both Titus’s and Jessie’s groups decided to check the stores within the area. As they browsed around, they made sure to keep an eye out for anything dragon related as they believed that whatever they found may hopefully provide something of a clue for them. After they would find something involving a dragon, the groups would then speak with either the managers or the employees of the stores, handing them a flier with Alan’s information and asking them if he had been in their stores three weeks ago. While many of them were unable to remember whether or not Alan had been a patron, some were able to assure the groups that Alan had not been in their stores.

Meanwhile, the group consisting of Drake and his friends arrived in the neighborhood where they had found Alan. Since they were in such a large group, Sean suggested that it might help if they split into two groups and ask around about Alan.

“Yeah, I think that would work best. We’ll be able to cover more ground then.” Jake agreed.

“I could take Crystal and Alan and look down that way.” Said Laurie as she pointed to the row of houses facing ahead of them. “Why don’t you guys take those houses? After we’ve spoken to some of the people who live here, we’ll go check some of the stores around this neighborhood.” Laurie concluded, pointing to the row of houses behind them.

“’K. That sounds good. See you in a bit.” Said Drake.

“Yep. ‘Til then.” Crystal smiled as she waved to her friends.

Drake, Sean, Jake, and Tim went one way while Laurie, Crystal, and Alan went the other. They hung up fliers around the neighborhood and spoke with the people who resided there, asking if they had seen Alan or anybody who may have been with him three weeks ago. Like with Titus and Jessie’s groups, the kids were all met with the same answer. With the responses all being the same, the kids were starting to feel as though finding somebody who knew Alan was becoming fruitless.

“This is so hopeless!” Crystal exclaimed in frustration, her fingers clutching at her hair in annoyance.

“Crystal, relax. It’s not going to do us or Alan any good to get angry.” Laurie said in a soft, calm voice as she tried to calm Crystal down.

“I know. I just…GUH!!” Crystal spat, her temper subsiding slightly.

Crystal turned to Alan who was walking slightly behind her and Laurie and apologized for getting so frustrated. Alan assured her it was okay and apologized himself for not being helpful but Laurie told him that he had nothing to apologize for and that this wasn’t his fault.

“No matter what, we’ll help you find your family or someone you might know and hopefully that should get you your memory back.” Laurie said, smiling warmly at Alan.

Alan smiled back and thanked her and Crystal for doing all this for him.

After some more houses on the boys’ side, they too had begun to feel as though they’d never manage to find anyone who may have known Alan.

Sean sighed in exasperation. He clutched one of the fliers in his hand and looked squarely at the small rectangular picture of Alan printed in the upper left section of the paper.

“I guess Alan isn’t from this neighborhood.” Said Tim as he cupped his hands behind his head and gazed into the sky.

“It doesn’t seem that way, little bro.” Sean agreed as he broke his attention from the flier.

“Well, should we go check some of the stores around here?” Offered Drake who was sounding almost as fatigued as his best friend.

Sean took in another breath then nodded a few times as he exhaled. “Yeah. Who knows? We might have better luck if we do that.” He said.

As the boys departed from the neighborhood, the girls and Alan tried three more houses before they themselves decided to throw in the towel.

“Well, we haven’t found anything out here. Wanna go check the stores now?” Crystal asked with a sigh of exhaustion.

“Yeah. Who knows? Maybe the stores will give us the luck we need.” Laurie said tiredly.
The three of them made their way through the neighborhood. As they did, Crystal tried to think of something to talk about to pass the time. Suddenly, an idea for what they could discuss crossed Crystal’s mind: since it was just her, Laurie, and Alan right now, she believed that now might be a good time to get to know Laurie a little better.

“Hey Laurie. There was something I was wondering about.” Began Crystal.

“What’s up?” Laurie asked.

“Well, you and Alex grew up at the same orphanage. Do you remember what he was like back then?” Crystal asked.

“Hmm…” Laurie took a moment to think of how best to describe Alex from when she knew him. “Well…Alex had a lot of trouble making friends. The other kids were horrible to him because he had a tail, finned ears, and wings… even some of the grown-ups didn’t care much for him, especially not the mother superior, that horrible old hag.” Laurie explained, a strong sense of bitterness and hatred in her voice when she brought up her former mother superior.

“Mother superior?” Crystal noted, taking intrigue in the way Laurie spoke of her.

“She was horrible. She never spoke of Alex as a person and just looked at him as a thing. I’m glad she left the orphanage. She made that place hell for a lot of us, especially since she loved to play favorites. See, the kids used to pick on me too before Alex came. They’d kick me, hit me, throw things at me, one time a kid even bit me. I still have a scar from it right on my right shoulder.” Laurie explained, a grim, saddened look on her face.

“Jesus…” Said Crystal in complete disbelief at what Laurie was telling her.

“After Alex arrived, the kids torment gravitated towards him and I was left alone. I always hated the way they treated me but the way they picked on Alex was somehow even worse. I had seen kids try to squeeze Alex’s tail as hard as they could until he couldn’t even stand anymore and one time this group of bullies pinned Alex to the ground as one of them sat on his back and tried pulling his wings off.” Laurie continued, a sickened and saddened look washing over her face.

“Oh, God, that…that’s way too cruel…” Said Crystal empathetically, appearing just as saddened as Laurie.

