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Even after seven years, my TF story The Dragon Virus is still going as strong as ever. Not only did five groups request at one time that I add the story to their gallery but I've also discovered that the Dragons Facebook page has actually shared my story. Of course I just discovered this almost two years after they share it.

I'm glad that after so long, this story is still continuing to touch peoples' hearts. This was and still is one of my favorite stories which I had written(right behind the Dragon's World series, also not counting my comics). Thanks for the support all these years guys and I hope you'll continue to look forward to my future projects. And before I forget, here's a link to the page for those who are interested…
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Normally when I discuss a movie, I try to review films that are more well known. However, this is a movie that isn't really that well known yet has been on my mind for awhile and that I've just recently finished watching.

Where the Dead Go to Die is a movie directed by Jimmy Screamerclauz. The movie is actually a compilation of three short stories. The first one is called Tainted Milk and centers around a boy named Tommy who is told by a demonic dog named Labby that his unborn sibling is the antichrist because apparently a mother's breast milk is only good enough for the first child then it becomes tainted(Just go with it) and that he has to kill the demon child before he can be born. The second story is titled Liquid Memories. In this one, a serial killer is able to inject the memories of dead people into himself and experience those memories. This also allows him to rewrite bad memories. The third one is titled The Masks That the Monsters Wear and focuses on a boy named Ralph who has a dead fetus stuck to his head. Because of this, he wears a mask to hide his dead brother(although it's really easy to see since the fetus' head is poking through the mask). He falls for a girl named Sophia who seems to genuinely like him back. But Ralph finds out that her dad runs know what? I'm gonna stop right there. Let's just say he makes videos about her. These three stories all tie into each other with aspects such as Labby interacting with all three protagonists, Tommy running into the killer, and Ralph and Tommy being in the same class as shown in a flashback.

One of the things that intrigued me about this movie, aside from hearing about how "disturbing" it is was that this was animated. I've never really heard of any other animated horror movies save for Cool World and Felidae and I'm not even sure if those completely qualify as horrors. As for the disturbing aspect, is it really that disturbing? Well, in my opinion, not really. Maybe it's just because I've seen so many different horror movies that I've become used to some of the stuff in this film but I'd say WtDGtD is more weird than disturbing. From evil smiley faced guys to shadow men with a guy's eye taking up their entire head(which is definitely not the creator's eye) to Jesus with a sun for a head, this is just a very bizarre movie. And that's barely even the tip of the iceberg. 

The animation is pretty poor. According to Screamerclauz, Tainted Milk was an exercise in learning how to animate and no offense to him but it shows. The other two shorts are a little better animated but still look rather rudimentary. One part in Liquid Memories has these shadow creatures drag a dying woman into a church where the protagonist is hiding out. As they're bringing her over to him(in midair) her body doesn't make even the slightest movement so it looks more like they're carrying a doll than an actual person. On the other hand, the animation does help to make the film more weird and surreal. It's not good animation in anyway but in some ways it can help the movie more than hurt it.

The sound at times is really hard to understand. At certain points when the characters are talking, it becomes difficult to make out what they're saying. For instance, in The Masks That the Monsters Wear, Sophia's father has her suspended from the ceiling by a mask placed over her face. Her muffled screams make it difficult to understand what her dad is saying because her screams are louder than he is. This wouldn't be so bad if it were intentional like maybe if it were done to put us in her shoes but it's clearly not. We're obviously meant to hear what he's saying.

While the characters in the movie aren't unlikable(well, the ones who aren't intended to be), I didn't really find most of them that interesting. The only character I really had shred of sympathy for was Ralph since throughout his story, his parents are just so needlessly cruel to the poor kid. At one point, his mom even blames HIM for the death of his conjoined brother. Even when he does end up doing something bad, it's still hard not to feel something for him. 

Tommy isn't really all that noteworthy. The only thing about him that's really memorable is his annoying voice. I've sometimes wondered why it was always female voice actresses and not male voice actors who voiced young kids. Well, after hearing Tommy's voice, I think I got my answer. The best way for me to describe his voice would be imagine the old guy from Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights. Now imagine his voice but just a little bit lower. That's pretty much what Tommy sounds like. 

The killer isn't all that interesting either. The most interesting thing about him is, as I've said, being able to take a dead person's memories and experience them for himself. In fact, that would actually make for a pretty interesting movie idea itself. Other than that, there's not really much to say about him. 

Despite the movies flaws, it is actually a rather interesting and imaginative film. This movie shows that while Jimmy Screamerclauz may be a weird guy, he's got a rather unique and exciting, if not unsettling imagination. Although I said this movie was more weird than disturbing(and I still stand by that) I wouldn't recommend it to someone who isn't big into horror. It can and will not sit well with some people but for someone such as myself who has seen many different kinds of horror movies, I'd recommend giving it a shot. It's weird, it's freaky, it's batshit insane, it's Where the Dead Go to Die.
Chapter 12: No Home to Return to

Tourajé, Saulstrance, and Eig’nia returned home just as the sun in their world was beginning to set. They couldn’t have been happier to be back. This had been the longest amount of time that they were gone from their homes let alone their world. Eig’nia and Tourajé couldn’t wait to see their families again. They wondered how they’d react once they heard that their children saved both worlds. Wouldn’t they be surprised!