Alan listened silently to the story Laurie was telling them. He wondered if maybe the reason he was found bloodied and beaten was because some bullies decided to hurt him just as how Alex’s bullies had done to him.

“I think that’s part of why I tried to stand up for Alex. Really though, I like to think I would have tried to be there for him even if I hadn’t been bullied myself, y’know? In a weird way, I think that trying to protect Alex actually helped to make me braver. Before I met him, I never would have tried to defend myself the way I came to defend him. I don’t want to say what happened to him was good but I am glad that he was able to give me strength. I just hope that, in the end, I was able to do the same for him.” Laurie concluded, now a small hopeful smile formed on her face.

Crystal smiled back at Laurie and told her that she believed that she had been able to give him strength. Crystal explained that while she didn’t get to know Alex for too long during their first and only confrontation, she did feel that he was a strong willed person albeit a somewhat misguided one. Interested in Crystal’s description of what her best friend from the orphanage became, Laurie asked Crystal to explain to her what had happened after Alex was adopted. For the rest of their journey through the neighborhood, Crystal recounted the last adventure she had embarked on with her friends leading up to Drake’s battle with Alex and finishing at the final confrontation with Saulstrance. As soon as Crystal had concluded, Laurie was left awestruck. Her mouth fell slightly open as she tried to process everything she had been told. Even though the proof had been right in front of her in the form of Alex, Laurie still couldn’t believe that there was really a world where dragons came from and that one of those dragons who ended up being Alex’s adoptive father and Jake’s biological father had tried to turn Earth into his own kingdom. She felt as if she was being told the story to a movie.

At that same moment, Jessie and her grown children had just finished speaking with an older man who had been out walking his dog around the neighborhood. Sighing, Kyle raised his hand up and dropped it back down, shaking his head, unsure of what else they could do.

“I hope the others have been having better luck than us.” Jackie said.

“Yeah. I hate to say it but I don’t think we’re going to find anybody who knows Alan here.” Jessie admitted, sounding defeated.

“Should we maybe just head back and wait for everybody? I mean, we’ve tried the stores, we’ve checked at a ton of different houses, we’ve spoken to some people on the streets, and there’s nobody who knows who Alan is! I think we should just go back to Uncle Titus’s house and wait for everybody.” Kyle suggested, sounding somewhat irate.

“That might not be such a bad idea, Kyle. Besides, it’s been almost three hours anyway. By the time we get back, everyone else should either be there or just be arriving.” Jackie agreed with her younger brother.

With the three in agreement, Jessie and her children returned to the former’s car and drove back to Titus’s house. Along the way, Jessie asked how things had been going for Kyle and Jackie. Kyle informed his mom that he had been enjoying living with his girlfriend, Michelle. When asked why Michelle didn’t join them in looking for Alan’s family, Kyle explained that Michelle was out of town visiting her family in Solana Beach and wouldn’t be back until Wednesday.  

“Well I hope she’s having a good time.” Smiled Jessie at her son. “By the way, Kyle, have you been regulating your drinking?” She asked somewhat accusingly.

“Don’t worry, mom. I haven’t fallen off the wagon. Not since…well, you remember.” Kyle answered his mom somewhat nervously.

“Remember what?” Asked Jessie, raising an eyebrow at Kyle.

“Yeah. What are you talking about?” Jackie asked, also not understanding what her brother was talking about.

Kyle, who had been sitting in the backseat of his mom’s car, leaned forward and whispered into his mom’s ear and then into his sister’s.

“Oh yeah. That.” Jessie said in a deadpan tone, an unamused look on her face.

“Yeeeeeeaaaah…John sure wasn’t happy with me after that…” Kyle laughed sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck in nervousness as he did.

“Speaking of John, why wasn’t he with you, sweetie?” Jessie asked her daughter.

“John got called into the office last minute for a meeting. He said that he wanted to help but that it sounded rather urgent.” Explained Jackie.

“Well that’s too bad. I would’ve liked to have seen my future son-in-law…and my future daughter-in-law too.” Jessie teased, a small grin on her face.

Both Jackie and Kyle gasped at the same time, their faces turning bright red. Indeed, the two siblings did want to eventually marry their significant others but both of them worried that that time would still be in the far future. While John and Jackie both had rather nice incomes from their jobs at the office, the two of them were often so preoccupied with their work that they worried that they wouldn’t truly be able to tie the knot or even start a family anytime soon. The same went with Kyle who, unlike his older sister, had been stuck working a dead end part time job at a small convenience store since leaving college. Kyle was only able to retain his apartment with the help of Michelle. Kyle would often say that if it wasn’t for Michelle and her job which, unfortunately for both of them, only paid slightly better than Kyle’s, then he and she would more than likely have had to have moved back into either Kyle’s parents’ house or Michelle’s parents’ house.

“Well, I dunno about that just yet mom. I mean, someday I’d like to start a family with John but…that might not be for a long time yet.” Jackie responded to her mom’s lighthearted teasing somewhat disappointingly.

“Yeah. I’d like to get a career going myself but…all the web design places I’ve applied for just won’t aren’t biting. It’s been the same with Michelle. She’s applied to so many different gaming companies but not one of them accepted her.” Kyle sighed, leaning back in his seat. “I’m tired of this crappy 9-5. I wish there was something I could do.” He said in a melancholic tone.

“Kyle, you’ll get there, sweetie. You just need to keep applying. I know sooner or later you’ll be able to land yourself a career.” Jessie smiled, trying to offer her son some words of encouragement.

“Mom’s right Kyle. You’ll both get there. You just need to keep trying and sooner or later it’ll happen. Besides, trust me, careers aren’t always the most enjoyable things around.” Jackie smiled knowingly.

“That is true.” Jessie chuckled slightly, agreeing wholeheartedly with her daughter.

Sometime later, Titus, Lucas, and Sarah flew through the sky as they made their way home. Just like with the other two groups, they as well had no luck in finding anyone familiar with Alan or his family.

“Well, I hate to say it but I guess that was a bust.” Lucas stated reluctantly.

“Well, you never know Luke. We didn’t find anything today but that doesn’t mean something won’t come up somewhere down the way.” Said Titus, trying to be optimistic and hopeful.

Sarah agreed with her husband, adding that something might very well come up soon but they’ll just have to wait a little longer.

Arriving home, Titus looked below and noticed that Jessie’s car was parked in the driveway and that parked in front of it was Ben’s car. Titus presumed that Ben must have arrived shortly before everyone got back. He also wondered if his sons and their friends were back as well.

Swooping down, Titus touched down in his backyard. He crouched down as he allowed Lucas and Sarah to climb off. As soon as they were, he called out for Ben, Jessie, and the rest of the group, informing them of their return. Titus noticed as Drake came to the sliding glass door and pulled it open as he rushed outside to greet his parents and Lucas followed by Ben, then Laurie, then Jessie, Kyle, Crystal, Tim, Jackie, Jake, Sean, Tim, and finally Alan.

Still in his dragon form, Titus and the rest of his friends and family walked towards each other, meeting halfway. Before Alan could take five steps away from the steps of the porch however, he gasped when he noticed Titus’s dragon form. His eyes grew wide and he began to breathe heavier. His body trembled and his muscles convulsed as slowly he began to back away, whimpering loudly. Both Sean and Jake who were standing the closest to Alan, took notice of this and tried to approach the petrified boy.

“Alan? Hey, what’s the matter?” Sean asked concernedly, trying to extend a hand out to him.

Alan’s heave breathing had turned into hyperventilating. A horrified expression was plastered onto his face. Suddenly, Alan released a loud, ear piercing shriek which startled everyone around him and caused their attention to shift towards him.

“Hey, Alan, what’s wrong?” Titus asked as he changed into his human form and tried to approach Alan.

Still hyperventilating, Alan shook his head in terror. He screamed once more only this time, instead of backing away, he dashed towards Titus, clenching his fists, and sucker punched Titus in the left side of his jaw. Just then, everything went silent as everybody looked on in shock at what they had just seen. Titus was gasping, holding his hand over his cheek that Alan had hit as he stared down stupefied at the frightened boy who was glaring at Titus, his teeth bared and his left fist still clenched tightly.

“You bastard! Give them back! Give them BACK TO ME!!!” Alan screamed fiercely at Titus.
Final Dragon's World Chapter 5
Although there had been an unfortunate delay, I'm glad that I was finally able to get this finished. This is also a pretty big chapter too so I hope this'll make up for it. 

After taking on the role of Alan's legal guardians, Titus and Sarah waste no time in getting to work in finding Alan's family, or, at the very least, someone who's familiar with him. Calling on the help of their friends and family, the Dragon's World gang try to help Alan find his parents. Will they have any luck? And why does Alan seem to tense up at the mention of the word dragon? Also, the most shocking revelation in the entire nearly ten years of Dragon's World: Jake wants to try pot when he's older.  A new chapter in FDW begins.

The part about Jake wanting to try weed was in reference to a comment someone had made on Ask Jake. He claimed that Jake looked high which led to me making a comment on how, since Jake's capable of breathing fire, he'd need to make use of his abilities in some other way as opposed to just fighting. Will Jake eventually try some marijuana? Well, the Dragon's World crew does live in California so anything's possible. 
Chapter 5 will be released later today guys and man is it going to be a big one. Hopefully it will have been worth the wait.
Final Dragon's World Chapter 5 will be releasing early next month. Sorry for the wait guys.
Chapter 4: The Kid with a Lost Memory

Stopping right in front of the boy’s room, the nurse asked one last time that the kids and Sarah not ask anything personal. Laurie promised that they wouldn’t. Giving her thanks, the nurse allowed them access into the room. There, Titus and the rest of the adults stood around the bed the kid had been resting in. The boy sat upright, a dazed look on his face as he stared off into space. With his body now having been cleaned of the blood that covered it, the kids and Sarah were able to get a better look at him. Indeed, the boy was the same age as Drake and his friends. He had short brown hair and dark brown eyes.  He wore a light green hospital gown, the clothes he had been found in having been cleaned up and packed into a closet. Cuts and bruises still covered his body although they had healed rather well since his admittance into the hospital.

“Everything taken care of, guys?” Asked Lucas as his sons and the others entered into the room.

“Yeah. The cops just asked us questions about him.” Explained Sean, pointing a finger at the boy.