Eig’nia and Tourajé chose to accompany Saulstrance to their master’s fortress to inform him that they had returned. As badly as they wanted to see their parents and siblings, they figured that it could wait just a little bit longer.

“We’ve been gone for so long. It feels a little weird being back.” Said Tourajé, looking up into the sky.

“It does, doesn’t it? It was only a week but it feels like I’ve been gone forever.” Eig’nia added.

“We’ve never been gone from home for so long. It’s going to feel great seeing everyone. You guys will get to see your family…and I’ll get to see Master Léruc.” Smiled Saulstrance.

Eig’nia nodded. “Well then, what do you say we go report in to Master Léruc and go see our families?” The dragoness smiled.

Tourajé smiled back at his friend. “I’ll race you.” He said with a confident smile on his muzzle.

Laughing together, the three friends raced to their master’s fortress. Once there, they were surprised to see their families were already there waiting for them. Did they come to welcome them home or was there another reason for them being there?

Feeling overjoyed to be seeing their families after so long away, Eig’nia and Tourajé hurried over to their parents and siblings.

“Tourajé!!” Utzie exclaimed happily. He was about to run up to his big brother when his father stretched his front leg in front of him, preventing him from doing so.

Tourajé’s smile quickly faded when he saw this, changing to a look of confusion and worry. He looked at his and Eig’nia’s parents. Neither set of parents seemed particularly happy to see their offspring. Nervously, the two dragons approached their parents.

“Mom…dad, is everything okay?” Asked Eig’nia worriedly.

Eig’nia’s father gave a rather melancholic sigh. He glanced at his daughter with shame in his eyes and turned away from her.

“We…heard…about what you three did.” He said.

Saulstrance, Tourajé, and Eig’nia looked at each other puzzlingly. Could Eig’nia’s father have been talking about what happened with Raolef?

“Tourajé! Please, tell us what Lord Léruc said isn’t true! Please tell us you weren’t the ones who killed Lord Raolef!!” Tourajé’s mother pleaded desperately, sounding like she could start crying at any moment.

“Well…” Tourajé was unable to say anymore.

“So it’s true then…I…I cannot believe this.” Eig’nia’s mother said, horrified.

“Hang on!” Cried Saulstrance as he stepped forward. If his friends felt like they couldn’t explain themselves, then he would do it for them.

“We did what we had to because…because Lord Raolef was planning to launch an attack against the human world!” Saulstrance tried to explain.

“That’s preposterous!” Tourajé’s father exclaimed. “Of all the dragons, Lord Raolef would be the last one to want to attack the human realm!”

“But it’s true!” Saulstrance retorted. “Lord Léruc said he was going to attack the other world!”

The dragons’ parents and siblings couldn’t believe what they had just heard. As if it wasn’t bad enough that their own children had assassinated the Leader of a neighboring village, now they were pinning the blame on their own Leader and master.

Tourajé and Eig’nia’s families had nothing left to say to them. Distraught and filled with disbelief, Eig’nia’s parents and siblings brushed past her without so much as a look in her direction.

“Mom! Dad! Ruxie! Outol! Please wait!” Eig’nia begged desperately.

Her family stopped and she thought that maybe they would turn around and listen to what she had to say. Her father turned his head slightly. This brought a slight smile to Eig’nia’s muzzle. Perhaps they were going to listen after all.

“You have no right to call us that. You’re not our daughter anymore.” He said in the coldest voice Eig’nia had ever heard.

Her father’s words cut through the dragoness like butter. She felt a lump in her throat as though she was about to start crying any second. She lowered her head to the ground and began to silently sob to herself as her family walked away, not taking so much as a look back.

Tourajé’s family was the next to depart. His father walked over to him and unfurled his wings. Something fell to the ground. It was Tourajé’s sword. Tourajé’s father grabbed the sword and set it in front of his son. The two of them looked at each other for a moment before his father turned his back to him and said:

“Don’t come around our cave anymore.”

Tourajé watched as his family departed. Utzie looked back at his older brother with a sad, worried expression on his face. Tourajé looked away from his younger brother in shame. The dragon trembled as, just like his friend, tears streamed down his face.

“Tourajé…” Utzie said sadly. He had never seen his big brother cry before. Seeing this made Utzie feel sad too.  He wanted desperately to stay with his brother but his father forbade him from going anywhere near Tourajé. Reluctantly, Utzie followed his father’s orders. He looked back one last time as he and his parents left Tourajé behind.

In all the time he had known them, Saulstrance never saw his friends this way. Seeing them so sad, so broken, made him feel horrible. He wished there was something he could do for them. The question was: what could he do?

As his friends continued to cry to themselves, Saulstrance slowly approached them. He thought carefully of what to say to them. Especially in a time like this, he couldn’t say the wrong thing.

“Eig’nia… Tourajé…it’s okay.” He said softly. “I’m here if you—“

“Sure! It’s so easy for you to say it’s ‘okay’, Saulstrance! You don’t even have a family! You have no idea what this is like!!” Tourajé screamed, his eyes filled with rage and sorrow.