“They also asked what we were doing at the cemetery, and if we had seen anyone else there. They think that maybe somebody attacked him and then left him under that tree but I told the officer that I was sure we didn’t see anybody else there.” Sean concluded.

“They asked me the same question and I told them the exact same thing.” Crystal said.

“As did I.” Said Sarah.

“Me too.” Laurie chimed in.

“Same for us.” Said Drake, pointing to himself, Jake, and Tim.

“Hmm. Well, I’m sure the police told you this but they weren’t able to get any information from this boy.” Crystal’s mom said.

“That’s what we were told mom…but didn’t he have anything on him? No ID, no phone, nothing that can tell us who he is?” Crystal inquired.

Crystal’s father shook his head. He went on to explain that, during his time while he was unconscious, the doctors had gone through the clothes the boy was wearing only to find no belongings on his person. He wasn’t sure if this meant that the items he had on him were stolen or he had simply left them at home although he had hoped it was the latter.

With a soft yet noticeable sigh, he turned to face the seven people who had found him. They smiled, happy to see that he was awake. Laurie and Sarah approached his bedside and Laurie handed him the gift she had bought for him. As she held the bag containing his gift out in front of her, the kid observed the bag, not sure what she was doing. Laurie told him it was okay and that he could have it. Slowly, the boy grabbed the bag from her hands and removed the object that was inside. It was a plushie of a velociraptor. He studied the toy, looking over it and turning it over in one hand.

“Do you like it?” Asked Laurie hopefully.

The boy stopped what he was doing and looked at Laurie. He glanced down for a moment before focusing his gaze back at Laurie and nodding.

“Thanks.” The kid said in a soft, toneless voice.

Laurie smiled warmly at him. “You’re welcome. I’m glad you like it.”

Sarah was the next to present her gift. She delicately placed the potted flowers on his table, taking a moment to adjust one of the buds before she walked over and stood by the closet door closest to the exit. Once she was done, Sarah, Drake and Jake’s mom, approached the boy’s beside. He turned to face her as she kneeled down to his level.

“They were the ones who found you. They called an ambulance for you and worried the most for you when you were still unconscious.” Sarah explained, speaking to the boy in a soft tone as she gestured towards her sons and their friends.

The boy turned his head once more to face Drake and the others. Tim held his hand up to the kid as a way of saying hello. One by one, Drake, Jake, Crystal, Sean, Tim, Sarah, and Laurie introduced themselves. In a soft, meek voice, the boy responded to them with a “Hi”. With a smile, Jake returned his hello with one of his own and told the boy he was happy to see he was doing better.

A knock came from the door as the doctor allowed himself in. Sarah, Laurie, Jake, and Crystal cleared a way for the doctor to come in.

“Sorry, excuse me. I just need to quick check up on him.” Said the doctor as he approached the boy’s bed.

“No, it’s okay. We can wait. Take your time.” Said Titus in response.

The doctor thanked Titus and tended to his patient. He began his treatment by first testing the kid’s eyes. He took out a small, thin flashlight and shone it in the boy’s eyes, causing him to instinctually close his eyes and turn his head away slightly to block out the bright light. After a short moment, he turned the light off and slipped it back into his pocket. He grabbed his pen from his pocket and jotted down a two under eye response. After this, he then asked the boy if he was able to remember his name or age, or what year or month it was. The kid glanced around at the people who surrounded his bed and then looked back at the doctor. With a sigh, he answered in a soft voice that he didn’t know. For this, the doctor wrote down a four under verbal response. For the last part of his test, the doctor asked if the boy could look up. The boy did as he was asked and slowly lifted his head up to the ceiling. The doctor then asked the boy to lower his head. Once more the boy obeyed his doctor’s instructions. Lastly, the doctor placed one finger in front of the boy’s face telling him to simply use his eyes to follow along with his finger. Moving his finger around, the doctor found that his young patient had little trouble keeping up with his hand movement. He wrote down a six under motor response. His tests completed, he then asked to speak with the boy’s visitors out in the hallway. The kid watched as his visitors followed his doctor out into the hallway. With Lucas being the last one out, he turned to the boy smiling and assured him that they’d be right back. The group gathered outside the boy’s room and listened as the doctor began to speak.

“See, the thing is, after he had been admitted here, we checked to see if he had anything on his person and…well, we weren’t able to find anything. He had no phone, wallet, or id with him. I’m not sure whether this means that his attackers stole his belongings or if he simply didn’t have them with him when he left his house but regardless, with that in mind and this child being unable to remember anything about himself, we obviously can’t contact his parents and let them know he’s okay.” Explained the doctor, a troubled look on his face.

Titus nodded in understanding. He walked back to the entrance of the room and looked in at the boy who was still sitting in his bed watching outside the window. As Titus watched the kid, an idea formed in his mind. He asked to speak with Sarah alone letting the doctor and everyone else know that they would be right back. They made their way past the group and headed toward the end of the hall. There, the doctor and the rest of the group watched as the husband and wife held a discussion with each other. Drake and Jake especially watched their parents with quizzical expressions on their faces as they pondered what their parents could possibly be talking about. While everybody watched, they were able to make out bits and pieces of what Titus and Sarah were saying such as, “It would only be for a little while” and “Would they even let us do that though?”