Eig’nia and Saulstrance gasped at the same time. Tourajé let out a gasp of his own shortly after.

“Oh my god...” Said Tourajé with a shocked, horrified look on his face once he realized what he had just said. “Saulstrance, I’m—“

With tears beginning to fill his own eyes, Saulstrance ran from his friends. Just as his master stepped out of his fortress to see what was going on, he noticed Saulstrance run past him into the fortress.

“What is going on out here?” Asked Léruc sternly.

Tourajé explained to his master what had just happened and what he said to Saulstrance. Léruc was shocked and saddened by this news. He took pity on his pupils and nuzzled against them as a means of showing his concern.

“I understand how you two must feel. But Tourajé, think of how you’ve made Saulstrance feel. He only wanted to help. He’s worried about you and Eig’nia.” Léruc said softly and sadly.

“I realize that, sir. I don’t have any excuse for what I said…” Said Tourajé, feeling ashamed of himself.

“You need to go and apologize to him posthaste.” Léruc commanded.

Tourajé agreed and the three of them walked together back into the fortress. They guessed that Saulstrance would  be in his room so they decided to head there first. Their guess was right as they noticed Saulstrance sitting on the ground, crying to himself, his back turned towards them. Seeing his friend like that made Tourajé feel even lower. He wondered how he could have even said what he did to Saulstrance. He had to make things right between the two of them. Slowly, he entered Saulstrance’s room.

“Saulstrance?” He asked.

Saulstrance didn’t answer him. He still sat there, sobbing to himself.

“Saulstrance.” Tourajé spoke a little louder.

Finally, Tourajé turned to him, tears still filling his eyes. He looked at his friend with an angry yet sad look in his eyes.

Tourajé sighed. Saulstrance was really angry at Tourajé yet he couldn’t blame him for being angry.

“Saulstrance…I just wanted to…”

“LEAVE ME ALONE!! I HATE YOU!!” Saulstrance screamed at Tourajé.

His words pierced through Tourajé like an arrow. Tourajé didn’t attempt to say anything else to Saulstrance. Right now, there was nothing he could say that would make up for it.

“You think this is any easier for me, Tourajé? Ever since I was a hatchling, I wished I had a mom or dad, or a brother or sister like you guys. I wished I could know what it was like to have parents be proud of you or disappointed. To have an older brother or sister be there to protect you or to have a younger brother or sister look up to you.” Saulstrance said through his tears.

“Saulstrance…” Tourajé said, almost speechless. He knew how much being an orphan affected Saulstrance but it still hurt him to hear regardless.

“Now please…just leave me alone…” Saulstrance said in a tearful, defeated voice.

Tourajé’s finned ears and wings flattened. He turned away from Saulstrance, looking back just one final time, and exited his room. The young dragon looked at his friend and master, a saddened and unsure look on his face. With the way he had treated Saulstrance, Tourajé wondered if Saulstrance would ever want to be his friend again.

“He’ll come around.” Promised Léruc. “But for right now, perhaps it would be best to give Saulstrance some space.”

Tourajé looked down and nodded. Together with Eig’nia and Léruc, Tourajé walked away from Saulstrance’s room but not before looking back one final time.

As they walked down the hallway, Tourajé asked Eig’nia and Léruc what they think they should do considering that neither Tourajé or Eig’nia any longer had homes to return to.

“Just like Saulstrance, your parents will come around, and you will be able to return home. However, it will take some time. When something contradicts someone’s perception, they have a hard time believing it or choose not to.  Right now, your parents can’t bring themselves to believe Raolef would stage an attack on the human realm. But someday, they will open up to the truth. Until then, I’ll take care of you two just as I have with Saulstrance.” Léruc answered.

“Thank you sir.” Tourajé and Eig’nia said at the same time. The two of them were eternally grateful for their master’s kindness.

Léruc showed his pupils to their chambers. Here in these rooms they would stay until their families had come to accept the truth behind their actions. The two dragons thanked their master again. They felt slightly better knowing they still had someone looking out for them.

As night fell upon the dragon realm, Eig’nia and Tourajé were sitting in their rooms, thinking of everything that had happened. They wondered what they would do now. Raolef’s plans had been stopped but was everything really over? What if his apprentice or Champion planned to continue where their master left off?  Tourajé buried his head in between his front legs and tried to think of something else, something more hopeful. He thought of the day when he would be able to return to his family. Though he knew that day would most likely not be coming anytime soon, he still hoped it would.

In the meantime, Eig’nia stood up, deciding to take a walk. She walked down the hall, passing two guards on the way who asked her if she was okay. Eig’nia nodded, letting out a small sigh. They promised her that if she needed anything, they’d be there for her. The dragoness thanked them and continued on her way.

Continuing to walk through the fortress with no specific destination in mind, Eig’nia suddenly came up with an unusual idea: she would go and visit Agcro in the master’s jails. She wasn’t even sure herself why she would contemplate doing such a thing. Perhaps she just wanted someone to talk to and for whatever insane reason Agcro seemed like a good idea.