The discussion between Titus and Sarah carried on for a little bit before the two of them rejoined the others. Titus apologized to everybody for the wait and explained to the doctor that he and his wife had been discussing the possibility of being able to look after the boy until they were able to locate his parents. This surprised everyone, especially the doctor who never, in all his years as a doctor, had ever been asked by people who were complete strangers to his patients if they could take care of his patients once they had been released. Of course, he had also never seen a case such as this boy’s before.

“Well it could be done. However, in order for you and your wife to gain custody of the boy, you would have to take part in a closed-door judicial proceeding and would need to provide character reference witness. And, given the state your boys found him in, there should be no problem with the courts giving you temporary guardianship.” Explained the doctor.

“It would be that complicated huh? Well, when it comes to the law, nothing’s ever easy that’s for sure. Still, we can’t just leave him like this. Not if he can’t remember who he is.” Said Sarah empathetically.

“True. And even if you and Titus need help, Sarah, you know you can ask any of us.” Lucas gave his friend an assuring smile.

“Thanks Luke.” Said Sarah gratefully with a smile of her own.

“And if you need mine or Laurie’s help, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We found him too after all so it’s only right that we see to it as well that he gets better.” Sarah said as she pulled her phone out of her pocket.

Sarah and Laurie exchanged numbers with their new friends and assured them once more that if they need anything that they’ll be there to help.

With his plan to take custody of the boy set, Titus and the others returned to his room where the boy turned to see them walking in, a dazed look still warn on his face as his mouth hung slightly open.

“If you’re going to look after him, Mr. and Mrs. Flamel, you’ll have to provide a name for his papers. Unfortunately, given the circumstances…” The doctor explained.

“Yeah…we can’t quite give them his name when even he doesn’t know what it is.” Titus added, looking at the boy with a hint of pity in his eyes.

“Well, perhaps we could give him a name to go by for the time being until he remembers what his real name is?” Suggested Sister Sarah.

“That sounds like a good idea. Besides, if Sarah and I are to look after him, we’re going to need to provide some kind of name to put on his documents.” Responded Titus as he cupped his chin in his hand and looked down at the ground as he ran through in his head the process it would take to gain guardianship over the boy.

Everyone took a moment of silence as they brainstormed names to give to the boy. The kid watched the group that surrounded him, curious as to what name they were going to decide on for him. Curious though he may have been, the boy still wished that he could remember who he really was. It was his hope as well as the hopes of those around him that he would regain his memories soon despite how unlikely it seemed.

Just then, Lucas spoke, being the first to offer his suggestion for a name.

“What about Roy? That’s a good name.” Lucas proposed as a name for the kid.

“I don’t know. It kind of sounds like a trucker name.” Crystal’s dad said unsurely, not finding the name Roy to be fitting for the child.

“How about Tim?” Tim suggested in a half joking way.

“No.” Said Sean tonelessly, immediately shooting down his brother’s suggestion. “One Tim is more than enough.” He concluded teasingly.

“Timmy? Or Timothy?” Tim tried to offer as alternatives.

“It’s not happening, little brother.” Sean said in a more serious and strict tone of voice.

“What about Kenny? That’s a pretty cool name. Would you like that to be your name?” Drake asked the boy.

But the boy didn’t answer him. He looked away with a soft sigh which Drake took to mean that he didn’t care for the name Kenny. Everybody continued to try and think of names to give to the boy until finally, Laurie offered a name that seemed to sit well with the child.

“What about Alan? It’s easy enough to remember and, to me he looks quite a bit like an Alan.” Said Laurie.

“Alan huh? Well, would that be an okay name to you?” Titus asked the boy.

The boy looked around at everybody in the room who were staring back at him waiting for his answer. Taking in a deep breath and exhaling, the kid nodded and, in a soft yet still perceptive voice, said “Okay.”

“Alright then. For now, your name will be Alan.” Declared Titus, smiling down at the boy who was now known as Alan.

With the boy’s new name chosen, the doctor told the group that they would keep Alan in the hospital for another week just to make sure that he wouldn’t be facing as much confusion as he currently was upon his release and to perform some physical tests on Alan. The doctor suggested that, in the meantime, Titus should probably get Alan’s paperwork taken care of with the courts if he was serious about taking care of him.  Titus agreed with the doctor’s advice, assuring that he’d get the paperwork squared away as soon as possible.

Their business at the hospital taken care of, Titus and the others thanked the doctor for taking good care of Alan and bid the two of them goodbye, promising Alan that they’d come back to visit him soon.

The group left the hospital and made their way through the hospital’s parking garage. There, Sarah and Laurie bid farewell to the group however before they could make their way to Sarah’s car, Sarah asked the two of them to wait. She approached the other Sarah and stared her in the eyes with a serious expression on her face. Sister Sarah stared back at Sarah, growing a little uneasy as she tried to determine what the woman she shared her name with wanted.

“So, your name is Sarah too huh?” Sarah asked as she eyed the woman who stood before her.

“Umm, yes?” Replied Sister Sarah a little nervously.

“And Jake told me that you work at the orphanage where Alex lived.” Sarah detailed.

“Well I use to work there. I also lived there for awhile when I was a little girl.” Sister Sarah corrected although she still wasn’t sure what the other Sarah was trying to get at.

“Really? So you used to be an orphan too, huh?” Sarah took notice of what the other Sarah had told her.

“’Too?’” Sarah parroted, an eyebrow raised at the notice of Sarah’s statement.

Sarah went on to explain to Sister Sarah that when she was a little girl, her parents were killed in a car crash and that, because of this, she spent most of her life as an orphan. She told Sister Sarah about the park she grew up in, how she met Rick there, and how the two of them became brother and sister. She recalled most of the major events in her life leading up to the moment she met Titus and Angela. As the two Sarahs bonded over their similar pasts, everyone around them just watched incredulously.

“I never thought I’d see the day…two people forming a friendship over tragedy.” Commented Lucas.

Titus wasn’t sure whether to find Lucas’s comment humorous or not considering the events that had transpired in the lives of the two Sarahs.

Sister Sarah explained to Sarah how when she was just a baby, her parents, being only in their late teens at the time, gave her up for adoption being unable to care for a child at the time. Sister Sarah explained that similar circumstances had occurred in Laurie’s life as well although her parents put her up for adoption because they weren’t financially stable, their explanation being to Sarah that they felt they wouldn’t be able to give Laurie the life she deserved.

“I was able to track down my birth parents and I still keep in contact with them. Sometimes I even visit them. Three years ago, they had a little boy they named Raymond and luckily, they’re better off now than they were when they had me. I just hope they’ll be able to give Raymond the life they couldn’t give me.” Explained Laurie, a sad yet also happy smile on her face.

“I guess you don’t miss your birth parents, right? I mean, I was adopted too and, no lie, sometimes I do miss my mom and dad.” Asked Jake.

Titus and Sarah were both taken by surprise at Jake’s comment although they also understood his feelings. Although they loved Jake and they knew Jake loved them, they also understood that, for the longest time, Saulstrance was the only living biological family Jake had left and that he never the chance got to meet his mom. Since their adoption of Jake, the two of them had always tried their hardest to give Jake a good life and to be the parents they knew he needed but despite this, they knew they would never be his biological parents. Even with that knowledge, however, even though they knew they weren’t related to Jake by blood, they still loved him just as much as they loved Drake and still wanted him to grow up happy and healthy.

“Sorry, mom, dad.” Jake apologized, turning to both Titus and Sarah.

“It’s okay Jake. Your mom and I both understand.” Smiled Titus assuring, hoping his smile would let Jake know that he wasn’t hurt or offended by his words.

“That’s right sweetie.” Added Sarah who gave Jake a smile of her own.

“To answer your question Jake? Not really. I mean, not just because I still get to see them but because I have another set of parents too and I know, just like my birth parents, my mom and dad want what’s best for me too. And besides, two sets of parents means two sets of siblings. Including Raymond on my birth parents’ side, I’ve got an older sister, an older brother, and another younger brother from my adoptive parents. So, I’m actually pretty happy with my life.” Laurie answered, smiling proudly.

Jake found Laurie’s answer to his question very encouraging. Indeed, he felt the same way. After all, not only did he also have two sets of parents, but he also had two sets of brothers as well and while part of him could never forgive his dad for nearly killing him four years ago, he also realized that his dad had his own demons and that what happened to him in his youth had greatly warped his view of the worlds. While it didn’t make up for what he did, Jake still believed that his dad did have some good in him, however latent it may had been.

The group parted ways with each other, bidding farewell with Laurie and Sarah promising to keep in contact with their new friends and reminding them that if they need any help with taking care of Alan, to not hesitate to ask for their help. Crystal’s family was next to leave with Crystal saying goodbye to her friends, telling them that she’d see them at school. Titus and Lucas’s families watched as the Silvers family got into their car and pulled out of the parking lot. Following shortly behind them was Sarah’s car. As she drove past the two families, she and Laurie waved to them before turning and driving down to the lower level of the garage.

“Well…” Said Lucas as he swung his arms back then clapped his hands together. “I think me and the boys are gonna be heading home too. You sure you’ll be alright with three kids, guys?”

Titus and Sarah looked at each other and nodded back at one another.

“Yeah. I think we’ll be able to manage.” Answered Titus confidently.

“Alright man. Well, we’ll see ya later.” Lucas said as he and his boys prepared to leave.

“See ya Luke.” Titus said.

“Be safe getting home.” Sarah said.

“Always am. Well rather, we always are. Right boys?” Lucas reassured, grinning at his lifelong friends.

“Yep.” Tim answered, looking up and smiling at his dad.

“That’s right.” Sean responded next with a smile of his own.

Titus and Sarah smiled back at Lucas and his sons. As the families prepared to part ways, Lucas stopped and asked the Flamel family to wait a moment. Turning to Lucas, Titus asked Lucas what was up and if everything was okay.

“Everything’s fine. I just wanted to say that you and Sarah have always had big hearts and it’s nice that you’re doing all this for that boy.” Complimented Lucas.

“Oh! Well…thanks, dude.” Titus responded with a hint of surprise to his voice.

“And like the other Sarah said, we’ll help in any way we can. But…if I can give you a word of advice Titus: don’t overdo it man. You’re only one man…er, dragon. You can’t always be there to help everyone.” Lucas said.