She made her way to the cell room and there he was: Agcro, still bound by his legs, his tail, and his neck. Agcro was surprised to see her. Since being imprisoned, his only guests had been the guards.

“Hello there, young dragoness. To what do I owe this visit?” Agcro asked sarcastically.

“I guess…I just needed someone to talk to. I’m sure you heard about what happened.” Said Eig’nia, sitting down in front of Agcro’s cell.

“That you and your friends killed the Leader, Raolef? Yes, I heard. News spreads quickly around Zalphonia. By now, I wouldn’t be surprised if all the dragons knew of your actions.”

Agcro shifted his head so that he was looking at Eig’nia. He had a sinister, proud smile on his muzzle.

“So tell me: how does it feel for you three to have become even worse criminals than I am?” Agcro asked, the smile on his muzzle growing wider.

This question infuriated Eig’nia. She glared at Agcro, baring her fangs.

“We are NOTHING like you. We didn’t kill innocent dragons like you have.” Eig’nia said in a very angry voice.

“A predictable response. Still whether or not he was innocent is irrelevant. He was still a Zalphonian Leader. To the dragons of our world, that makes you bad enough to be considered worse than me.” Agcro said, still smiling wickedly.

Eig’nia scoffed. She tried to calm herself as she realized she was letting Agcro get to her. She closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths before continuing to speak with him.

“I do have to thank you and your friends however. Thanks to your little attack, my execution has been put on hold until further notice. So I get to enjoy being stuck in here, my limbs and neck bound, barely able to move.” Agcro said, his terrifying, toothy smile fading.

Eig’nia wasn’t sure if Agcro was truly thankful or was upset by it. At first he sounded like he truly was glad to have been left alive but his last words sounded as though he was either angry or annoyed at them. She couldn’t figure him out.

“Right now, you feel conflicted, don’t you? ‘Did I do the right thing? Will I ever get to see my family again? What will the rest of Zalphonia think of me’ the dragoness wonders.” Said Agcro.

As much as Eig’nia hated to admit it, Agcro was right. Those were exactly the things she was concerned about, especially the part about getting to see her family again. She knew they had to do it in order to protect both worlds but she just couldn’t help but feel as if there was another way.

“Our world might never forgive you or your friends. Even if they do come to terms with what Raolef had planned. Regardless, you and your friends ended his life and now you must live with that.”

Eig’nia thought it hypocritical of Agcro to be lecturing her on taking a life when he had taken so many other dragons’ lives without any sense of guilt or regret. Who was he to be telling her this? She felt that she was done talking to Agcro so without saying anything else, she stood up and began to make her way out.

“So you don’t wish to speak anymore? Very well. I’ll be here if you wish to talk with me again.” Said Agcro just as Eig’nia stepped out of the room.

Eig’nia made her way back to her room. She didn’t even know what possessed her to consider speaking with Agcro. Just thinking about some of the things he said and the way he seemed to be taking joy in tormenting her about what they did made her angry. Still, she had to admit to herself that he was right about one thing: the three of them did take Raolef’s life and whether or not he was good or evil, they would still have to live with what they had done. She just hoped that they would never have to resort to killing someone ever again.

Saulstrance, Tourajé, and Eig’nia didn’t speak to or see each other for the rest of the night. They also ate their dinner by themselves in their rooms. With everything that had happened, they decided it might be best to just let each other be alone for awhile.

Some time later, just as daybreak was beginning to set on Zalphonia, Tourajé awoke. He peeked into the hallway to see if any guards were coming by. To his relief, he didn’t spot a single guard. Quietly he walked through the fortress. Once he was outside, he unfurled his wings and flew into the sky.

A couple hours passed before Saulstrance and everyone else awoke. As both Eig’nia and Saulstrance stepped out of their rooms, they were met with frantic guards who alerted them that Léruc needed to see them as soon as possible and that it was an emergency. They knew this couldn’t be good. They hurried as quickly as they could to their master’s chambers where he was waiting for them.

“Master Léruc, is everything okay?” Saulstrance asked worriedly.
Léruc shook his head.

“Wait a minute. Where is Tourajé?” Asked Eig’nia.

“That’s just it: none of the guards have reported seeing Tourajé since last night. They also claim he wasn’t in his room. All that was there was his sword.” Léruc exclaimed to his two pupils.

This deeply worried Saulstrance and Eig’nia. It wasn’t like Tourajé to just disappear without saying anything. Saulstrance thought back to everything that happened to Tourajé and Eig’nia and when he told Tourajé that he hated him. Could Tourajé have left on his own because he was planning to…

No! Saulstrance thought to himself. Tourajé would never consider something like that…would he? Saulstrance feared that what he said to Tourajé may have pushed him. He had to find Tourajé and quick. He just hoped that nothing bad had happened to him.

“Saulstrance and Eig’nia, I give you a new mission: locate Tourajé, and bring him back here. With the state of mind he was in yesterday, I don’t want to think about what he may be planning to do.” Léruc said with a saddened look on his face.

“Master, you don’t really believe that Tourajé would try and kill himself, do you?” Eig’nia asked, looking equally as sad at the prospect of such a thing.

“He might…” Saulstrance said, looking at the ground.

“Telling him I hate him last night didn’t help any. Maybe he feels like he doesn’t have anyone left.” Saulstrance guessed, feeling a tremendous wave of guilt wash over him.

Saulstrance told himself that this was no time to be feeling bad. He had no time to waste. He proceeded to rush out of the fortress as quickly as he could. All he could hope for right now was that Tourajé was okay.
Dragon's World Past Chapter 12
After spending a week in the human realm with their friend Cyrus, Saulstrance and the others are given the ok to return home but when they do, Tourajé and Eig'nia's reunion with their families doesn't go nearly as well as they could have hoped. Having been disowned by their families, Tourajé lashes out at Saulstrance. Will the three dragons be able to remain friends? And where has Tourajé disappeared to?
Chapter 11: Dragons at Dinner

Saulstrance, Tourajé, and Eig’nia traveled through the portal in a hurry.

“Eig’nia!” Cried Saulstrance. “Is there anyone behind us?”

Eig’nia looked behind herself. She breathed a sigh of relief when she discovered that no one was following behind. She informed her friends that everything was fine. There was no one behind them. They too sighed in relief.

Shortly after, the exit appeared before them. With a blinding flash of light, the three friends found themselves in a very familiar setting: they were in the same forest where they first met Cyrus. The sun was just beginning to set, small beams of light poking through the wooded area. Pretty much everywhere else in the forest was dark.

The dragons changed into their human forms and journeyed through the woods as they made their way to Cyrus’ house. As they came out of the woods, Tourajé couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened. However, although he still felt uneasy about taking Raolef’s life, there was something else now that was bothering him. It was something that Raolef said right before his passing: “I leave the rest to you…Zano and To…”

It was the last name that was bothering Tourajé. He wasn’t quite certain but he had a feeling he knew what the rest of that name was. He just hoped that for his sake, as well as Saulstrance’s and Eig’nia’s that he was wrong and that that name didn’t belong to the dragon he was thinking about.

“Hey! Tourajé” Saulstrance called to his friend.


With his concentration having been broken, Tourajé found that he was falling far behind his friends who were standing before the exit to the woods. Tourajé apologized for falling behind and rushed over to his friends.

“Are you okay, Tourajé?” Asked Eig’nia.

“I’m fine. Just a little shaken up, that’s all.” Tourajé lied, trying his best not to make his friends worry too much.

Despite Tourajé’s reassurance, both dragons knew that there was something else going on with him. Concerned for his friend, Saulstrance asked Tourajé if he was sure he was okay. Tourajé said again that he was fine and that they didn’t need to worry about him. Although they were still obviously worried, Saulstrance and Eig’nia decided not to pester Tourajé about it anymore. If he didn’t want to talk about it then they felt that it wouldn’t be right of them to try to force him to tell them.

Cyrus’ village was only a mile away from them. Once they arrived, they immediately headed for Cyrus’ house, bidding hello to the villagers they passed, including Robert who, despite his old age, was able to defeat Tourajé in a sword wielding contest. The older man asked the three dragons turned humans how they had been and asked Tourajé if he had been practicing with his sword. Tourajé shook his head and explained that he hadn’t had time as of late. Robert, disappointed to hear that, still understood and urged Tourajé to practice when he got the chance. Tourajé assured him that he would and promised him that the next time they dueled, not only would it be a great rematch but he would win. Robert laughed heartily. He truly and deeply admired the young dragon-boy’s confidence.

Bidding farewell to each other, Robert, as well as Saulstrance and his friends parted ways as the latter continued to Cyrus’ house. Once there, Eig’nia knocked at the door. After a moment, Miranda came to the door. She was more than happy to see her fellow dragon kin again.
Although she had seen Saulstrance only a few days ago, it had been a little while longer since she saw Tourajé and Eig’nia. She urged them to come in and get comfortable. She poured cups of water for the three of them and brought the cups over to the dragons who had taken their seats at her kitchen table. She sat down at the other side of the table across from them and as they proceeded to take a drink, she asked them what brought them back to her village so late in the day.

Saulstrance sighed. “We’re here because…we need to hide.”

“Hide? Who do you need to hide from?” Miranda gasped, caught off guard by what Saulstrance had told her.

“The followers of the Leader, Raolef.” Eig’nia explained.

“We, or more specifically, I…killed him.” Tourajé concluded, a tone of disappointment and regret in his voice.

Miranda didn’t understand. “Why? Why would you kill him? I mean, I didn’t live in the village that he was Leader of but from what I heard about him, he seemed like a fair and kind ruler.”

“We never really knew much about Raolef but according to our master Léruc, what you said wasn’t quite the case.” Eig’nia said, gripping her cup a little tighter.

The three dragons went on to explain what Léruc told them about Raolef: that he was planning to launch an attack against this world and that, while they weren’t sure just when the attack would commence, they couldn’t allow Raolef to go through with it. They snuck into his fortress, taking great care to avoid his guards, and attacked him. Just as they had finished what they were sent to do, they were discovered by Raolef’s guards, his Champion, and his apprentice. It was then that they fled to the human realm where they believed they would be able to hide for the time being.