“I know. I don’t expect to.” Replied Titus somewhat defensively.

“I understand, Titus. I really do. I’m just saying that you don’t always have to be the protector. Or rather, the lone protector in some circumstances. We can help you. Just like your parents have been trying to help you locate those people Saulstrance captured.” Lucas explained himself.

The mention of the people who were captured by his father sent a jolt through Jake’s heart as his eyes widened. He felt a sudden shortness of breath. This had been a touchy subject for Jake. Ever since he, his father, and his fellow Followers captured their first group of humans, Jake had felt somewhat uneasy about what he was doing. This unease only grew over time as Jake continued to question what it was he was truly trying to accomplish. As the years passed, Jake’s concern for the people that had been captured grew and grew, eating away at him and providing him intense amounts of stress. He wished more than anything that he and his family could find them as soon as possible. When, or, in a worst case scenario, IF they found the missing people, Jake just hoped they’d be able to forgive him, although he knew deep down that more than likely would not happen. If those people were to find out who he really was and what he had done, there was no way he’d get their forgiveness.

As Titus and Lucas’s conversation concluded, the two families parted ways and headed for their cars. On the way home, Jake, who was sitting in the back with Drake stared out the window lost in his thoughts. A sullen expression worn in his face as he leaned his head against the car window. As Titus drove, he took notice of his son’s dull expression. With his focus still on Jake through the rear view mirror, he asked Jake if everything was okay. Jake raised his head and looked towards his adoptive father.

“No.” He answered in a melancholic voice.

“What’s wrong, Jake?” Sarah asked worriedly.

But Jake didn’t answer right away. He sighed and looked down at the car floor as he cupped his hands in his lap.

“Jake, what’s going on? Come on, you can tell us.” Drake urged his brother to tell him and their parents what was wrong.

Jake sighed, deciding that it wouldn’t hurt to let them know how he was feeling. After all, the teenage half-dragon thought, letting his family in would help a lot more than keeping his emotions bottled up.

“See, the thing is…well, what Luke said? About those people who were taken because of…because of me…and the other Followers? It just made me think: do I really deserve all this? To have such a good life with all of you? I mean, those people are either suffering or dying because of me, my dad, and the other Followers. We killed those they cared about and ruined their lives.” Jake confessed his feelings to his adoptive family.

At the moment, Titus, Sarah, and Drake were unsure of what to say. They watched as Jake let his hands lay in his lap, release an elongated sigh, and then continue to pour his feelings out to them.

“Not only that but sometimes, and I never told anyone this for the past four years, but sometimes I feel as though I don’t deserve a family like you, especially with how I treated Drake when we fought at Baker Valley. I wanted to kill him for what happened to Alex and…and…what I felt then is something I’m never going to be able to forget.” Said Jake somberly, feeling intense disappointment and self-loathing.

The family was rendered speechless. None of them had any idea that Jake had been feeling that way. Ever since they had adopted him, Titus and Sarah believed that Jake was growing up happy and proud of who he was. They wished they would have noticed how Jake truly felt sooner or that Jake would have just come to them from the beginning about how he was feeling. They felt that maybe they could have better helped him then.

“Jake…” Titus began. “You DO deserve the life we’ve given you and you DO deserve to be a part of our family. Even if you’ve done bad things, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a bad person. Good people do end up doing bad things…and sometimes, even bad people can do good things. We all know you’ve got a good heart.” Titus said, smiling reassuringly at his adopted son.

“Yeah. I mean, I don’t like that you wanted to kill me sure, but…I also understand how much Alex meant to you man and…well, I think that if something ever happened to someone I loved, I’d probably feel the same way. You don’t have to keep beating yourself up over what happened Jake. You wanted to kill me but you didn’t. I’m still here and we’re on better terms now, right?” Drake said, also smiling at Jake to let him know everything was okay.

“Also, Jake, sooner or later we WILL find those missing people. Grandma and Grandpa have been spending the last few years trying to find any clues as to their whereabouts. Once we find them, hopefully you and the rest of us will be able to help them rebuild their lives. Until that day comes, don’t try to keep this bottled inside. Let your troubles be our troubles. We’ll help you through them. After all, isn’t that what a family does?” Sarah said, smiling as well.

Jake looked at his adoptive father, mother, and brother who were all smiling warmly at him. This helped to ease Jake’s worries and doubts somewhat. While they still lingered in his mind, he felt extremely grateful to his parents and his brother for their kind words. He thanked them and promised that he would try to be more open with how he felt.

“That’s good to hear Jake. And remember, even if you, your dad, and the others did terrible things, that doesn’t mean you yourself are terrible. It’s like a certain wise someone once told me when I was your age: you are who you are. You are who you want to be.” Said Titus with a knowing smile directed toward Sarah who returned his smile with one of her own.

“Who I want to be…” Jake said to himself as he contemplated his mom’s words.