Miranda was speechless. She hadn’t the slightest idea. While still confused and trying to make sense of what she was just told, she figured that if what they were telling her was true, then she should thank them for saving not just her, Cyrus, and Bill but also the entire world. In the time that she had spent in the human realm, she had truly come to love the world she called her home. It would have pained her deeply for something to happen to her friends and family.

“Oh! It looks like Cyrus and Thomas are back!” Miranda said, beaming as she saw her son and husband from out the window.

The door opened and Cyrus and his father stepped into their house. The two of them were both surprised and overjoyed to see Saulstrance, Tourajé, and Eig’nia had come to pay them a visit. Cyrus eagerly greeted his friends and asked them what brought them here so late in the day. Although the three dragons felt slightly annoyed that they would have to explain everything again, they still went ahead and told Cyrus and his dad the same thing they told his mom.

After having listened to the story, Cyrus and his father were just as surprised as his mother was. And just like his mother, while they weren’t sure how to respond to this information, they were still grateful to the three dragons for saving them and their world.

Both Saulstrance and Eig’nia blushed bashfully, looking away from Cyrus and his family. Tourajé, however, didn’t feel the same excitement and admiration that his friends were feeling. He rose from his chair and proceeded towards the door.

“Tourajé, where are you going?” Asked Eig’nia.

“I just need to get some air. I’ll be back in a moment.” Tourajé replied before shutting the door behind him.

The five of them looked at each other, unsure of what was bothering Tourajé.

“Is Tourajé okay?” Cyrus asked, concerned for his friend.

Saulstrance shook his head. “I don’t think so. He was like this when we arrived and for some reason, he wouldn’t tell us what was wrong.” He explained.

“Do you think it’s because he took Raolef’s life?” Asked Miranda theoretically.

Saulstrance and Eig’nia both believed that that was only part of it. While killing Raolef bothered them as well, they weren’t nearly as shaken up as Tourajé was. They believed there was something else that was bothering him. What that something was though, they couldn’t guess.

Cyrus wondered if it might be a good idea to go find Tourajé and see if he’s okay. Saulstrance decided against it. He believed that for right now, it might be best to just let Tourajé be. Perhaps being by himself was what Tourajé needed right now as both Saulstrance and Eig’nia believed that maybe it would allow him to clear his head. Then afterwards, maybe Tourajé would come clean with them and reveal what it was that’s been bothering him.

Night soon fell upon the village. All that could be heard were the sounds of the crickets chirping and the watermill’s wheel turning. Tourajé walked through the village, drinking the peacefulness in. It helped to quell his worries for that moment as he took in a deep breath and exhaled. Feeling less worried and anxious, Tourajé made his way back to Cyrus’ house where the half-dragon boy’s parents were finishing preparing dinner.

At Cyrus’ house, Cyrus and his friends were sitting at the table as his parents brought their dinner over to the table. The dinner consisted of two fish Cyrus and his dad caught the other day cut into several portions, three loaves of bread, and several large slices of ham. To drink, they were given cups of water. Just as they were placing the last bowl on the table, the door opened and Tourajé came into the house. Sighing with relief, he took his seat next to Saulstrance where he found his dinner ready and waiting for him.

“Are you feeling any better, Tourajé?” Cyrus asked his friend.

“Yes a lot. I just needed to clear my head. Walking around your village definitely helped with that.” Said Tourajé, smiling at Cyrus, showing the half-dragon he was grateful for his concern.

“Rather peaceful, isn’t it? That’s one reason I love living here.” Said Thomas as he sat down in his chair.

“It reminds me a lot of home. Every night is always so calm and quiet. It really helps wash away your worries.” Tourajé said.

Once everyone had sat down, they began to eat. This experience came as a surprise to the three dragons. Not only were they disguised as humans but they were eating as humans too. Aside from fish, they had never even seen the food that was presented in front of them. Saulstrance reached for a piece of bread. He held it in front of him, studying it for a bit. It didn’t feel like anything he had ever felt before. He held it up to his nose and sniffed it, finding no odor. Finally, he brought it to his mouth and bit into it. It didn’t have much taste to it but it was still able to overwhelm the dragon based on the factor that it was something completely new that he was eating. Saulstrance finished his loaf of bread and grabbed two more.

“Hey now, save some for the rest of us!” Thomas laughed, grabbing a slice for himself before Saulstrance could get it.

They all continued to eat until every single morsel of food had been cleared from the plates. Although it had just been dinner, Saulstrance, Tourajé, and Eig’nia found it to be a rather interesting experience. They hoped that maybe they might get to do it again sometime.

The dragons helped Cyrus and his parents clear the table. Afterwards, the four friends decided that, before bed, they’d go outside and watch the stars together.

As they lay in the grass, Cyrus put his arms behind his head and watched with his friends. Stars covered the entire sky and a big beautiful full moon shone down onto them. The four of them were transfixed on the sky, not uttering a single word as they laid there, soaking it all in.

Cyrus closed his eyes and sighed. With a smile on his face, he opened his eyes and turned and looked at his friends. He was happy to be with them. Although he loved life in his village and the human side of himself, he was glad he was getting to experience what it was like as a dragon. Before they came along, the only other dragon he knew was his own mother. He wondered if Eig’nia, Tourajé, and Saulstrance felt the same way about getting to experience being humans.

“Cyrus. Have you ever seen the rest of your world?” Saulstrance asked curiously.

“No. There’s a town a couple miles from here that my parents and I go to sometimes to buy stuff but other than that, I’ve never really seen the rest of the world.” Cyrus answered.

“Do you ever wonder what’s out there?” Eig’nia asked this time.

“Sometimes. I know there are cities that make the town I told you about look tiny and there are far, far, more people in those cities than there are here.” Explained Cyrus.

“No way!” Exclaimed Saulstrance in utter disbelief.

“It’s true!” Cyrus exclaimed as he jerked upwards and glanced down at Saulstrance.

One by one, Saulstrance, Eig’nia, and Tourajé also sat up.

“ Do you ever want to see the rest of this world, Cyrus?” Tourajé asked.

Cyrus shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe someday. But for right now, I’m happy just living here. Because this is where my friends and family are.” The young half-dragon smiled.

Cyrus yawned and rubbed his eyes. He was beginning to grow drowsy. His yawning made the three dragons yawn as well. They had gotten so caught up in star gazing and talking that they hadn’t even noticed just how tired they were. The four of them decided to call it a night. Saulstrance and his friends knew that where they would be sleeping: it was the same bedroom they stayed in during their first visit to the human realm. They bid good night to Cyrus who wished them a good night back.

Entering the room, they saw the same to beds as before, waiting there for them. Saulstrance wondered which one he should take. Since there were only two of them that meant that he would either have to sleep with Tourajé or Eig’nia. Eventually, he decided to take the right bed but just before he could take more than a step, Eig’nia made her way over to the bed that Saulstrance had planned to take. He figured that maybe he would be sleeping with Eig’nia. Saulstrance didn’t see a problem with it. Eig’nia was just as good a friend as Tourajé. It didn’t matter to him whose bed he slept in so long as he actually got some sleep.

As Eig’nia climbed into bed, she saw Saulstrance approaching the bed she had claimed.

“Uhh, Saulstrance, no offense but I think it might be best if you sleep with Tourajé tonight.” Eig’nia said, feeling uncomfortable having a dragon sleeping in the same bed as her.

“Why can’t I sleep here?” Saulstrance asked, not understanding why she didn’t want him sleeping next to her.

“Because I’m a young, innocent dragoness!” Exclaimed Eig’nia.

As she turned her back to her friends to try and get some sleep, Saulstrance and Tourajé looked at her, not understanding what that was supposed to mean. Feeling unusually awkward after Eig’nia’s comment, Saulstrance went over to Tourajé’s bed and climbed under the blanket. Shortly thereafter, the three dragons fell asleep.

The next day, Cyrus awoke three and a half hours before his friends. After having breakfast, he asked his parents to let his friends know that he was going into the woods to practice flying. As soon as Saulstrance, Tourajé, and Eig’nia woke up, Cyrus’ parents informed them that he was in the woods practicing flying. Before Cyrus’ parents even got the chance to ask them if they wanted breakfast, they rushed out the door and headed after Cyrus.

In the woods, Cyrus sat on a log, panting. He had spent so long training almost nonstop that his wings were beginning to cramp. Cyrus thought about how badly he wanted to fly. He could already fly somewhat but he wanted to be better than just “somewhat”. He wanted to be good enough to fly with his friends and his mom. He wanted to be able to fly with them. Cyrus wasn’t about to give up though. He was going to keep practicing as hard as he could until he was good enough to fly like his mom, Saulstrance, Tourajé, and Eig’nia.

And as he thought about them, Saulstrance and the others came up behind him. Tourajé placed a hand on Cyrus’ shoulder startling the young half-dragon and snapping him out of his thoughts.

“Geez!” Said Cyrus breathless. “Don’t do that!”

Tourajé was just as startled as Cyrus. “Whoa! I’m sorry!” He exclaimed.

Cyrus sighed. “It’s alright.”

Saulstrance and the others sat down on some logs that were next to the one Cyrus was sitting on. Eig’nia asked Cyrus why he came here to practice flying. Cyrus explained to them that he wanted to teach himself to fly as well as they and his mom could. He might have had human blood but he also had the blood of a dragon coursing through his veins so, he figured, he should learn how to fly like a dragon.

“Is that the only reason?” Asked Tourajé, believing there was more to what Cyrus was saying than he was letting on.

“Well…the thing is…I also want to learn so that we can all fly together. But also because…I’m a little envious.” Cyrus explained, feeling a little ashamed to have said that.

“Envious of what? Us?” Eig’nia asked, not understanding what Cyrus meant.

“Yes! Of you guys and my mom! I can’t even fly half as good as you four can. My wings are just…not strong enough.” Cyrus said sadly.

Hearing this made Tourajé, Saulstrance, and Eig’nia feel sorry for their friend. They had no idea Cyrus felt this way. They wished there was something they could do for him.

“Maybe I’m just not supposed to fly…” Cyrus said in an even sadder voice. He sounded like he was almost on the verge of tears.