In the following two weeks, Titus had spent a good majority of his time at a judicial proceeding wherein he provided character reference witnesses in the forms of Drake and Jake. Upon convincing the jury that he could be a suitable guardian, the next part was spent filling out Alan’s paperwork. In the meantime, while Titus was taking care of this, Sarah, Drake, and Jake, when they weren’t with Titus would be busy at home preparing a room for Alan. Because they didn’t have a normal bed to provide him, Sarah went out and purchased a blow-up bed while Drake and Jake brought in an old desk accompanied by a chair for Alan so that he had somewhere to sit and eat. In addition, Sarah also bought a notebook and some pens and pencils for Alan. She believed that if Alan were to document his thoughts in a journal, then maybe, somehow, something would spark a memory and they’d hopefully get one step closer to finding out who Alan actually is.

Finally, with everything taken care of, it was time for Alan to be discharged from the hospital. In the two weeks that the Flamel family had spent preparing everything for Alan, Alan’s state had greatly improved. While still faced with confusion from time to time, he was now able to speak more coherently and was capable of forming full sentences.

After paying for Alan’s hospital bills, Titus, along with Sarah, Drake, and Jake showed Alan to the car. Sarah opened the right back door for Alan as Titus placed a hand on the amnesiac boy’s shoulder.

“Well Alan, you’re going to be staying with us for awhile until we can locate your parents. Is that okay, buddy?” Asked Titus.

At that moment, Alan’s eyes widened. Tensely he bit his lip and he felt his muscles tighten but then, not even a few seconds later, he relaxed. Sarah, who had been standing in front of Alan with her hands rested on top of the door, took notice of the boy’s reaction to what Titus had just said to him. She wondered if perhaps the mention of his parents may have almost triggered something within him. Could he have almost remembered something just then?

As Sarah continued to observe the boy, she suddenly got a strange feeling from him. She wasn’t sure what it was however but for some reason, she felt off as she watched him as if…no, that’s impossible, she thought to herself. It had to have been nothing.

“Okay. Sure.” Alan answered as he turned to face Titus and the rest of his foster family.

Titus smiled at Alan, placing his knuckles on his sides. “Glad to hear it. I promise you Alan, we will take good care of you.”

“Thanks.” Alan said.

Drake, Jake, and Alan squeezed in the backseat together as Titus sat upfront in the driver’s seat and Sarah sat in the passenger’s seat. Titus started up his car, pulled out of the parking garage, and headed for home. As he drove, he thought about how he would try to locate Alan’s parents. Since Alan had no form of identification with him, there were no leads to go on. Whatsmore, Titus thought to himself, there was the possibility that Alan wasn’t even from the neighborhood the cemetery where the kids found him was located in. Making a mental note of this, Titus figured that perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad idea to hold Lucas and Sarah to their words of helping him with Alan. Titus decided that, to have a better chance of hopefully locating Alan’s parents, he would contact them as well as bring in the rest of his family and friends to help.
Final Dragon's World Chapter 4
Nope, this isn't an April Fools prank. This is really the next chapter of Final Dragon's World. I want to apologize for how long it's taken me to get it written up. I'm sure you guys know how it is and of course, life stuff has to come first but I do always feel guilty when I can't get something uploaded like a new chapter of Dragon's World. Another major reason this chapter took so long was due to needing to do some research. If you read through this chapter, you'll probably be able to find the parts I needed to study up on.

In this chapter, the boy who is given the name Alan is released from the hospital under Titus and Sarah's care. With Alan having no identification on him and thus no way to contact his parents, Titus and Sarah opt to take care of the boy while they and their friends and family seek out his parents. As Titus and Sarah prepare to take in a foster child, Jake reveals to his adoptive family his concerns for the people he and the other Followers of Saulstrance abducted and ponders if he's really deserving of the life he's been given while the people whose lives he and his fellow Followers have ruined are still missing and are either dying or suffering. 

Special thanks to rhombus from The Gang of Five Forums (A Land Before Time fan forum) for helping me with my research. I don't know if I would have been able to finish this without your help. And if you're a fan of the Land Before Time, be sure to check out the Gang of Five. I'll provide a link here if anyone's interested. And, sorry if bits of this chapter seem rushed at all. I wanted to get this posted before the month ended. Hope you guys enjoy.
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Normally I don't do these kinds of things but since I haven't done a journal in a while, I think I'll give it a shot. 

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1. Favorite video game? I can't quite think of just one game so as far as game franchises, perhaps Kingdom Hearts and Telltale's Walking Dead.

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3. Favorite movie? Live action it's The Dark Knight. Animated it's The Land Before Time.

4. Describe your art style in one word. Animeish

5. Favorite Deviant? No offense to anybody but I just don't have one. Or at least one I can think of.

6. Favorite OC of yours? (If you have one) I've got two: Drake Flamel and Sasuke Honda.

7. Favorite OC of someone else's? Not the biggest fan of Equestria Daily but I do really like this little guy…

8. Describe yourself in one word. Reserved.

9. Favorite food? Cheeseburgers

Favorite ice cream flavor? Vanilla with hot fudge

 Fictional crush? Sorry, got no waifus here. Although there are some fictional ladies I think are pretty cute but none I'd say I have a crush on (EVA and Quiet from Metal Gear for instance)

12. Favorite YouTuber? I Hate Everything, I also enjoy horror themed Youtubers such as Rob Dyke and Scaretheater or most of the creepypasta/true scary story readers. 

Was this fun? Yeah. It was pretty cool.

My Questions

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Is doing TF stories again
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