Saulstrance went up to his friend. He sat beside him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Cyrus…maybe you’ll fly someday…and maybe you won’t. But you shouldn’t try to fly just because we can. We’re us and you’re you. Don’t try to learn to fly for us. Learn to fly for yourself.” Saulstrance said, trying to help his friend.

“While we’re here, we’ll try to help you as much as we can, Cyrus.” Tourajé promised.

Saulstrance nodded in agreement. Eig’nia promised Cyrus that she would help too. Cyrus was deeply moved by his friends’ kindness. He smiled and thanked them from the bottom of his heart.

A week had passed since then. During each of those seven days, Saulstrance, Eig’nia, and Tourajé would journey to the woods every afternoon with Cyrus to teach him to fly and there they would stay until it had become dark. Cyrus could tell his wings were growing a little stronger each day and the more he practiced, the farther and farther he would get from the ground. Eventually, he was able to fly above the forest, and ascend past the trees. He would fly higher and higher above the trees and he would realize that his wings weren’t tiring in the slightest. Cyrus was elated at this. He couldn’t believe how far he had come thanks to his friends.  It was such an incredible feeling being able to fly even higher than he ever could before and knowing that he had his friends there to help him out.

“Nice job, Cyrus! Now try to come back down!” He heard Tourajé call up to him.

Cyrus decreased his wing beats as he descended back into the forest. Being careful to avoid catching his wings on a tree branch, Cyrus eventually touched ground where he was met with praise from his friends who were almost as ecstatic as he was at the incredible amount of progress he had made in the past week.

“Very well done, Cyrus!” Tourajé said proudly. “Keep practicing and you’ll get better and better!”

“We knew you could do it!” Saulstrance said, smiling.

“You’ve really come a long way. How do you feel?” Asked Eig’nia.

“Really good actually. My wings don’t feel quite as tired as they used to get if I tried to fly that long AND I’m managing to fly over the forest!” Cyrus exclaimed, his smile growing ever wider.

The three dragons felt proud not just of Cyrus but of themselves for helping him. Just a week ago, Cyrus was deeply saddened at the prospect of never being able to fly. Now, he seemed like a completely different person. He was more confident, more happy. He seemed as though he thought he’d be able to do anything.

Just then, Tourajé’s tail began to move on its own. The four of them watched as Tourajé’s tail dug into the ground and wrote something. With the leaves covering the ground, it was a little hard to make out what it was writing but as Tourajé moved the leaves aside, the message became a bit clearer.

“TIME TO RETURN” his tail had written.

The three of them knew what this must have been: Master Léruc had somehow taken control of Tourajé’s tail to give them this message. They had been with Cyrus for so long that they were actually feeling a little disappointed that they had to leave now.  And, since they had been in human form for so long, they were starting to become somewhat used to living as humans would.

“I guess we have to go.” Eig’nia said a little disappointedly.

“Oh…” Said Cyrus, equally as disappointed.

Saulstrance opened a portal that would take them back home. Just as they were about to step through, they turned back to Cyrus, who was waving goodbye to them but with a slightly saddened look on his face.

“Don’t be sad, Cyrus. We’ll be back!” Eig’nia promised.

“I know you will. I guess I wish you could have stayed a little longer. Well, the next time you see me, my wings will be so strong, they’ll be stronger than all three of you combined.” Cyrus boasted, even though he knew such a feat was more than likely impossible.

Tourajé smiled at his friend’s declaration. Cyrus was reminding Tourajé of himself with that statement. The three of them thought that maybe Tourajé was beginning to rub off on Cyrus.

Looking back one final time, the three dragons bid farewell to Cyrus who bid farewell back to them. Once Saulstrance stepped through, the portal behind them closed, leaving Cyrus in the woods by himself. He smiled, thinking of how much progress he had made on his flying and how much of it was thanks to his friends. He promised not just them but himself as well that the next time they would meet, he would be an even better flyer!
Dragon's World Past Chapter 11
Sorry it took so long to release this chapter. Having so much life stuff going on didn't give me much time to work on it. Thankfully I was able to get it done. So, without further ado, here's the new chapter of Dragon's World Past!

Having narrowly escaped Raolef's forces, Saulstrance and friends return to the human realm and hide with Cyrus and his family. For the next eight days, they spend time with Cyrus and his family and learn of Cyrus' insecurity about having difficulty flying. Will Saulstrance and his friends be able to help Cyrus overcome his difficulties? And if they do, will Cyrus be able to achieve his dream of flying with his friends?
Dragon Brothers Touraje and Utzie by Animeboye
Dragon Brothers Touraje and Utzie
Another bit of Dragon's World related art. This time, the focus is on two characters introduced in the latest installment, Dragon's World Past: Tourajé and his little brother Utzie. 

Enjoy. A new chapter of Dragon's World Past will be uploaded this month. Sorry it's taken so long.
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I'm glad that after so long, this story is still continuing to touch peoples' hearts. This was and still is one of my favorite stories which I had written(right behind the Dragon's World series, also not counting my comics). Thanks for the support all these years guys and I hope you'll continue to look forward to my future projects. And before I forget, here's a link to the page for those who are interested…


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